54. Enport

This city is considerably better than Deksport. Not as good as Rigardas Arbaro, but better than Castellum.

This city doesn’t have one definite style and its buildings vary in sizes and colors. But it’s well-maintained and clear. Some shady people are seen here and there though.

Its dock is bigger that any I saw before. No wonder. This is the biggest commercial city of Republic. It is located between two port cities and has well-maintained roads to Rigardas Arbaro and Cefurbo.

In the transportation of incredibly important goods nobody uses Big East River, because it has international status and can’t be well protected from pirates. Sometimes even Empires agents pretend to be pirates to carry out some missions. That’s why in Republic roads to Enport mostly used for important delivery.

In this way this city became big trade domain.

The most influential person here is Arc Gilb aka port ruler. He resides in this city. The one who ordered Scully.

If I would have a chance I will spoil his serene life.

But let’s find some good inn first.

Port worker came to me to take fee for boat place rent, but I took it to spatial storage.

There were also few suspicious guys near docs.

“Did you see that? His boat disappeared. He must have some good items. Let’s check him.”

“Are you stupid? Do you know who wear that mask?”

“Ah? Who?”

“From what hole are you came from? Every kid in this country knows Alan Riot’s mask.”

“Ah? Really? So it’s that guy. I want to check him even more.”

“Ok-ok! But don’t attract attention.”

Second guy took some item and put to the eyes.

Identification pince-nez
Unusual quality
<Can identify all magic items up to legendary quality>
Good condition

I took some pebble from the ground and throw it. Pince-nez broke.


“Guys! You better not do silly deeds.”

They run away. They must be some thugs that seek an easy profit for their boss. I better find their base latter.

It would be bad if somebody saw my umbrella. Such a unique thing can cause a disaster in wrong hands.

“What was that, teacher?”

“Ah. Don’t mind them. Let’s find an inn.”

By the way Anna is charging 4th rank elemental spells now. It is almost twenty minutes for one spell. And five minutes to carve them. The higher rank the more complicated magic circle.

We found good tavern combined with inn and ordered a room. Behind the corner was pretty girl and looks like she is my fan. I mean Riot’s fan.

“Your order one room with two beds. This is the key.”

Girl sighed with relief. She must be concerned about certain woman behind my back. And she became cheerful after I choose room with two beds.

“Um… Mr.Riot! May I tell you something?”


This dimwit completely forgot about our conspiracy. But girl was shaken beyond expectation.

“Wh-Wh-What? Y-y-y-your surname is R-r-r-riot too?”

There is some misunderstanding here. All people in the country know about death of Riot’s sister. So the only one who will have the same surname must be Riot’s wife. Still nonexistent.


Oh my! Somebody, please, stop her!

“I-I-I-I just w-w-wanted to tell that even if you lost you w-w-will be our hero f-f-forever.”

She is about to cry.

“Thank you! I appreciate your support.”

I thanked her and went to the room before somebody said something unnesesary again.

“Hm… Such a strange girl.”


“Ah? What? I don’t understand.”

“Now you have a wife. Congratulations!”

“What? Why? Why a wife?”

This girl conquered many girls’ hearts in this country and even doesn’t realize it.

In the room I continue to train with Brer. Yes I gave my monster frog a name. Why not?

Profession “Monster slayer” 16%.

On the next day I left Anna with charging task and went to the docs alone. I found the scent of those thugs and went on it.

After ten minutes I came to some wretched building. There were at least twenty people inside. There is no way I can charge right in. Even with my skills I am not invincible. Beside if there are few A-ranks I would be in a pinch.

Then I will back to the hotel and take umbrella for test fight.

But when I came to the inn umbrella as well as Anna was missing. And Brer was in strange state. He didn’t move and stood completely still as if he wasn’t some monster, but a plush toy.

Teddy, equip anti-mind magic headband.

I get Anna scent. And in five minutes found them. Anna was going behind them without any struggles. But her state was like in trance. All of the guys there were in such a state. Except for the one guy.

This isn’t mind magic.

I can’t see his status…

52. Training partner

Upon closer examination I made a conclusion that killed monster has its first evolution. That is because he has some distinguish from normal monster frogs. Mimicry. Normally monsters get some special ability upon reaching evolution.

I butchered frog’s body. Skin of monster is valuable material. I will make some leather armor with it. Other remains will go for alchemic experiments.

There some trick with monster evolution actually. Body isn’t subjected to changes, but only organs. This frog’s altered organ was skin. Meaning that only skin is useful to production of magic items.

Besides magic gear that is made from those monster’s organs will have some of the monsters abilities. Abilities came out absolutely by random. That’s why monster’s parts are so popular among guilders.

Equipment that made from metals, normal animals skin or wood can obtain the abilities that depend from craftsman, luck and many other uncontrolled things.

But equipment made from monsters can have only monsters’ abilities. In this way guilders can narrow the circle of needed skills.

