50. Deksport

We arrived at Deksport without any trouble. Humu… Well… There were some troubles.

Certain girl was changing clothes absolutely ignoring a young healthy man her age in the room. You might think that they are newlyweds. But no! She is just bonehead.

“Um… Anna, Shouldn’t you want to ask me to go for a walk?”

“Ah? No.”

I have a long talk with her about sexual education. Of course after she finished. There is no way I can waste a chance to look at her peerless legs without any pants.

She is slightly shocked.

“So? All men are…”


“And I am…”


“But that day in red light…”

“Ah! Well… That was exception.”

Looks like her mother died when she was very young and her father didn’t really want to raise a girl. So he tried to pass her to relatives, but she was coming to the training together with her brothers. That’s why he gave up and just raised her as a boy too.

So like that we were talking all night.

After disembarkation we checked local market and bought some merchandise. I also sold some of my goods from Cefurbo.

Profession “Merchant” 1%.

Then we went to check the city. But it appeared too small and we ended sightseeing in the afternoon.

I told Scully that I will wait for him here. That’s why I must spend three more days in this hole.

Small city. Petty buildings. Narrow streets. Filth on the ground. Unfriendly people. Crowds of drunkards. Children in rags.

So dissimilarly to the capital. Such a contrast after Cefurbo. No. Even in comparison with Castellum this place fades. The only well-conditioned place in the city is the market near sea port.

Very symbolically.

We went to find some good inn. Many people evaluated us on the streets, but almost everybody in Republic knows about the person that wears strange mask. So there weren’t any problems.

We had stayed at the best inn, but it wasn’t really that good. In comparison to my forest times it is excellent though.

We spend two days here. There is some heavy atmosphere in the city.

When I asked inn keeper, he told me that it’s because of some kidnappings lately. Entire families have disappeared. More than one hundred people went missing already. And even some Guild investigation team disappeared after coming to this city.

Sounds dangerous. I don’t want to disappear too. That’s why we will leave right after Scully came back.

Besides I didn’t see any suspicious status unreadable people in the city. And that’s mean that Guild is more than enough to resolve this problem. I should mind my own business. Besides best Guild cadres were in the Arena Challenge as participants or as spectators. And after they came back to work they would resolve this incident right away.

But I didn’t just waste time here. I made something incredible.

But let’s start from the beginning.

In each and every library I visited so far wasn’t any information about magic device that can collect mana from outside and transfer it someplace. There were some items that can store mana inside, but that’s all.

But if you can’t find something, you should do it yourself.

I thought about functionality, design and usability. But didn’t find anything better than umbrella.

Yup! Umbrella.

You might think that I just copied Jill Run’s weapon. But no. No I am serious. Umbrella’s hat just has the perfect shape for accumulation of energy. And through the umbrella leg it send mana into charger. Charger is device that can inject mana into cards. Meaning I put card into the charger, it closes the umbrella’s magic circle and it started to absorb mana from the atmosphere.

What about cards you ask?

They’re just parchments that were made from metal sheets. You see, the problem with paper or leather parchment was that I can’t control direction of the spell after activation. It requires small amount of mana too. But with metal cards I can activate them and threw to the target. And spell will be launched in the flight. Besides with my throwing analysis I have better accuracy than most of magicians.

My Umbrella also has spell activation socket. I just need to put readied card to the socket and it will activate it.

With this my problem as a mage solved. Charging, activation and direction.

Mana injecting umbrella of accumulation
Rare quality
<Can accumulate mana from the outside world>
<Can inject mana into magic devices or circles>
Excellent quality

“Wow! Teacher! You’ve made so excellent umbrella. You must be learned some craftsmanship.”

“Yeah. I spend some time in Rigardas Arbaro.”

“No wonder it’s so good made.”

“Ok, Anna! I want to give you a serious task.”

She became motivated.

“Yes. This will be teacher’s first task to me.”

Sorry to kill your mood, but this isn’t some grand quest.

