55. Rescue operation

The first thing I should do is clear.

I took virgin-checker glasses and looked at Anna. Huh! She is still safe.

Ok-ok! I am joking! Now isn’t time for this.

I use mimicry and tried to steal up closer. I must somehow get umbrella from Anna’s hands. Hopefully Anna was the last in the row.

If I were the criminal I’d put Anna before myself. Firstly because like that is safer. And secondary and more importantly I could see her magnificent body from behind.

But at this moment I got strong kick to the face.

I forgot about danger perception earring.


Anna says like a robot. No. Wait… What is a robot? This strange thoughts appear in my head every now and then.

All of the group turned around and took their weapons.

But my luck isn’t something that can be ignored.

Anna took her weapons too. Scimitar and gladius. And dropped umbrella to the side. By the way her gauntlets were rented items. So after the Arena Challenge she returned them to that stubborn smith. Is it right to call person stubborn even if you never meet him? Whatever!

And now is my time! Sleeveshot! Yeap! Umbrella is in my hand!

Three  A-ranks warrior, one A-ranks thief and Anna. It sounds tough.

But hopefully we are on some back alley. There are walls from the sides. I activated two cards of “Air strike” and threw it to their back. All guys except for boss flew in my direction. I leaped over them with the help of my frog boots. And four cards of “Earth wall”. There is four-meter wall behind me now.

“Ok! It’s one on one now.”

He smiled and looked straight at me. But at the next second became confused.

“Oh! Your tricks don’t work on me, you see.”

He showed serious expression.


“Who knows? Maybe because I am special or maybe because of this anti-mind magic headband.”

He greeted his teeth.

“You shouldn’t be so agitated. I just want to…”

But at the next moment he took smoking pipe and lit it. I just thought that he wanted to speak, but then saw it.

Healing pipe of home-lover
Rare quality
<Upon use can heal up to moderate severity wounds>
<Upon use teleport bearer to set place>
Good condition

And he disappeared. Crap!

That’s cheating!

I leaped to the top of the earth wall. All guys were unconscious. And I am sure they don’t know anything.

After all of them woke up I interrogated them, but it looks like I was right. Nobody remembers anything.

By the way these guys are from investigation team that came in Deksport to resolve kidnapping incident. So this guy was behind that.

It appear all strings lead to this city. There were similar kidnappings in the Forlasport too. I asked them about anti-mind magic defense, but they all have it and it turned up useless.

So this guy is one of us. Your thoughts Chronny.

‘You must defeat it alone, my Lord. And few “Sleep” spells will be useful.’

Yeah. I thought so too, but we don’t have so much time. To make one “Sleep” I need at least three hours. I can’t waste so much time.

I need to make some sabotage. And I thought of something.

That guy can manipulate people. He can manipulate even monsters. Then what about golems?

I was roaming around town until I found some group of strange people. They were moving as if some zombies.

They were going in the direction of my inn. There is Anna, so if these guys wanted to cause havoc I have bad news for them. That’s why I took a scent trace in the direction from where they came.

In the ten minutes I came to some big mansion in the rich area of the city.

There were some guards. I rendered them useless in a few seconds. But when I came closer to the mansion there were two B-rank mages. And with good magic resistant gear in addition.

I summoned metal golem from my gauntlet. It looks impressively. Two-meter tall wide humanoid figure made from steel. It rushed to mages. Both of them spoke up some enchantment and two similar to mine golems appeared. But one was made from earth and another from air. I heard somewhere that “Golem creation” is 5th ranked spell. And after creation in manipulated by the maker’s mana.

Earth golem clashed with mine and air one flew in my direction. Golem can’t be destroyed by physical attacks. But if I make something with those mages I would manage.

Air golem wanted to strike me, but I deployed energy shield from gauntlet.

I leaped over the fighting golems and made a shot with my sleeve. Neck of one of the mages was tied by my sleeve and I drew him to me. Then two heavy blows to the chin and he unconscious.

Close-handed combat mastery 21%.

Air one stopped moving. I threw two cards of “High pressure” behind remain mage and send him in knockout after he meet my fist in the flight.

Earth golem stopped. Metal golem went to the entrance and I used camouflage and went to the backdoor.

There was commotion in the mansion, but I managed to reach second floor before they sensed me. I beat up two thieves and came to the big room.

There was only one person in the room.

Arc Gilb
36 y.o.
Minister of Internal Affairs
S-rank Merchant branch
“Port ruler”

Strength 81
Agility 81
Vitality 81
Charisma 81
Intelligence 149
Wisdom 148
Danger 31

He was holding a knife with both hands and it was directed under his chin.

“I will kill him if you wouldn’t talk.”

“Hm? Oh! So you somewhere near and are manipulating this guy. I understand. But I don’t really want to save this guy’s life. My friend was killed because of him.”

Well. I killed Scully, but that was because of misunderstanding that was caused by Arc Gilb’s Guild request.

“Your bluff wouldn’t work!”

I started to search for location of that puppet master.

“Aren’t I said that I’ll kill him.”

“Ah! Do it!”


He tried to startle me by piercing Arc Gilb’s chin from below, but I pay no heed to his little drama.

“Hah! Found!”

There was secret passage in the wall. I broke the wall with “Earth lance” and went through it.

Downstairs. Passageway. Door. “Earth lance”. Small room.

Nobody inside, huh?

He run outside through another secret passage. I went after him.

But when I came out from the underground corridor. I was greeted with big company of more than twenty guys. And I saw running figure in the fifty meters away.

Puppets moved in my way. Sorry, guys. Not gonna happen.

I threw poisoning dagger.

But that person didn’t get poisoned.

Because dagger pierced his heart from behind.

Crowd of former puppets fell to the ground. They were restlessly looking around.

After few hours and with the help of Guild’s investigation team we resolved this case.

It looks like marionette master has been using Arc Gilb’s mansion for a four month. And with the help of Arc Gilb’s Company relations and capabilities he creates big slave trading company. Not too long ago he even bought all ships on the market to transport those slaves. His slaves were popular because they were submissive and never caused any troubles.

By the way I took the stone and the brain that left behind after body disappeared. Stone was absorbed and brain was put in the spatial storage for now.

Let’s return to the inn and get good sleep.


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