56. New pet

On the next day when we descended to the first floor of the inn we were greeted by the reception girl. Looks like she was crying all night. She has red eyes and eye bags. News about Riot’s marriage really shook her. She threw  glances of hatred on Anna, but that dimwit couldn’t care less. Anna can’t read atmosphere absolutely.

We went to the market to sell some remaining merchandise. Being a Riot is useful in such occasions. There was a queue in the front of my rented stall.

Profession “Merchant” 2%.

I sold all in less than an hour.

After the market I went to library, but there wasn’t anything useful. Good magic books are rarely seen in normal libraries.

Then I went to the inn to train with Brer. Anna joined my training.

But after some time we heard that somebody is knocking to the door.  When I opened a door with there was reception girl with a blushed face.

“I-I-I am sorry. But you are disturbing neighbors with yours n-noise.”

Huddling breath. Top without shirt. Even if she can’t see my reddened face because of mask I believe she thought up something strange.

“I am sorry. We will be quiet from now on.”

“Y-yes. Thank you.”

At this moment Anna came while heavy breathing with a wide excited smile.

“What is it?”

“It is nothing. She is just…”

“What? She wants to join us?”



Girl opened her eyes like never before in her life I believe and started convulsively swallow air.

“Then come in!”

“Ah? N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-no-o-o!!!!! ”

“Stop it!”

Anna earned flick to the forehead.

“Aw! Teacher! Why?”


“Yes! She is my apprentice. We are training right now. We want to find good place for it. Do you know some?”

“S-so? She isn’t your wife?”

“Ah… No!”

Her expression brightened.

“I understand! I will show you good location.”

She brought us behind the inn. There was some space with few trees and ground was covered with grass.

This will do.

I took Brer from the sack and tied it to the tree.

“W-w-what? Is that a monster?”

“Yeah. I caught it few days ago for workout purposes.”

“Monster… for workout… Incredible!”

Her eyes lit with admiration and adoration.

Ok-ok. But go already before you saw that Anna is better in this than me. Don’t you have some work?

After reception girl went to the inn I began my routine.

Profession “Monster slayer” 24%.

I saw spellbound glances from inn window on the first floor all the time.

Like that I spend few days before Scully finally came back.

Let me guess, Scully. There is nothing new there.

‘Except for new created water magic spell of the 3rd rank there isn’t, Master.’

Oh! Elves sometimes can impress.

Scully, what do you think how can I absorb this?

‘Brain? Hm… Were its abilities related to mind process, Master?’


‘Then you should try just thought about absorbing it, Master. Just imagine this scene.’

Hm… That might work. This guy is useful.

‘Thank you, Master.’

… You shouldn’t hear that, but looks like I can’t hide any thoughts from you.

‘We are part of you, Master. We don’t have any thoughts except your thoughts. We exist just to solve your problems. We are you, Master.’

Um… ok.

But let’s test it. I closed my eyes and thought than I put brain in my head. And it vanished from my hand!

‘Yo, Boss!’

Oh! Cool! It worked!

Tell me… um your name will be Brainy… so, Brainy, tell me about your abilities.

‘There are three. Intention perceiver. I can feel that somebody is straight trippin’ to you. Mind pressure. I can add some pressure on opponent to show that you diss him, Boss. You know like in some duels or so. And memory reader, but I can use it only if target is chillin’.


‘Weakened or sleeping. And it’s quite messy ability. I can’t filter what I get.’

Cool. I think I almost understand. Then tell me when somebody has ill intentions towards me or my party.

‘Gotcha, Boss!’

I spend few days training.

Profession “Monster slayer” 72%.

With such percentage Brer doesn’t have even a slightest change to hit me. That’s why I lately train with Anna while evading from Brer’s tongue shots.

She isn’t using any agility gear in the training. But even without it I have hard times.

And one more.

‘Yes! Right now, Boss. You can smack her ass!’

Brainy is slightly annoying.

But I smacked her rear nevertheless. I could not resist. Sorry.

I lately fight with Anna using harassments like that one. I have fun and she is learning.

I even see Brer copies our strike locations. It appears he can learn. Our indecent martial techniques spread in the world.

‘Wow! That hit was da bomb, Boss!’

What’s with your speech?

‘Donnow? When I woke up it was like that. My bad, Boss.’

Whatever. Tell me all you remember from previous life.

‘Nah, Boss. I don’t really remember anything. No kidding. I woke up half a year ago somewhere in the slums. And at that time I already can read people thoughts. It was tight, Boss. I blackmailed some chicks to not tell some black stories to their husbands. I got some fun and money. And yadda, yadda, yadda I became a slave trader. And then Boss came and.. Boyya! killed me.’

Majestic story.

Can I slap you?

‘Don’ diss me,Boss!’

Tell me about Arc Gilb.

‘Ah… That story… I searched for fine mansion. Gentleman like me can’t just live anywhere. And whoop, there it is! The dopest house in this hole. So I took it. And you know what? This guy was some bigshot. It aiiight! So I used his grody guys to make a living while I myself was chillin’ near the pool. But I heard that Riot came to the city. I thought at that time “That dude is gnarly, like totally!” and wanted to get him as my henchman. You know the rest.’

So… From what I understand it’s you ordered Scully.

‘I dunno. I just told my people to get rid of all pain in the ass.’

… Quite the story.

‘There are many people, Boss. They’re frickin’ me out. They don’t diss you though, Boss.’

There are more than one reception girl watch our training session. In every window in the neighborhood there is a face or two who looked at our non-human movements in the inn’s back yard.

Tomorrow I will live this city so today I can show them some good spectacle.

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