49. Real warrior

I send Scully to Miregalwen to tell about Arena Challenge and other news. I asked Scully to not tell about Anna. It will give her meaningless worries. There is no way I have a chance for romantic development with this dimwit. She isn’t even suited for second roles in my imaginary harem.

It’s not like she isn’t beautiful. She has 132 charisma points after all. But… How should I say it? She is a warrior. She was educated as a warrior. All her life was between warriors. You can think of her as a cool beauty, until she would say her first words.

No jokes! She even wanted to go with me to the red light district.

“My father forbids me to go there. But my brothers all were there before. It was unfair. After father’s death I wanted to go, but can’t show disobedience to father’s words. But now that you’re my teacher you can give me the permission.”

She was looking at me with burning eyes.

“A-a.. Hm? Do you really understand what is the place red light district is?”

“I wasn’t there before, but I heard that it can heal the most severe warriors’ wounds.”

“That’s some interesting information you’ve heard somewhere. Ok! I will take you, but you will go as Anna.”

“Yes! Thank you, teacher!”

Hahaha! I want to know what you will say when we’ll be there.

We came to some famous place and began the selection of girls.

She was dumbfounded at first.

“Teacher! Why do we choose from these women?”

“This is the ritual. If you want to continue you must choose. But pick carefully. A lot depends from your selection.”

“R-really? Then I will select the best woman.”

“Good grief! You’re the real warrior!”


She showed determination on her face.

Wuhahaha! Please, spare me! I’m almost at my limit. If not for my 100% acting art, I’d rolled around on the floor.

She selected some girl and I finished too.

“Good choice, Anna. We will part ways here. Enjoy your time.”

“Ah? We will be in separated rooms? Why not together?”

“That might be too much for your first time.”

“What? Wait… Why?”

“Dear customer, please come here.”

Brothel girl took her and I went with my this night‘s partner.

After all was over I came to wait for Anna. It looks like she went on the spree there. I’ve heard very loud Anna’s and another girl’s voices. I was afraid for her at first, but looks like all is good. She is really warrior in heart and soul.

After she exited from the room she saw me and blushed. She is kinda cute. Well, she’d been, if she hasn’t exited from brothel playing room.

“How was your rest?”

“Ah? Um… I enjoyed it.”

“Haha! I am sure you are.”

I considered it as a joke at first, but look like she has passed.

“You’re real warrior now.”

There was happiest face I ever saw. Such an easy person.

“Yes, teacher!”

I can’t keep it in me! Ahahahaha! Please stop this!

“Next time we will go together.”

“Ah? W-wait… Teacher… That would be…”

“Ah? Aren’t you wanted to go together before?”

“Yes. But that was before I knew about what kind a place…*mumble-mumble*”

“What? I can’t hear you.”

“A-a… U-u-um… Teacher! Please let me train by myself some more time! I am not ready to show my skills to teacher as I am now.”

“P-pwahahaha! A-a-haha! S-sorry! I was joking! I just wanted to tease you a little. But you’re… train, skills… Hahahaha!”

She showed grievance.

“Ah! Please don’t feel offended. It’s just a little joke.”

“I-I… I am not offended.”

Yeah, you are. Maybe because you always wears that mask so your face now is like an open book.

And the next moment her face had an expression as if she was stuck by lighting.

“Could it be that this brothel trip was to make fun from me?”

Oh! She understood.

“No! Why do you think so?”

“Ah? No? Really?”

“I just wanted to test you. You passed.”

“Ah? Yes! But… what have I passed?”

“My special test. You’re real warrior now!”

“I don’t understand it, but thank you!”

Such an easy person.


After few days on some random Monday teacher and his apprentice boarded ships, which headed in different directions. The teacher also known as Yalle took ship to the Castellum to participate in Kingdom’s award ceremony. The apprentice Alan Riot together with some random woman took ship to Deksport that was the first city on his way home.

But you know the truth, right?

I and Anna went to the Deksport. I also registered in the Guild as mage, alchemist, merchant and thief. Just in case. Besides I bought some goods in Cefurbo for reselling.

And Carolina dressed in doppelganger shirt went to the Kingdom. She is real undercover operation expert. After she’ll come to the Kingdom she would pass the baton of playing my role to Cristina. She is very busy. S-rank after all.

Carolina had to rent her rare shirt to Cristina, but I paid two hundred gold coins for this task, so there shouldn’t be any problems. The only issue is that Cristina must play the role of hated by her person. I almost violated her that time after all. Hopefully because of poison resistance I’ll never become drunk again.

Now that I think about it, aren’t this is kind of sad?


We took one room for both of us. When we were buying tickets cashier winked me. Anna is indeed a cool beauty… Until she would say something.

With her black eyes, blonde long straight hair and prideful attitude, as if she is a soldier that is going on a battle, every man turn around to look at her from behind. She is somewhat lacking at the chest area though. You could even say that she doesn’t have any chest area at all.

And she has muscles. No wonder she managed to hide her woman nature for so long. But she has not those massive bulges of meat like some experienced fighter, but refined well-toned outlined muscles. This adds to her charm as a woman actually.

And she has magnificent legs. Often when I walk behind her my eyes became attracted to her bottom by themselves. Her thighs have that godly shape that forces every man to swallow his saliva when he looks at them.

Well… I should consider her on the second role in my future harem.


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