I spend my time stitching leather while Anna was running around in search of other monsters.

I asked her only to locate them and to not engage in the fight. It’s not like I afraid of her. But I have some plans for these monsters.

My first product turned out not bad.

Leaping boots of camouflage
Rare quality
<Grants the ability to leap thrice the normal>
<Bearers body obtains the ability to disguise itself under environment>
Excellent condition

But another two somewhat creepy.

Sleeveshot shirt of camouflage
Rare quality
<Sleeves can be used similarly to frog’s tongue shot>
<Bearers body obtains the ability to disguise itself under environment>
Excellent condition

Sleeveshot jacket of skinbreathing
Rare quality
<Sleeves can be used similarly to frog’s tongue shot>
<Bearer obtains the ability to breath with the help of his skin>
Excellent condition

I tried to test that eerie sleeveshot when Anna came back. I wanted to smack her rear, but she evaded it. I regret that I gave her danger perception earring.

“Sorry. I just wanted to test it.”


“Did you find anything?”

“No. There is nothing nearby.”

Hm. From what I read before frog monsters never live alone. There must be dozens of them around. Or maybe…

“I’ll go to swim a little. Take this shirt. It is yours from now on. It can shot its sleeves like I did before and have camouflage abilities.”

She was dumbfounded.

“But aren’t you made it, teacher?”

“Yes. What is it?”

“But only S-ranks craftsmen can make a rare gear.”

“Reveal ID.”

S-ranks appeared at my hand in the place where Guild receptionist put craftsman’s mark.

“How could this be? I never heard about anyone reaching S-rank in two branches at the same time.”

“Ah. There were actually few guys. One even reached in the three branches.”

“Ah? Really?”

“I’ve read about it in Castellum library. That unique guy is Great Lich though. He obtained S-ranks in magic, alchemy and craftsmanship. Trully a genius.”

Besides in one book from elves library stated that he created and used few times the spell of eighth ranks. Elves elders sensed it, but nobody knows what it was, because there weren’t any visible changes in the world. And any known to elves spells of eighth ranks doesn’t have similar mana dispersion. That’s why I can tell that that being far surpassed any S-ranks in terms of magic.

“I want to fight him someday.”

Did she just say something outrageous?

“Fight who?”

“Great Lich of course.”

Before I thought that I just misheard, but she really did say it.

“Aren’t you have bad compatibility with undead?”


Oh! Please spare me.

“Look, if you want to fight undead there should be priest or holy warrior. Or at least fire mage.”

“My family was just crashing them until they can’t move though.”

“Well… You can fight them like that too, but it’s too inefficient. Besides Great Lich is on another level. If I could I’d choose to never meet him.”

I didn’t raise any flag again, right?

I went to the water and dived.

My suspicions were right. Around one hundred meters from the bank I found something like an underwater cave. I lay down near it.

After ten minutes of waiting I finally saw some motion. That’s my client!

A frog monster with the size twice smaller than killed before was caught by my sleeve. I know how stupid it sounds.

I tied it with my sash and swam to the beach.

When I emerged from water I saw Anna’s face in tears.

“Ah? Something happened?”

“U-u-u! Uwa-a-a-a-a! Teacher, you just dived and didn’t show up for a long time. I thought that I lost you too! Uwa-a-a-a-a!”

Oy-oy-oy! Don’t act so out of character!

“E-e-eh… I forget to tell you. This jacket gives the ability to breath underwater.”

“Uwa-a-a-a-a! Teac-ua-aa!”

I tried to console her, but was hugged with great force instead. She didn’t use “Strength boost”, right? Well… Not a bad feeling.

“What is this?”

After she calmed down she inquired about tied frog.

“This is my training partner.”

“But I want to be teacher’s partner.”

Did you unintentionally forget to add “training” or it was on purpose? Even before when we were hugging my solid defense was breached. But now I almost fell. This was insinuation, right? Right? Tell more clearly, please!

“No. This is something like training device. I will train my monster sla… reaction speed.”

“Oh! It’s clear now! So clever.”

After some time we took our belongings and sailed.

51. Night disturbance

Scully came back at the morning. He passed Miregalwen’s congratulations with my victory in Arena Challenge. I told him about my magic training progress and send him to pass it to Miregalwen. There aren’t any meaning to ask Miregalwen about news. I am sure there are all the same.  We will meet with Scully in Enport after one week.

We went to buy tickets on the ship to Enport, but it will depart only after five days. So I choose to buy some boat to travel ourselves.

But I didn’t find any. Merchants on the market told me that Arc Gilb Company has bought all available vessels on the market not too long ago.

That’s why I purchased some wood and went outside of the city to make my own boat. After half a day and with the doubtful help of Anna I managed to make a good qualitative small ship.

But how should I say this? I didn’t intend to produce it like that.

