53. Magic systems

Profession “Monster slayer” 8%.

I tied monster frog down on the bow and tried evading from its tongue. I don’t need to kill monsters to progress my profession after all. But it’s too late. We need to stop for the night.

Monsters didn’t need any sleep by the way. They keep their conscious in the mana field around them or something like that. Those elves books are quite exaggerated. They use too many hyperbolic turnovers.

So I put it to sleep with recently carved especially for this occasion mind magic 5th ranked spell “Sleep”. I wasted almost three hours to charge it. And half an hour to draw magic circle from the book to the card.

By the way I have plenty magic books already. I bought many in Rigardas Arbaro and Cefurbo, not to mention books from the auction.

I have six books with elemental magic spells. Like fire, water, earth, air, ice and lighting. One with mind magic spells. Two books about light and darkness attributes with few insignificant spells. And tons of books about magic theory.

From what I understood there were four attributes that were at the time of the world creation. Space, time, light and darkness. Known as four Gods.

Then they created four dragons which reign over elemental magic. Magic like ice, explosion or lighting was made from combination of normal elemental magic.

Ice made from combination of earth and water. At first you create some water and then convert it to earth attribute. Ice created as a result.

Explosion magic uses the ability of liquid substance to increase in the volume when converted to gaseous. This operation creates explosion. All clear.

Slightly harder with lighting. If look at the fire as a plasma, that can be considered as ionized gas, and comprehend its nature talented magician can made one interesting trick. To divide positive from negative ions and inject air between them. Lighting created as a result.

Combined magic performed only on phase boundary. Normal mage can’t possibly use earth and fire combined magic because of its unbelievable mana consumption.

But when demons and fairies were created they established their own magic. Mind, transformation, summoning, strengthening, perception and many others. In few words their magic manipulate directly with living beings. Or something that was once a living being. Or something that is the result of activity of living being. Or even can create a living being.


By the way there are tons of magics that are created from four first attribute.

For example, from light there are illusion magic, holy magic, barrier magic etc. From darkness there are shadow magic, forbidden magic, curse magic etc. There are also gravity and destruction for space magic and  clairvoyance and divination for time magic.

There isn’t any logic actually. You can gave new meaning to all attributes and create new magic. Of course you must be competent enough to create your own model of the Universe that is ruled by your new rules.

It is said that Great Lich created his own model and made necromancy magic. There were undeads before, but there wasn’t necromancy. And nobody except for Gods have ever creates undead.

And you understood it, right?

If a person knows more than one system of magic, he can be considered talented. Because to keep in his head two or more models of Universe is incredibly hard.

And because of that I am very cool person who can use all magic systems.

I can’t make myself to stop smiling.

That doesn’t apply on elemental magic though. All basic four have a good consistency. That’s why most of the people learn it. And precisely because of that there are so few chaos-nature magicians between humans.

But let’s forget about this tedious talk and have a dinner.

There wasn’t anything special on that night. With the exception of my insomnia because of beautiful defenseless body that slept near.

On the next day we reached Enport.




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