57. Forlasport

On the next day we bid farewell to reception girl and left the inn. I spend some time on the market to buy some merchandise.

And slightly later we sailed.

Brer was delighted. It didn’t saw sea for almost one week.

‘Boss! You should buy the revealing swimsuit for that gal.’

Hm. That might be good idea, but I never saw anything like that here. Wait… Where have I seen something like that?

Brainy, where have you seen something like that?

‘Dunno. I just… No… I dunno.’

Strange. We have similar memories with unknown origin.

Maybe I should make it myself? I have a little monster frog skin left.

So I started production of unseen before sexy piece of goddess finery.

By the way Anna finished 4th ranked spells of all known to me magics and is charging 5th ranked. But still to waste three hour on one spell… So I didn’t make more than ten copies of one spell card of 5th rank, even though I made more than one hundred for 4th ranked spells even not really useful for me area of effect spells.

And after few hours.

I made for her two bando type pieces. The top isn’t really needed, but if I tell it to her she would be sad.

Underwater panties of camouflage
Rare quality
<Bearer obtains the ability to breath with the help of the skin>
<Bearer body obtain the ability to disguise itself under environment>
Excellent quality

But next one is kind of strange.

Nipshot brassiere of swimmer
Rare quality
<Can shoot similar to frog tongue>
<Increase bearer’s swimming speed>
Excellent quality

There isn’t any description about what is “can shoot”.

And while I am at it I also made

Underwater trunks of swimmer
Rare quality
<Bearer obtains the ability to breath with the help of the skin>
<Increase bearer’s swimming speed>
Excellent condition

Hopefully there aren’t any “can shoot”.

“Oh! So nice, teacher. To make a rare gear even for underwear. As expected from teacher.”

No. It’s not underwear. And what with as expected?

We were checking our swimwear for half a day before got tired from swimming and stopped for the night. We didn’t cover even the half of what I planned.

But there are no reasons to hurry.

To obtain immortality (or something similar) I need to raise my level. I shouldn’t push on this matter. It can end tragically.

To understand the truth behind my memory and origin I must collect all this strange stones. I need just visit as many places as I can for this.

I don’t think I have any more serious problems.

‘You need get laid with that gal, Boss!’

Don’t peek in my head, dammit!

And I have Miregalwen, so it’s not really…

‘Not persuasively. Besides you can have both, my Lord.’

Oy! Why have you activated? I can rarely hear you even in the most dangerous situations. But now you consider participating in discussion.

‘This is very important matter, my Lord!’

‘For serious? Looks jibber jabber to me. What is the problem with having more chicks? Aren’t you some big shot, Boss?’

My defense will fell with these guys.

And Anna in that swimsuit is very charming…

After a few days of hesitations we finally came to the Forlasport. That was some hell trip. We need to find some companion so that he or she holds me back when I will decide to attack Anna.

Forlasport is the city of contrasts. Glorious fashionable mansions on the one street and dark malodorous slums on the other.

Too many rich merchants. Too many poor scroungers. Too many people with weapons. And too few average citizens that you can see in any other normal city.

This city’s special product is undead.

There are only two cities that located on the boundary with Undead Kingdom. Sekva and Forlasport. And because only Forlasport has big enough port to receive large ships almost all merchant work here.

Almost all warriors here work as defenders against stray undeads. Warrior’s branch of the Guild here always has work.

There are towers each five hundred meters from spring of the Big East River to the South Sea. There are few warriors in each tower.

All of them are exterminating all undeads that have the courage to come close. Then they collect undead remains and sold them to merchants.

Undead remains are important ingredients in alchemic transformations. Because of strange nature of undeads and reversed nature of the mana that is injected in dead bodies they have unique properties that can be very useful in potion and pill production.

That’s why this city only has merchants, warriors and third category people. This third category consists mostly from people who once were a warrior, but can’t fight anymore because of some various reasons. Those who are more lucky or skilled became craftsmans or servants. Those who not are beggars and prostitutes.

Majority of males is heavy warriors. Majority of women is archers. There also light warriors, scouts, mages, priests, but they are in minority.

There are many holy shops here that sell holy arrows, swords and another holy attribute gear that can give more damage to undead.

There also big team of priests near the port that casts purification magic on the water all the time so that no undead can pass.

Extraordinary city. In many ways.

Oh! There even dwarf there!

142 y.o.
Dwarf craftsman

Strength 160
Agility 140
Vitality 120
Charisma 100
Intelligence 90
Wisdom 90
Danger 35

I saw some dwarves in Rigardas Arbaro, but never in any other place. They don’t like to contact with other races except for beastkin tribe. Or so I read in elves books.

It’s strange.

‘Hm… Some fellows seek for prey and it seems to me that dwarf looks very lovely to them, Boss.’

Hm? Yeah. There are five guys following that dwarf.

Let’s trace them.


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