Directed boat
Unusual quality
<Managed by the thoughts of the steering wheel holder>
Excellent condition

Every little piece of this vessel can be controlled by the coxswain. Even the speed and direction.

It appears that all things that I will make in the future will be at least uncommon quality even if they would be made from worst material.

With the help of Teddy I carried the boat to the water and sailed.

You don’t need to have navigation devices or maps to reach Enport. You should just sail not far from the coast. There aren’t any reefs and there is favorable current always not so far from the bank.

I have read somewhere that because of this current the ships with tribute to Great Lich send off from Forlasport without any crew. Ships with dead bodies reach Undead Kingdom coast by themselves. Creepy fleet.

We left Deksport in the afternoon. Our speed considerably lower than that of ships with magic powered engines. That’s why we will make a stop at the evening to spend the night on the ground.

Camping with a beautiful girl. Twosome under clear sky.

Oh! Wait! That was out of target. What am I even thinking about?

Miregalwen. Miregalwen. Miregalwen. Miregalwen.

I must control myself.

At the evening we found some nice place to set up a camp. There wasn’t any suspicious spot nearby on the land and nobody will have a chance to take us by surprise. Or so I thought.

But let’s be consistent.

We made a dinner from some vegetables bought from Deksport and fish caught by Anna. She is extraordinary fisherman. With accurate fast thrust of her legendary scimitar she can not only beat some strong guys, but even catch a lot of fish. People would be shocked if they’d known for what purpose she uses her legendary weapon.

I also bought some wine in the Cefurbo. I haven’t such intentions I assure you! I just gave some good wine to Anna for good sleep. Besides rain has poured just now. So all romantic atmosphere went to hell. It’s not like I wanted to create any.

And there were many holes in hastily done from branches and leaves tent. So we were completely wet.

And at the end this.


“Anna, do you know what is that thing?”

“Some monster maybe.”

There was enormous frog. Two meters height. I think more than two tons weight. Can it even jump?

Then its color changed to that of the environment. Mimicry, huh?

Then it shot her tongue towards Anna. But with her agility there is no way she can’t evade it. I on the other hand get into her mouth with the second tongue shot. This is so humiliating.

I could not possibly remove destruction sword from scabbard in this situation, so I took slashing sword and make few strong swings. Its head fell off together with me in its mouth.

“Oh! Teacher, awesome tactic! Show some weakness just to strike back.”

You have too much faith in me.

But what is this thing? I can’t read its status before. And looks like it came from the sea. I should have protected that side as well.

Profession “Monster slayer” 1%.

Oh! Thanks for the answer. My first monster. Hm…

“Status window!”

Strength 125 Professions(Hunter-Max, Warrior-Max,Mage-Max,Alchemist-Max,Thief-Max,Craftsman-Max,Monster slayer)
Agility 145 Improved Masteries(Throwing-Max, Spear-Max, Mace-Max, Knife-Max, One-Handed Sword-Max, Shield-Max, Hammer-Max, Axe-Max, Two-handed Sword-Max, Poleaxe-Max, Close-handed)
Vitality 175 Resistances(Poison, Water, Ice, Fire)
Charisma 110 Arts endowment(Music-Max,Painting-Max,Love arts-Max,Aplied arts-Max,Literature-Max,Singing-Max,Choreography-Max,Sculpting-Max,Architecture-Max,Acting arts-Max)
Intelligence 115 Languages(elf,dwarf,beast,human,demon)
Wisdom 120 Analysis and Synthesis
Luck 175 Status window
Level 35

Two levels. I earned as much in the arena too. Life isn’t fair.

“Ah? What did you say, teacher?”

“Don’t mind it. It’s just some spell.”

“What kind of magic does teacher use?”

“Its special magic. I am sure you’ve never heard about it. By the way what about you? Can you use magic?”

“Yes. “Strength boost!”

This is the spell from nature magic.

“One spell?”

“Real warrior doesn’t need…”

“Ok-ok! I understand. But you should also learn at least “Agility boost” for better performance in the fight.”

“But I can’t control mana properly and all of it goes to the first spell.”

“Then why you..? No. I know the answer. I beg of you, please, learn “Agility boost.”

“Yes, teacher!”

She is so witless. I was like that before I raised my stats…

I thought some more and added 20 points to intelligence.


50. Deksport

We arrived at Deksport without any trouble. Humu… Well… There were some troubles.

Certain girl was changing clothes absolutely ignoring a young healthy man her age in the room. You might think that they are newlyweds. But no! She is just bonehead.

“Um… Anna, Shouldn’t you want to ask me to go for a walk?”

“Ah? No.”

I have a long talk with her about sexual education. Of course after she finished. There is no way I can waste a chance to look at her peerless legs without any pants.

She is slightly shocked.

“So? All men are…”


“And I am…”


“But that day in red light…”

“Ah! Well… That was exception.”

