51. Night disturbance

Scully came back at the morning. He passed Miregalwen’s congratulations with my victory in Arena Challenge. I told him about my magic training progress and send him to pass it to Miregalwen. There aren’t any meaning to ask Miregalwen about news. I am sure there are all the same.  We will meet with Scully in Enport after one week.

We went to buy tickets on the ship to Enport, but it will depart only after five days. So I choose to buy some boat to travel ourselves.

But I didn’t find any. Merchants on the market told me that Arc Gilb Company has bought all available vessels on the market not too long ago.

That’s why I purchased some wood and went outside of the city to make my own boat. After half a day and with the doubtful help of Anna I managed to make a good qualitative small ship.

But how should I say this? I didn’t intend to produce it like that.

Directed boat
Unusual quality
<Managed by the thoughts of the steering wheel holder>
Excellent condition

Every little piece of this vessel can be controlled by the coxswain. Even the speed and direction.

It appears that all things that I will make in the future will be at least uncommon quality even if they would be made from worst material.

With the help of Teddy I carried the boat to the water and sailed.

You don’t need to have navigation devices or maps to reach Enport. You should just sail not far from the coast. There aren’t any reefs and there is favorable current always not so far from the bank.

I have read somewhere that because of this current the ships with tribute to Great Lich send off from Forlasport without any crew. Ships with dead bodies reach Undead Kingdom coast by themselves. Creepy fleet.

We left Deksport in the afternoon. Our speed considerably lower than that of ships with magic powered engines. That’s why we will make a stop at the evening to spend the night on the ground.

Camping with a beautiful girl. Twosome under clear sky.

Oh! Wait! That was out of target. What am I even thinking about?

Miregalwen. Miregalwen. Miregalwen. Miregalwen.

I must control myself.

At the evening we found some nice place to set up a camp. There wasn’t any suspicious spot nearby on the land and nobody will have a chance to take us by surprise. Or so I thought.

But let’s be consistent.

We made a dinner from some vegetables bought from Deksport and fish caught by Anna. She is extraordinary fisherman. With accurate fast thrust of her legendary scimitar she can not only beat some strong guys, but even catch a lot of fish. People would be shocked if they’d known for what purpose she uses her legendary weapon.

I also bought some wine in the Cefurbo. I haven’t such intentions I assure you! I just gave some good wine to Anna for good sleep. Besides rain has poured just now. So all romantic atmosphere went to hell. It’s not like I wanted to create any.

And there were many holes in hastily done from branches and leaves tent. So we were completely wet.

And at the end this.


“Anna, do you know what is that thing?”

“Some monster maybe.”

There was enormous frog. Two meters height. I think more than two tons weight. Can it even jump?

Then its color changed to that of the environment. Mimicry, huh?

Then it shot her tongue towards Anna. But with her agility there is no way she can’t evade it. I on the other hand get into her mouth with the second tongue shot. This is so humiliating.

I could not possibly remove destruction sword from scabbard in this situation, so I took slashing sword and make few strong swings. Its head fell off together with me in its mouth.

“Oh! Teacher, awesome tactic! Show some weakness just to strike back.”

You have too much faith in me.

But what is this thing? I can’t read its status before. And looks like it came from the sea. I should have protected that side as well.

Profession “Monster slayer” 1%.

Oh! Thanks for the answer. My first monster. Hm…

“Status window!”

Strength 125 Professions(Hunter-Max, Warrior-Max,Mage-Max,Alchemist-Max,Thief-Max,Craftsman-Max,Monster slayer)
Agility 145 Improved Masteries(Throwing-Max, Spear-Max, Mace-Max, Knife-Max, One-Handed Sword-Max, Shield-Max, Hammer-Max, Axe-Max, Two-handed Sword-Max, Poleaxe-Max, Close-handed)
Vitality 175 Resistances(Poison, Water, Ice, Fire)
Charisma 110 Arts endowment(Music-Max,Painting-Max,Love arts-Max,Aplied arts-Max,Literature-Max,Singing-Max,Choreography-Max,Sculpting-Max,Architecture-Max,Acting arts-Max)
Intelligence 115 Languages(elf,dwarf,beast,human,demon)
Wisdom 120 Analysis and Synthesis
Luck 175 Status window
Level 35

Two levels. I earned as much in the arena too. Life isn’t fair.

“Ah? What did you say, teacher?”

“Don’t mind it. It’s just some spell.”

“What kind of magic does teacher use?”

“Its special magic. I am sure you’ve never heard about it. By the way what about you? Can you use magic?”

“Yes. “Strength boost!”

This is the spell from nature magic.

“One spell?”

“Real warrior doesn’t need…”

“Ok-ok! I understand. But you should also learn at least “Agility boost” for better performance in the fight.”

“But I can’t control mana properly and all of it goes to the first spell.”

“Then why you..? No. I know the answer. I beg of you, please, learn “Agility boost.”

“Yes, teacher!”

She is so witless. I was like that before I raised my stats…

I thought some more and added 20 points to intelligence.



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