“It’s just charging. You must put this card into this hole. And after few minutes change to another card.”

“What about those cards?”

“They are higher ranks. They should charging longer. After you finished this I will tell you the details.”

There spells of various ranks in magic. They somehow correlate with Guild’s mage ranks, so I’ll explain in this way:

  • F-rank
    First magic rank
    It just operates with pure mana. Inject, withdraw and transfer. The only spell is “Mana manipulation”, but it’s so meaningless to make a parchment for it, so I have never read about it in any book.
    There is also the term of mana points.
    Different spells need different amount of mana points for their minimum emergence. By the way my umbrella can inject one mana point per second.
  • E-rank
    Second magic rank
    It operates with magic element.
    Fire manipulation if it’s fire, water manipulation if it’s water etc.
    The only spell is “*some element* manipulation.”
    Feel free to insert yours.
    The minimum amount of mana points for the spell is ten. Of course there isn’t any upper limit.
    The more mana points the stronger spell.
  • D-rank
    Third magic rank
    80% magicians are here.
    Most people have mana between one hundred and one thousand.
    So for people to launch several spells with the price of one hundred points for each it’s like dream from the edge.
    -“*Element* creation” can create simple matter with the help of mana.
    -Simplest attack spell (“Fireball”, “Waterball”, “Earth bullet”, “Air bullet”, “Ice bolt”, “Lighting arrow” for elemental magic). Non-elemental magics have different spells and structure, so I will tell only about Elemental magic for now.
  • C-rank
    Fourth magic rank
    Some persistent guys can manage to reach it through meditation and magic training.
    The cost of one spell is one thousand magic points.
    There three kinds of spells here:
    -weakest area of magic effect spell (“Blast”, “Water explosion”, “Earth grenade”, “High pressure burst”, “Frost nova”, “Lighting nova”);
    -average attack spell (“Flamethrower”, “Water jet”, “Earth lance”, “Air strike”, “Ice lance”, “Lighting discharge”);
    -weakest defensive spell (“*element*wall”).
  • B-rank
    Fifth magic rank
    You can be considered talented if you’ve reached it.
    To launch a spell that costs ten thousand magic points can be regarded as a feat.
    Two kind of spells here:
    – average area of magic effect (“Flame field”, “Storm”, “Sand storm”, “Whilrwind”, “Ice storm”, “Static field”) , it can be used as a defensive spell too, because you can manipulate the element in the area;
    -strong attack spell (“Plasma sphere”, “Liquid balloon”, “Dirt rocket”, “Pressure implosion”, “Absolute zero drop”, “Lighting ball”).
  • A-rank
    Sixth magic rank
    Mostly court magicians and great sages.
    You bet! 100 000 magic points!
    The only spell is strong area of magic effect that can also be used as a strong defensive spell, because of element manipulation (“Inferno”, “Deluge”, “Eartquake”, “Tempest”, “Blizzard”, “Lighting storm”).
  • S-rank
    Seventh magic rank
    It is said that they are children of Gods.
    Spell that cost one million magic points can easily destroy small city like Deksport.
    Nobody from humans knows any spells of seventh rank.
    Actually to become S-rank magician you just need to measure your magic pool with the help of special items. If it’s more than one million you will obtain S-rank ID.
  • Eighth magic rank
    The only known persons are Great Lich and Ancient Vampire.
  • Ninth magic rank
    Also known as magic of Dragons
  • Tenth magic rank
    Also known as magic of Gods

Information about two last magics I found in the elves library. Also there wasn’t any information about Ancient Vampire between humans.

As you understand Anna is charging 3rd rank attack spells for now.

Actually I can normally use only attack spells, because they didn’t require control after firing. There are some problems with defensive spells, because I need to throw card with right position. And big problems with area of effect spells, because I can launch them, but can’t control.

I also spend some time with Teddy. We were training. No. I am serious. He can somehow equip and unequip me in one second now. I should train with him some more to make him remember sets of equipment for different classes.


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