Looks like her mother died when she was very young and her father didn’t really want to raise a girl. So he tried to pass her to relatives, but she was coming to the training together with her brothers. That’s why he gave up and just raised her as a boy too.

So like that we were talking all night.

After disembarkation we checked local market and bought some merchandise. I also sold some of my goods from Cefurbo.

Profession “Merchant” 1%.

Then we went to check the city. But it appeared too small and we ended sightseeing in the afternoon.

I told Scully that I will wait for him here. That’s why I must spend three more days in this hole.

Small city. Petty buildings. Narrow streets. Filth on the ground. Unfriendly people. Crowds of drunkards. Children in rags.

So dissimilarly to the capital. Such a contrast after Cefurbo. No. Even in comparison with Castellum this place fades. The only well-conditioned place in the city is the market near sea port.

Very symbolically.

We went to find some good inn. Many people evaluated us on the streets, but almost everybody in Republic knows about the person that wears strange mask. So there weren’t any problems.

We had stayed at the best inn, but it wasn’t really that good. In comparison to my forest times it is excellent though.

We spend two days here. There is some heavy atmosphere in the city.

When I asked inn keeper, he told me that it’s because of some kidnappings lately. Entire families have disappeared. More than one hundred people went missing already. And even some Guild investigation team disappeared after coming to this city.

Sounds dangerous. I don’t want to disappear too. That’s why we will leave right after Scully came back.

Besides I didn’t see any suspicious status unreadable people in the city. And that’s mean that Guild is more than enough to resolve this problem. I should mind my own business. Besides best Guild cadres were in the Arena Challenge as participants or as spectators. And after they came back to work they would resolve this incident right away.

But I didn’t just waste time here. I made something incredible.

But let’s start from the beginning.

In each and every library I visited so far wasn’t any information about magic device that can collect mana from outside and transfer it someplace. There were some items that can store mana inside, but that’s all.

But if you can’t find something, you should do it yourself.

I thought about functionality, design and usability. But didn’t find anything better than umbrella.

Yup! Umbrella.

You might think that I just copied Jill Run’s weapon. But no. No I am serious. Umbrella’s hat just has the perfect shape for accumulation of energy. And through the umbrella leg it send mana into charger. Charger is device that can inject mana into cards. Meaning I put card into the charger, it closes the umbrella’s magic circle and it started to absorb mana from the atmosphere.

What about cards you ask?

They’re just parchments that were made from metal sheets. You see, the problem with paper or leather parchment was that I can’t control direction of the spell after activation. It requires small amount of mana too. But with metal cards I can activate them and threw to the target. And spell will be launched in the flight. Besides with my throwing analysis I have better accuracy than most of magicians.

My Umbrella also has spell activation socket. I just need to put readied card to the socket and it will activate it.

With this my problem as a mage solved. Charging, activation and direction.

Mana injecting umbrella of accumulation
Rare quality
<Can accumulate mana from the outside world>
<Can inject mana into magic devices or circles>
Excellent quality

“Wow! Teacher! You’ve made so excellent umbrella. You must be learned some craftsmanship.”

“Yeah. I spend some time in Rigardas Arbaro.”

“No wonder it’s so good made.”

“Ok, Anna! I want to give you a serious task.”

She became motivated.

“Yes. This will be teacher’s first task to me.”

Sorry to kill your mood, but this isn’t some grand quest.

“It’s just charging. You must put this card into this hole. And after few minutes change to another card.”

“What about those cards?”

“They are higher ranks. They should charging longer. After you finished this I will tell you the details.”

There spells of various ranks in magic. They somehow correlate with Guild’s mage ranks, so I’ll explain in this way:

