47. Finale 2

With two swings of her sword air was cleared. Dust was scattered as if there wasn’t any in the first place. She saw me and rushed.

Anna Riot *hidden*
20 y.o.
Field commander-in-chief of Republic
S-rank Warrior branch *hidden*
“Alan Riot” *fake*

Strength 114+25
Agility 172+25
Vitality 125-50
Charisma 132
Intelligence 83
Wisdom 82
Danger 35

I was hit with scimitar to left side of my abdomen and at the same time gladius pierced my right shoulder. I tried to back off, but she already was behind my back. I bended to the forward and her sword brushed some of my hair.


{From above!}

{From behind!}

But looks like she can’t think and comprehend in berserker state.  I can’t read any thoughts from her either.

Chronny! Time stop!

‘Understood, my Lord!’

I lost all feelings and dived in the time stop space. I said space, but it isn’t something like that. It’s just my thoughts here and Chronny.

So? What should we do?

‘I don’t know, my Lord. Message stated that you were decapitated.’

Annushka has already spilled oil, huh?

Time to analyze the situation.

She is fast. She is strong. She is fragile. She is mindless. She is careless.


On the other hand.

I am slower. I am weaker. I am enduring. I am clever. I am tricky.

Ok! This is clear. About tactics now.

Her movement became very simple after berserkation. She is slashing with scimitar and pierce with gladius without any tricks or martial techniques.

I don’t really fear piercing wounds, but if I lose some of my limbs because of those slashing strikes it’d be bad. I need to do something about that legendary sword first. Besides, “decapitated” Chronny said. Probably she would kill me with scimitar.

I thought of something.

Chronny, resume!

‘Yes, my Lord!’

I returned to the room.

She is attacking. But I leapt to the side while making a somersault. Then I changed weapons in my hands. There is buckler in my left and short sword in my right. She is already here.

Wide swing with scimitar. I block with buckler, but it got destroyed.


Her legendary weapon stuck right in the middle of my buckler. She tried to strike my buckler with gladius, but at that moment it responded with blast wave.

She was thrown five meters away. Scimitar stuck in the buckler. Gladius fell near the wall  forty meters away from us.

Scimitar lost its aura. Looks like Anna returned to normal.

She doesn’t have any weapon. I have better chances to win now, right?

But after she stood up she run in my direction. Hey! Aren’t you wanted to pick up gladius?

I made a swing with short swort, but it is blocked with gauntlet. And another gauntlet hit my face. I felt sudden pain from the left side of my face.

Fire resistance 1%.

Not again! My charisma, dammit!

And one more blow to the left side of my face.

Ice resistance 1%.

I made another strike with the sword, but it was blocked again. And I got two more strikes.

It was repeated till her left gauntlet became broken. With the last strike I even broke her hand.

She was looking at her hand in disbelief. Well. I don’t really know in disbelief or not, because of her mask. But I feel that she was shocked by the turn of events.

“Give up!”


She started attacking again. I made some random slashes. She blocked them with her right gauntlet and was waiting to reply. But after dozens of strikes her right gauntlet broke too.

She turned around and started running to the place where gladius fell earlier, but I took my knife and threw it. Her right leg was pierced from behind and she fell to the ground. She was crawling away from me.

“Maybe this is time to give up?”

“Go to the hell! I will beat you just wait till I got my weapon.”

“Don’t really wanna.”

I came closer and ripped poison resistant pendant from her neck. Took my knife from her leg and made a little slash again just to be certain.

“You’re poisoned. Give up!”

“I will never give up!”

Such a stubborn fellow.

“You know, you’d without a doubt won if you’d get gear with agility prefixes instead of strength.”

“… But real warrior must be strong.”

“I’d prefer to be weak winner than strong loser.”

“I’ll win!”

“Yeah-yeah! I heard that already. But it’s common sense to strengthen your strong points. You’re still lacking in skill, but with your agility, no one can get a hold of you flaws. If you’d take more agility items, you’d won without real problems.”

“…Am I lacking in skill?”

“Ah? Yeah! There are problems with your sweeps. Well… To fight humans without magic this is more than enough.”

“…Please, become my teacher!”

“Ah? What? Aren’t there many teachers in the Republic?”

“There wasn’t any person who has won in the fight with me except for my father.”

“Well. Even weak ones can be good teachers, you know?”

“I won’t be taught by a person who is weaker than me!”

“Stubborn, aren’t you?”


“But sorry. I have my own task that I must complete, so I don’t have any spare time.”

“Then I will help you and in exchange you will teach me.”

“That sounds annoying so ‘no’.”

“I will beg until you say ‘yes’.”

And I saw it in her eyes. She has enough obstinacy to irritate me for a long time. But she is strong. She might be useful.

“Ok. I take you as my disciple.”

“Yes, teacher. I lost!”

“Yalle is the winner of the Arena Challenge!”

Oh! I forgot that we are in the middle of the match.

I am the winner, huh? Somehow I can’t believe it.

Your clever ways to fought strong opponents pleased the gods. You have obtained 25 wisdom points.



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