46. Finale

Close-handed combat mastery 20%.

Yeap! I am training.

What else to do? I almost finished arena commix. Only one chapter left. I almost finished heroic song too. One couplet left.

“Yalle! Your next opponent is Alan Riot. Good luck!”

“Yea! Thanks.”

And both will be finished today.

This whole week of fighting will be finished today.

I will go to the red light district to vent my stress after this. There is a lot of it. Not even one my fight was even slightly interesting.

I can imagine thoughts of people who train all their life, who surpass their own limits, who fight strong opponents on a daily basic just so that they lost in the arena, because other party has some ultra-super one-day-use-only crappy skill in one of its items.

This is more like gear exhibition than fighting tournament.

Whatever. My last battle here.

We came to the arena. Recording devices has been hidden inside the ceiling. Hoh! They learn on their mistakes.

Another party came right after me. He is average height, slightly lower than me. He has small muscles, but they are well-defined. He is speed type after all. He is rather thin. His long blonde hair tied in the tail behind his head. He is wearing scarlet mask that cover all his face.

Oh! Yeah! There was something about his face. Who told me this? He was marred in the fight and wears a mask from that time. As a person who had low charisma I understand your troubles.

Except for mask he doesn’t have any head protection. He has mostly leather armor, except for gauntlets. One that is on the right hand has deep red color and made with blades on the outer side that imitates the flame. Another one from left hand in contrary has blue color and made with similar blades, but they imitate the icicles. Is this the work of that stubborn smith? Maybe I should visit him after all? They look cool. At least better than my shitty clothes. I am sorry, Violet.

He also has two swords. Hm… Which one is legendary?

In the right hand curved around one meter long single edged sword. I believe it used for slashing attacks.

In the left hand something in between long knife and short sword. It’s pointed and double edged. It also has narrow blade. That’s why I must be careful with piercing attacks.

From his posture I can see that he is a battle maniac. He stands like he can burst any second. There is energy in him. There is passion. There is impatience. But at the same time there are too few openings. Not on the level of Avon, but he is good.

This entire time commentator was talking about something. I didn’t really listen, but then finally I distinguished countdown.

Magic screen vanished.

I took my destruction shortsword to the left hand and buckler to the right. Why? Because in his right hand

Adamantine berserker’s scimitar of deep wounds
Legendary quality
<Cannot be destroyed>
<Can activate “Berserker mode”: bearer loses sense of pain and obtains augmentation in the strength and agility at the expense of decrease in vitality>
<Every inflicted wound became deeper>
Excellent condition

Hopefully I am ambidextrous.

Adamantine gladius of breached defense
Rare quality
<Cannot be destroyed>
<Ignores opponent’s armor defense>
Excellent condition

Not that I have any defense armor.

His other gear is… hers?

Ah? What?

Anna Riot *hidden*
20 y.o.
Field commander-in-chief of Republic
S-rank Warrior branch *hidden*
“Alan Riot” *fake*

Strength 114
Agility 172
Vitality 125
Charisma 132
Intelligence 83
Wisdom 82
Danger 35

He is she? Wait… There was something about fighting death knigh, death of the whole family… Ah! There was that sister that died. So she didn’t die in that accident. But all her brothers did. So she chose to live as one of them so that their family didn’t lost reputation. Oh! Then I will play along.

But till I was dumbfounded she is already here making a wide slash with her scimitar. That slash is too wide. She must be wanted to distract me and pierce with gladius.

{Don’t pierce!}

Haha! I wanted to see her face behind that mask at that moment!

Right after I send message with cap, she roused and leapt three meters away.


Thoughts reading is working slightly better than always. Maybe because her intelligence and wisdom aren’t that high. And what with crappy clothes?

Another attack. At first I didn’t notice, but she is incredibly fast.


Chronny, time stop.

‘Yes, my Lord!’

If not for her considerably clear thoughts and additional time to decipher them, I’d be in trouble. And really! What with crappy clothes?

{Be careful!}

There is also bluff. She is listening to all my words.

{Haha! You’re a clutz! Aren’t you?}

She is on the alert.

Now that I have few free seconds let’s analyze her equipment.

Flame gauntlet of fire-lover
Rare quality
<Inflicts fire damage upon hit>
<Additional fire resistance to the bearer>
Good condition

Ice gauntlet of cold-lover
Rare quality
<Inflicts ice damage upon hit>
<Additional ice resistance to the bearer>
Good condition

This pair is quite something.

Strength breastplate of the last chance
Rare quality
<can save the bearer from deadly strike once a day>
<Strength increase>
Good condition

She’d won that death ray guy without any trouble with this.

Speaking mask of deception
Rare quality
<Can alter bearer’s voice>
<Anti-identification magic jammer>
Good condition

Oh! So there are items like that.

Leggings, boots, pendant and ring. All have strength prefix in it. Wait a minute. Aren’t it is a common sense to improve your good points to become the winner? Without any agility prefix gear she is already too fast to fight.

With so many strength improvement items her strikes are quite heavy, but if she can’t hit me, then it’s useless.

How much her wisdom once again?

82? Oh! It’s all clear now!

And it’s sad, but her pendant gives her poison resistance.


I block the gladius with buckler. She is leaping away and slashing at the same time. I block with the sword. At this moment she made a thrust again. I parried it with buckler and divert it to my left side. Her left side is open, but only for moment. I hadn’t a chance even if I’d have one more hand. She is too fast. And What with cra…Ah! Whatever!

{Your laces untied}

{Good weather, isn’t it?}

{What is your favorite color?}

She became more and more impervious to my messages.




She became more and more difficult to understand. No comments about the end of the line.

There is no way I will win like this. Ok! Time to use sly tricks.

{I know that you are girl!}

She staggered. That is enough for me. I made a strike with the sword from below. It hit her abdomen.

There was a sound of the glass shattering. She jumped away completely normally. As if there wasn’t any life threatening strike just now.

Was it breastplate’s ability?

She is staying away from me. She must be shocked.

I am making random slashes on the ground. Two, five, ten, twenty…

She was waiting at first, but then attacked again. But before her attack I hit the floor with buckler.

Blast wave. Dust curtain. I run around in the dust and struck her from different sides. She managed to block most of them, but some got through. She accumulated damage. She can’t see me because of the dust and she can’t hear me because of my rare mute boots.

I know. I said something about fair fight and so on. But it’s too late for that now.

She is too fast. Even if my skill is better, she can make errors and manage to run away before the counter-attack will come.

But at that second my earring signaled danger.

‘You will die in two minutes, my Lord.’

And I saw the legendary scimitar that gave off ominous aura in the dust.

Berserker, huh?


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