  • F-rank
    First magic rank
    It just operates with pure mana. Inject, withdraw and transfer. The only spell is “Mana manipulation”, but it’s so meaningless to make a parchment for it, so I have never read about it in any book.
    There is also the term of mana points.
    Different spells need different amount of mana points for their minimum emergence. By the way my umbrella can inject one mana point per second.
  • E-rank
    Second magic rank
    It operates with magic element.
    Fire manipulation if it’s fire, water manipulation if it’s water etc.
    The only spell is “*some element* manipulation.”
    Feel free to insert yours.
    The minimum amount of mana points for the spell is ten. Of course there isn’t any upper limit.
    The more mana points the stronger spell.
  • D-rank
    Third magic rank
    80% magicians are here.
    Most people have mana between one hundred and one thousand.
    So for people to launch several spells with the price of one hundred points for each it’s like dream from the edge.
    -“*Element* creation” can create simple matter with the help of mana.
    -Simplest attack spell (“Fireball”, “Waterball”, “Earth bullet”, “Air bullet”, “Ice bolt”, “Lighting arrow” for elemental magic). Non-elemental magics have different spells and structure, so I will tell only about Elemental magic for now.
  • C-rank
    Fourth magic rank
    Some persistent guys can manage to reach it through meditation and magic training.
    The cost of one spell is one thousand magic points.
    There three kinds of spells here:
    -weakest area of magic effect spell (“Blast”, “Water explosion”, “Earth grenade”, “High pressure burst”, “Frost nova”, “Lighting nova”);
    -average attack spell (“Flamethrower”, “Water jet”, “Earth lance”, “Air strike”, “Ice lance”, “Lighting discharge”);
    -weakest defensive spell (“*element*wall”).
  • B-rank
    Fifth magic rank
    You can be considered talented if you’ve reached it.
    To launch a spell that costs ten thousand magic points can be regarded as a feat.
    Two kind of spells here:
    – average area of magic effect (“Flame field”, “Storm”, “Sand storm”, “Whilrwind”, “Ice storm”, “Static field”) , it can be used as a defensive spell too, because you can manipulate the element in the area;
    -strong attack spell (“Plasma sphere”, “Liquid balloon”, “Dirt rocket”, “Pressure implosion”, “Absolute zero drop”, “Lighting ball”).
  • A-rank
    Sixth magic rank
    Mostly court magicians and great sages.
    You bet! 100 000 magic points!
    The only spell is strong area of magic effect that can also be used as a strong defensive spell, because of element manipulation (“Inferno”, “Deluge”, “Eartquake”, “Tempest”, “Blizzard”, “Lighting storm”).
  • S-rank
    Seventh magic rank
    It is said that they are children of Gods.
    Spell that cost one million magic points can easily destroy small city like Deksport.
    Nobody from humans knows any spells of seventh rank.
    Actually to become S-rank magician you just need to measure your magic pool with the help of special items. If it’s more than one million you will obtain S-rank ID.
  • Eighth magic rank
    The only known persons are Great Lich and Ancient Vampire.
  • Ninth magic rank
    Also known as magic of Dragons
  • Tenth magic rank
    Also known as magic of Gods

Information about two last magics I found in the elves library. Also there wasn’t any information about Ancient Vampire between humans.

As you understand Anna is charging 3rd rank attack spells for now.

Actually I can normally use only attack spells, because they didn’t require control after firing. There are some problems with defensive spells, because I need to throw card with right position. And big problems with area of effect spells, because I can launch them, but can’t control.

I also spend some time with Teddy. We were training. No. I am serious. He can somehow equip and unequip me in one second now. I should train with him some more to make him remember sets of equipment for different classes.

49. Real warrior

I send Scully to Miregalwen to tell about Arena Challenge and other news. I asked Scully to not tell about Anna. It will give her meaningless worries. There is no way I have a chance for romantic development with this dimwit. She isn’t even suited for second roles in my imaginary harem.

It’s not like she isn’t beautiful. She has 132 charisma points after all. But… How should I say it? She is a warrior. She was educated as a warrior. All her life was between warriors. You can think of her as a cool beauty, until she would say her first words.

No jokes! She even wanted to go with me to the red light district.

“My father forbids me to go there. But my brothers all were there before. It was unfair. After father’s death I wanted to go, but can’t show disobedience to father’s words. But now that you’re my teacher you can give me the permission.”

She was looking at me with burning eyes.

“A-a.. Hm? Do you really understand what is the place red light district is?”

“I wasn’t there before, but I heard that it can heal the most severe warriors’ wounds.”

“That’s some interesting information you’ve heard somewhere. Ok! I will take you, but you will go as Anna.”

“Yes! Thank you, teacher!”

Hahaha! I want to know what you will say when we’ll be there.

We came to some famous place and began the selection of girls.

She was dumbfounded at first.

“Teacher! Why do we choose from these women?”

“This is the ritual. If you want to continue you must choose. But pick carefully. A lot depends from your selection.”

“R-really? Then I will select the best woman.”

“Good grief! You’re the real warrior!”


She showed determination on her face.

Wuhahaha! Please, spare me! I’m almost at my limit. If not for my 100% acting art, I’d rolled around on the floor.

She selected some girl and I finished too.

“Good choice, Anna. We will part ways here. Enjoy your time.”

“Ah? We will be in separated rooms? Why not together?”

“That might be too much for your first time.”

“What? Wait… Why?”

“Dear customer, please come here.”

Brothel girl took her and I went with my this night‘s partner.

After all was over I came to wait for Anna. It looks like she went on the spree there. I’ve heard very loud Anna’s and another girl’s voices. I was afraid for her at first, but looks like all is good. She is really warrior in heart and soul.

After she exited from the room she saw me and blushed. She is kinda cute. Well, she’d been, if she hasn’t exited from brothel playing room.

“How was your rest?”

“Ah? Um… I enjoyed it.”

“Haha! I am sure you are.”

I considered it as a joke at first, but look like she has passed.

“You’re real warrior now.”

There was happiest face I ever saw. Such an easy person.

“Yes, teacher!”

I can’t keep it in me! Ahahahaha! Please stop this!

