54. Enport

This city is considerably better than Deksport. Not as good as Rigardas Arbaro, but better than Castellum.

This city doesn’t have one definite style and its buildings vary in sizes and colors. But it’s well-maintained and clear. Some shady people are seen here and there though.

Its dock is bigger that any I saw before. No wonder. This is the biggest commercial city of Republic. It is located between two port cities and has well-maintained roads to Rigardas Arbaro and Cefurbo.

In the transportation of incredibly important goods nobody uses Big East River, because it has international status and can’t be well protected from pirates. Sometimes even Empires agents pretend to be pirates to carry out some missions. That’s why in Republic roads to Enport mostly used for important delivery.

In this way this city became big trade domain.

The most influential person here is Arc Gilb aka port ruler. He resides in this city. The one who ordered Scully.

If I would have a chance I will spoil his serene life.

But let’s find some good inn first.

Port worker came to me to take fee for boat place rent, but I took it to spatial storage.

There were also few suspicious guys near docs.

“Did you see that? His boat disappeared. He must have some good items. Let’s check him.”

“Are you stupid? Do you know who wear that mask?”

“Ah? Who?”

“From what hole are you came from? Every kid in this country knows Alan Riot’s mask.”

“Ah? Really? So it’s that guy. I want to check him even more.”

“Ok-ok! But don’t attract attention.”

Second guy took some item and put to the eyes.

Identification pince-nez
Unusual quality
<Can identify all magic items up to legendary quality>
Good condition

I took some pebble from the ground and throw it. Pince-nez broke.


“Guys! You better not do silly deeds.”

They run away. They must be some thugs that seek an easy profit for their boss. I better find their base latter.

It would be bad if somebody saw my umbrella. Such a unique thing can cause a disaster in wrong hands.

“What was that, teacher?”

“Ah. Don’t mind them. Let’s find an inn.”

By the way Anna is charging 4th rank elemental spells now. It is almost twenty minutes for one spell. And five minutes to carve them. The higher rank the more complicated magic circle.

We found good tavern combined with inn and ordered a room. Behind the corner was pretty girl and looks like she is my fan. I mean Riot’s fan.

“Your order one room with two beds. This is the key.”

Girl sighed with relief. She must be concerned about certain woman behind my back. And she became cheerful after I choose room with two beds.

“Um… Mr.Riot! May I tell you something?”


This dimwit completely forgot about our conspiracy. But girl was shaken beyond expectation.

“Wh-Wh-What? Y-y-y-your surname is R-r-r-riot too?”

There is some misunderstanding here. All people in the country know about death of Riot’s sister. So the only one who will have the same surname must be Riot’s wife. Still nonexistent.


Oh my! Somebody, please, stop her!

“I-I-I-I just w-w-wanted to tell that even if you lost you w-w-will be our hero f-f-forever.”

She is about to cry.

“Thank you! I appreciate your support.”

I thanked her and went to the room before somebody said something unnesesary again.

“Hm… Such a strange girl.”


“Ah? What? I don’t understand.”

“Now you have a wife. Congratulations!”

“What? Why? Why a wife?”

This girl conquered many girls’ hearts in this country and even doesn’t realize it.

In the room I continue to train with Brer. Yes I gave my monster frog a name. Why not?

Profession “Monster slayer” 16%.

On the next day I left Anna with charging task and went to the docs alone. I found the scent of those thugs and went on it.

After ten minutes I came to some wretched building. There were at least twenty people inside. There is no way I can charge right in. Even with my skills I am not invincible. Beside if there are few A-ranks I would be in a pinch.

Then I will back to the hotel and take umbrella for test fight.

But when I came to the inn umbrella as well as Anna was missing. And Brer was in strange state. He didn’t move and stood completely still as if he wasn’t some monster, but a plush toy.

Teddy, equip anti-mind magic headband.

I get Anna scent. And in five minutes found them. Anna was going behind them without any struggles. But her state was like in trance. All of the guys there were in such a state. Except for the one guy.

This isn’t mind magic.

I can’t see his status…

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