48. After the challenge

Author’s note

I steeled my resolve to post one chapter a day, but I broke my thumb finger and there are “ouch” cries in my room every now and then. Especially when I type blank space. Besides I operate my mouse with left hand now. That’s why I can skip some release because of lack of time. But on the next day be sure to see two chapters 😉


There was long series of meetings, greetings, awards and appointments. Really! I wasted entire week for this crap.

There were two people with me always. One of them is Anna aka Alan Riot that officially became my apprentice. And another is Violet my manager and promoter.

She wore a feverish excited expression when I first told her that Alan will be my disciple and she earned a flick to the forehead.

I tried to tell her about fight, circumstances, but quickly gave up. She is beyond salvation.

In the free from official meetings time I met with Carolina and made a request. After few days I must return to the kingdom and resume my social series. But I don’t have time for this. So I ask Carolina to find a body double for me in the Guild. She was troubled at first, but then agreed.

After the wining I obtain S-rank warrior ID and leveled up two levels. I put all in agility, because Anna will kill me in some sparring if I wouldn’t become faster.

After finding your first follower you have obtained 25 charisma points.

There was something like that too.

After the Arena Challenge I made a revision of my equipment. I send speed pants and “last letter” from Scully to the Jill Run, strength collar to the Rod Burgomir and shock wand to Nesoypod Neptune.

I gave some of my gear to Anna too. She obtained nice items:

  • Agility leggings for improving her strong sides.
  • Danger perception earring for unexpected attacks. I have Chronny, that’s why I don’t really need it.
  • Speed shoes for faster traveling.
  • Wisdom cap because she isn’t very bright.
  • Spatial bag for her belongings. I emptied some of my personal space with Teddy by eating some nice cuisines, so bag became of no use. But there still hundreds of human corpses in it and I feel somewhat reluctant to use it every time.

As for Violet she got a lot of new orders. That’s why I see her more rarely from day to day. Every time I look at her I understand that she isn’t very happy that she became my sponsor. But she considered best craftsman in Republic now. Great names great problems.

Almost every man in the Cefurbo knows my heroic song. I can hear it every evening here and there. I can die from shame every time somebody sings it. Hopefully my poker face with 100% acting art is peerless. It must be guards who leaked it outside from waiting room.

Also some rich guy bought arena commix for 800 golden coins. Art experts say that I created a new art. There wasn’t anyone before who thought of creating merged art from literature and painting. I always think that it’s normal and that I saw it earlier though.

Avon Garibaldi and Orwen Wild visited me one day.

“We heard from Carolina that you wouldn’t return to the Kingdom. Is that true?”

“She shouldn’t tell this to anyone though.”

“Forgive her. She wanted to make right things. You see, I wanted to bestow some of my item to you as a reward for winning Arena Challenge. But I can’t present it to body double. So I choose to give it to you now.”

He took something from his bag.

Oh! You must be kidding!

Protection agility gauntlet of the watchdog master
Legendary quality
<Can deploy magic shield upon command>
<Improve bearer’s agility>
<Can summon one iron golem as a guardian>
Good condition

“Here it is. This is…”

“Legendary gauntlet!”

“Oh? So you knew?”

“Ah? Ah, no. Just heard somewhere that you have one.”

I better keep my abilities in secret. I shouldn’t be too careless.

Then he presented it to me with a long speech about his youth and adventures.

“… and like that I became head knight. After that I thought of an idea to…”

“Um. Teacher, we should go.”

“Really? Time sure flew fast.”

No, it’s not! It’s long as if in hell. It’s not like I am not grateful, but if I knew that for this gauntlet I need to listen to his endless stories, I’d hesitated to take it.

After they left I experimented with gauntlet before I fell asleep.

On the next day I met with Anna and told her about our departing. I also told her that we will travel incognito. So from now on she can become Anna Riot as she is and took off her mask without any fear.

On the other hand my face is the problem. Every child knows me here in Cefurbo. There is no way I can travel freely. That’s why I will wear that mask.

The story goes like this. Riot after the losing came back home to take things needed for training in the Kingdom. Riot’s home is Sekva by the way. So I’ll have a good opportunity to visit all coast cities on my way to Sekva. And some random girl travels with him.

Clever, right?

I already bid farewell to Violet. Some eye bag appeared under her eyes. She is really popular. But right now in another sense than before. Yet she is charming like before. We will meet again one day. I hope she’ll forget her fearsome hobbies.

I came back home to have a good last rest in Cefurbo.

Tomorrow my new journey will begin.


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