“Next time we will go together.”

“Ah? W-wait… Teacher… That would be…”

“Ah? Aren’t you wanted to go together before?”

“Yes. But that was before I knew about what kind a place…*mumble-mumble*”

“What? I can’t hear you.”

“A-a… U-u-um… Teacher! Please let me train by myself some more time! I am not ready to show my skills to teacher as I am now.”

“P-pwahahaha! A-a-haha! S-sorry! I was joking! I just wanted to tease you a little. But you’re… train, skills… Hahahaha!”

She showed grievance.

“Ah! Please don’t feel offended. It’s just a little joke.”

“I-I… I am not offended.”

Yeah, you are. Maybe because you always wears that mask so your face now is like an open book.

And the next moment her face had an expression as if she was stuck by lighting.

“Could it be that this brothel trip was to make fun from me?”

Oh! She understood.

“No! Why do you think so?”

“Ah? No? Really?”

“I just wanted to test you. You passed.”

“Ah? Yes! But… what have I passed?”

“My special test. You’re real warrior now!”

“I don’t understand it, but thank you!”

Such an easy person.


After few days on some random Monday teacher and his apprentice boarded ships, which headed in different directions. The teacher also known as Yalle took ship to the Castellum to participate in Kingdom’s award ceremony. The apprentice Alan Riot together with some random woman took ship to Deksport that was the first city on his way home.

But you know the truth, right?

I and Anna went to the Deksport. I also registered in the Guild as mage, alchemist, merchant and thief. Just in case. Besides I bought some goods in Cefurbo for reselling.

And Carolina dressed in doppelganger shirt went to the Kingdom. She is real undercover operation expert. After she’ll come to the Kingdom she would pass the baton of playing my role to Cristina. She is very busy. S-rank after all.

Carolina had to rent her rare shirt to Cristina, but I paid two hundred gold coins for this task, so there shouldn’t be any problems. The only issue is that Cristina must play the role of hated by her person. I almost violated her that time after all. Hopefully because of poison resistance I’ll never become drunk again.

Now that I think about it, aren’t this is kind of sad?


We took one room for both of us. When we were buying tickets cashier winked me. Anna is indeed a cool beauty… Until she would say something.

With her black eyes, blonde long straight hair and prideful attitude, as if she is a soldier that is going on a battle, every man turn around to look at her from behind. She is somewhat lacking at the chest area though. You could even say that she doesn’t have any chest area at all.

And she has muscles. No wonder she managed to hide her woman nature for so long. But she has not those massive bulges of meat like some experienced fighter, but refined well-toned outlined muscles. This adds to her charm as a woman actually.

And she has magnificent legs. Often when I walk behind her my eyes became attracted to her bottom by themselves. Her thighs have that godly shape that forces every man to swallow his saliva when he looks at them.

Well… I should consider her on the second role in my future harem.

47. Finale 2

With two swings of her sword air was cleared. Dust was scattered as if there wasn’t any in the first place. She saw me and rushed.

Anna Riot *hidden*
20 y.o.
Field commander-in-chief of Republic
S-rank Warrior branch *hidden*
“Alan Riot” *fake*

Strength 114+25
Agility 172+25
Vitality 125-50
Charisma 132
Intelligence 83
Wisdom 82
Danger 35

I was hit with scimitar to left side of my abdomen and at the same time gladius pierced my right shoulder. I tried to back off, but she already was behind my back. I bended to the forward and her sword brushed some of my hair.


{From above!}

{From behind!}

But looks like she can’t think and comprehend in berserker state.  I can’t read any thoughts from her either.

Chronny! Time stop!

‘Understood, my Lord!’

I lost all feelings and dived in the time stop space. I said space, but it isn’t something like that. It’s just my thoughts here and Chronny.

So? What should we do?

‘I don’t know, my Lord. Message stated that you were decapitated.’

Annushka has already spilled oil, huh?

Time to analyze the situation.

She is fast. She is strong. She is fragile. She is mindless. She is careless.


On the other hand.

I am slower. I am weaker. I am enduring. I am clever. I am tricky.

Ok! This is clear. About tactics now.

Her movement became very simple after berserkation. She is slashing with scimitar and pierce with gladius without any tricks or martial techniques.

I don’t really fear piercing wounds, but if I lose some of my limbs because of those slashing strikes it’d be bad. I need to do something about that legendary sword first. Besides, “decapitated” Chronny said. Probably she would kill me with scimitar.

I thought of something.

Chronny, resume!

‘Yes, my Lord!’

I returned to the room.

She is attacking. But I leapt to the side while making a somersault. Then I changed weapons in my hands. There is buckler in my left and short sword in my right. She is already here.

Wide swing with scimitar. I block with buckler, but it got destroyed.


Her legendary weapon stuck right in the middle of my buckler. She tried to strike my buckler with gladius, but at that moment it responded with blast wave.

