52. Training partner

Upon closer examination I made a conclusion that killed monster has its first evolution. That is because he has some distinguish from normal monster frogs. Mimicry. Normally monsters get some special ability upon reaching evolution.

I butchered frog’s body. Skin of monster is valuable material. I will make some leather armor with it. Other remains will go for alchemic experiments.

There some trick with monster evolution actually. Body isn’t subjected to changes, but only organs. This frog’s altered organ was skin. Meaning that only skin is useful to production of magic items.

Besides magic gear that is made from those monster’s organs will have some of the monsters abilities. Abilities came out absolutely by random. That’s why monster’s parts are so popular among guilders.

Equipment that made from metals, normal animals skin or wood can obtain the abilities that depend from craftsman, luck and many other uncontrolled things.

But equipment made from monsters can have only monsters’ abilities. In this way guilders can narrow the circle of needed skills.

I spend my time stitching leather while Anna was running around in search of other monsters.

I asked her only to locate them and to not engage in the fight. It’s not like I afraid of her. But I have some plans for these monsters.

My first product turned out not bad.

Leaping boots of camouflage
Rare quality
<Grants the ability to leap thrice the normal>
<Bearers body obtains the ability to disguise itself under environment>
Excellent condition

But another two somewhat creepy.

Sleeveshot shirt of camouflage
Rare quality
<Sleeves can be used similarly to frog’s tongue shot>
<Bearers body obtains the ability to disguise itself under environment>
Excellent condition

Sleeveshot jacket of skinbreathing
Rare quality
<Sleeves can be used similarly to frog’s tongue shot>
<Bearer obtains the ability to breath with the help of his skin>
Excellent condition

I tried to test that eerie sleeveshot when Anna came back. I wanted to smack her rear, but she evaded it. I regret that I gave her danger perception earring.

“Sorry. I just wanted to test it.”


“Did you find anything?”

“No. There is nothing nearby.”

Hm. From what I read before frog monsters never live alone. There must be dozens of them around. Or maybe…

“I’ll go to swim a little. Take this shirt. It is yours from now on. It can shot its sleeves like I did before and have camouflage abilities.”

She was dumbfounded.

“But aren’t you made it, teacher?”

“Yes. What is it?”

“But only S-ranks craftsmen can make a rare gear.”

“Reveal ID.”

S-ranks appeared at my hand in the place where Guild receptionist put craftsman’s mark.

“How could this be? I never heard about anyone reaching S-rank in two branches at the same time.”

“Ah. There were actually few guys. One even reached in the three branches.”

“Ah? Really?”

“I’ve read about it in Castellum library. That unique guy is Great Lich though. He obtained S-ranks in magic, alchemy and craftsmanship. Trully a genius.”

Besides in one book from elves library stated that he created and used few times the spell of eighth ranks. Elves elders sensed it, but nobody knows what it was, because there weren’t any visible changes in the world. And any known to elves spells of eighth ranks doesn’t have similar mana dispersion. That’s why I can tell that that being far surpassed any S-ranks in terms of magic.

“I want to fight him someday.”

Did she just say something outrageous?

“Fight who?”

“Great Lich of course.”

Before I thought that I just misheard, but she really did say it.

“Aren’t you have bad compatibility with undead?”


Oh! Please spare me.

“Look, if you want to fight undead there should be priest or holy warrior. Or at least fire mage.”

“My family was just crashing them until they can’t move though.”

“Well… You can fight them like that too, but it’s too inefficient. Besides Great Lich is on another level. If I could I’d choose to never meet him.”

I didn’t raise any flag again, right?

I went to the water and dived.

My suspicions were right. Around one hundred meters from the bank I found something like an underwater cave. I lay down near it.

After ten minutes of waiting I finally saw some motion. That’s my client!

A frog monster with the size twice smaller than killed before was caught by my sleeve. I know how stupid it sounds.

I tied it with my sash and swam to the beach.

When I emerged from water I saw Anna’s face in tears.

“Ah? Something happened?”

“U-u-u! Uwa-a-a-a-a! Teacher, you just dived and didn’t show up for a long time. I thought that I lost you too! Uwa-a-a-a-a!”

Oy-oy-oy! Don’t act so out of character!

“E-e-eh… I forget to tell you. This jacket gives the ability to breath underwater.”

“Uwa-a-a-a-a! Teac-ua-aa!”

I tried to console her, but was hugged with great force instead. She didn’t use “Strength boost”, right? Well… Not a bad feeling.

“What is this?”

After she calmed down she inquired about tied frog.

“This is my training partner.”

“But I want to be teacher’s partner.”

Did you unintentionally forget to add “training” or it was on purpose? Even before when we were hugging my solid defense was breached. But now I almost fell. This was insinuation, right? Right? Tell more clearly, please!

“No. This is something like training device. I will train my monster sla… reaction speed.”

“Oh! It’s clear now! So clever.”

After some time we took our belongings and sailed.


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