She was thrown five meters away. Scimitar stuck in the buckler. Gladius fell near the wall  forty meters away from us.

Scimitar lost its aura. Looks like Anna returned to normal.

She doesn’t have any weapon. I have better chances to win now, right?

But after she stood up she run in my direction. Hey! Aren’t you wanted to pick up gladius?

I made a swing with short swort, but it is blocked with gauntlet. And another gauntlet hit my face. I felt sudden pain from the left side of my face.

Fire resistance 1%.

Not again! My charisma, dammit!

And one more blow to the left side of my face.

Ice resistance 1%.

I made another strike with the sword, but it was blocked again. And I got two more strikes.

It was repeated till her left gauntlet became broken. With the last strike I even broke her hand.

She was looking at her hand in disbelief. Well. I don’t really know in disbelief or not, because of her mask. But I feel that she was shocked by the turn of events.

“Give up!”


She started attacking again. I made some random slashes. She blocked them with her right gauntlet and was waiting to reply. But after dozens of strikes her right gauntlet broke too.

She turned around and started running to the place where gladius fell earlier, but I took my knife and threw it. Her right leg was pierced from behind and she fell to the ground. She was crawling away from me.

“Maybe this is time to give up?”

“Go to the hell! I will beat you just wait till I got my weapon.”

“Don’t really wanna.”

I came closer and ripped poison resistant pendant from her neck. Took my knife from her leg and made a little slash again just to be certain.

“You’re poisoned. Give up!”

“I will never give up!”

Such a stubborn fellow.

“You know, you’d without a doubt won if you’d get gear with agility prefixes instead of strength.”

“… But real warrior must be strong.”

“I’d prefer to be weak winner than strong loser.”

“I’ll win!”

“Yeah-yeah! I heard that already. But it’s common sense to strengthen your strong points. You’re still lacking in skill, but with your agility, no one can get a hold of you flaws. If you’d take more agility items, you’d won without real problems.”

“…Am I lacking in skill?”

“Ah? Yeah! There are problems with your sweeps. Well… To fight humans without magic this is more than enough.”

“…Please, become my teacher!”

“Ah? What? Aren’t there many teachers in the Republic?”

“There wasn’t any person who has won in the fight with me except for my father.”

“Well. Even weak ones can be good teachers, you know?”

“I won’t be taught by a person who is weaker than me!”

“Stubborn, aren’t you?”


“But sorry. I have my own task that I must complete, so I don’t have any spare time.”

“Then I will help you and in exchange you will teach me.”

“That sounds annoying so ‘no’.”

“I will beg until you say ‘yes’.”

And I saw it in her eyes. She has enough obstinacy to irritate me for a long time. But she is strong. She might be useful.

“Ok. I take you as my disciple.”

“Yes, teacher. I lost!”

“Yalle is the winner of the Arena Challenge!”

Oh! I forgot that we are in the middle of the match.

I am the winner, huh? Somehow I can’t believe it.

Your clever ways to fought strong opponents pleased the gods. You have obtained 25 wisdom points.


46. Finale

Close-handed combat mastery 20%.

Yeap! I am training.

What else to do? I almost finished arena commix. Only one chapter left. I almost finished heroic song too. One couplet left.

“Yalle! Your next opponent is Alan Riot. Good luck!”

“Yea! Thanks.”

And both will be finished today.

This whole week of fighting will be finished today.

I will go to the red light district to vent my stress after this. There is a lot of it. Not even one my fight was even slightly interesting.

I can imagine thoughts of people who train all their life, who surpass their own limits, who fight strong opponents on a daily basic just so that they lost in the arena, because other party has some ultra-super one-day-use-only crappy skill in one of its items.

This is more like gear exhibition than fighting tournament.

Whatever. My last battle here.

We came to the arena. Recording devices has been hidden inside the ceiling. Hoh! They learn on their mistakes.

Another party came right after me. He is average height, slightly lower than me. He has small muscles, but they are well-defined. He is speed type after all. He is rather thin. His long blonde hair tied in the tail behind his head. He is wearing scarlet mask that cover all his face.

Oh! Yeah! There was something about his face. Who told me this? He was marred in the fight and wears a mask from that time. As a person who had low charisma I understand your troubles.

Except for mask he doesn’t have any head protection. He has mostly leather armor, except for gauntlets. One that is on the right hand has deep red color and made with blades on the outer side that imitates the flame. Another one from left hand in contrary has blue color and made with similar blades, but they imitate the icicles. Is this the work of that stubborn smith? Maybe I should visit him after all? They look cool. At least better than my shitty clothes. I am sorry, Violet.

He also has two swords. Hm… Which one is legendary?

In the right hand curved around one meter long single edged sword. I believe it used for slashing attacks.

In the left hand something in between long knife and short sword. It’s pointed and double edged. It also has narrow blade. That’s why I must be careful with piercing attacks.

From his posture I can see that he is a battle maniac. He stands like he can burst any second. There is energy in him. There is passion. There is impatience. But at the same time there are too few openings. Not on the level of Avon, but he is good.

This entire time commentator was talking about something. I didn’t really listen, but then finally I distinguished countdown.

Magic screen vanished.

I took my destruction shortsword to the left hand and buckler to the right. Why? Because in his right hand

Adamantine berserker’s scimitar of deep wounds
Legendary quality
<Cannot be destroyed>
<Can activate “Berserker mode”: bearer loses sense of pain and obtains augmentation in the strength and agility at the expense of decrease in vitality>
<Every inflicted wound became deeper>
Excellent condition

Hopefully I am ambidextrous.

Adamantine gladius of breached defense
Rare quality
<Cannot be destroyed>
<Ignores opponent’s armor defense>
Excellent condition

Not that I have any defense armor.

His other gear is… hers?

Ah? What?

Anna Riot *hidden*
20 y.o.
Field commander-in-chief of Republic
S-rank Warrior branch *hidden*
“Alan Riot” *fake*

Strength 114
Agility 172
Vitality 125
Charisma 132
Intelligence 83
Wisdom 82
Danger 35

He is she? Wait… There was something about fighting death knigh, death of the whole family… Ah! There was that sister that died. So she didn’t die in that accident. But all her brothers did. So she chose to live as one of them so that their family didn’t lost reputation. Oh! Then I will play along.

But till I was dumbfounded she is already here making a wide slash with her scimitar. That slash is too wide. She must be wanted to distract me and pierce with gladius.

{Don’t pierce!}

Haha! I wanted to see her face behind that mask at that moment!

Right after I send message with cap, she roused and leapt three meters away.


Thoughts reading is working slightly better than always. Maybe because her intelligence and wisdom aren’t that high. And what with crappy clothes?

Another attack. At first I didn’t notice, but she is incredibly fast.


Chronny, time stop.

‘Yes, my Lord!’

If not for her considerably clear thoughts and additional time to decipher them, I’d be in trouble. And really! What with crappy clothes?

{Be careful!}

There is also bluff. She is listening to all my words.

{Haha! You’re a clutz! Aren’t you?}

She is on the alert.

Now that I have few free seconds let’s analyze her equipment.

Flame gauntlet of fire-lover
Rare quality
<Inflicts fire damage upon hit>
<Additional fire resistance to the bearer>
Good condition

Ice gauntlet of cold-lover
Rare quality
<Inflicts ice damage upon hit>
<Additional ice resistance to the bearer>
Good condition

This pair is quite something.

Strength breastplate of the last chance
Rare quality
<can save the bearer from deadly strike once a day>
<Strength increase>
Good condition

She’d won that death ray guy without any trouble with this.

Speaking mask of deception
Rare quality
<Can alter bearer’s voice>
<Anti-identification magic jammer>
Good condition

Oh! So there are items like that.

Leggings, boots, pendant and ring. All have strength prefix in it. Wait a minute. Aren’t it is a common sense to improve your good points to become the winner? Without any agility prefix gear she is already too fast to fight.

With so many strength improvement items her strikes are quite heavy, but if she can’t hit me, then it’s useless.

How much her wisdom once again?

82? Oh! It’s all clear now!

And it’s sad, but her pendant gives her poison resistance.


I block the gladius with buckler. She is leaping away and slashing at the same time. I block with the sword. At this moment she made a thrust again. I parried it with buckler and divert it to my left side. Her left side is open, but only for moment. I hadn’t a chance even if I’d have one more hand. She is too fast. And What with cra…Ah! Whatever!

{Your laces untied}

{Good weather, isn’t it?}

{What is your favorite color?}

She became more and more impervious to my messages.




She became more and more difficult to understand. No comments about the end of the line.

There is no way I will win like this. Ok! Time to use sly tricks.

{I know that you are girl!}

She staggered. That is enough for me. I made a strike with the sword from below. It hit her abdomen.

There was a sound of the glass shattering. She jumped away completely normally. As if there wasn’t any life threatening strike just now.

Was it breastplate’s ability?

She is staying away from me. She must be shocked.

I am making random slashes on the ground. Two, five, ten, twenty…

She was waiting at first, but then attacked again. But before her attack I hit the floor with buckler.

Blast wave. Dust curtain. I run around in the dust and struck her from different sides. She managed to block most of them, but some got through. She accumulated damage. She can’t see me because of the dust and she can’t hear me because of my rare mute boots.

I know. I said something about fair fight and so on. But it’s too late for that now.

She is too fast. Even if my skill is better, she can make errors and manage to run away before the counter-attack will come.

But at that second my earring signaled danger.

‘You will die in two minutes, my Lord.’

And I saw the legendary scimitar that gave off ominous aura in the dust.

Berserker, huh?