45. Magnetic problems

Ok. I somehow get to the semifinals.


‘Yes, Master! Your next opponent is Festeg Vulc. He is very skilled A-rank warrior. The problem is that he is very rich. There are even two legendary items in the possession of his family.’

That might be bad.

‘Even more. He gets second place always.’

Oh! So he must be the most troublesome fellow in this competition after that Riot. I am impatient! Show him to me already!

‘Another problem is his shield. He bought it this year from that Empire’s craftsman. Ok Lock is the name if I am not mistaken. That shield can use some strong magnetic field that robbed most warriors from their metallic weapons at the start of the round. He won all of his fights like this.’

Fear not, my friend. My sword is made from stainless steel. It hasn’t any magnetic abilities. Something about austenite structure and so on.

‘I understand, Master.’

What legendary weapons he have?

‘Helm and cuirass. I don’t know their abilities.’

That isn’t good, but who cares. Finally some interesting battle.

I went to the canvas and resumed my arena commix. There wasn’t much material to draw about my fight with Gelios.

I mean, it actually lasted for three seconds.

And after I finished I started to contrive some heroic song with me as the protagonist. At least I’ll kill some time like that.

What? Everybody has right to dream.

I was warned by Arena worker about forthcoming fight.

And as always after one hour I went to the arena.

My rival came at the same time as I am. He is sturdy high man in early twenty. Blonde well-groomed hair, blue confident eyes. He is without a doubt from swell society. His shining armor strengthen such thoughts.

He is heavy warrior though.

Slow and sturdy. Hm? Isn’t his agility would be a problem in the fight with Riot? Not like they will fight this year. Hahaha! *Evil laugh*

Gumu. Ok. Finally good fight.

Magic screen vanished.

And some incredible force rotated me and tore off straps of my scabbard. Sword, scabbard and my knife flew to the Vulc’s shield with unimaginable speed.

Oh! So it isn’t care about magnetic or non-magnetic abilities. It just collects all metallic items. It’s clear now.

It will be slightly harder to win now. And because my knife was sheathed he wasn’t poisoned. Actually can it even be called as an attack

Fasteg Vulc
22 y.o.
Vice-minister of Defence  ministry of Republic
A-rank Warrior branch

Strength 120
Agility 125
Vitality 106
Charisma 98
Intelligence 98
Wisdom 95
Danger 31

Not really that scary, but

Agile perceptive helm of reaction
Legendary quality
<Increase in agility>
<Better perception>
<Faster reaction speed>
Excellent quality

Impregnable defense armor of negation
Legendary quality
<Increase bearer’s defense>
<Physical defense can become absolute for a short period of time>
<Has a probability of negation enemy spells>
Excellent condition

All other gear is of rare quality and has “agility” as one of prefixes. Oh! Like this he is ready to fight Riot.

Slow and sturdy. Huh? Finally good fight. Huh?

Crap! Some fool show again. I feel like a clown here. I must to fight with my shield only.

He lowered the visor on his helm and hid his face. Then he slowly moved in my way while taking out the sword.

By the way

Magnetic shield of thievery
Rare quality
<Can attract all metallic items, can be used twice a day>
<Have low possibility to randomly activate some of the abilities of the attached items>
Good condition

That second skill is unreasonable.

Paralytic claymore of life larceny
Rare quality
<Can paralyze enemy upon contact>
<Can steal life force upon contact and transfer it to the bearer>
Good condition

Somehow his items are just on another level.

All right! He came close! What should I do?

He is higher than me on the whole head.


He stopped for a second, but then made a horizontal slash with his sword.

As I thought. Sending messages through cap isn’t that brilliant of an idea. For now I can only evade.

I dived under his sword and made a strike with buckler to his opened right side. There wasn’t even a tiny bit of damage. That armor’s defense is too much. But I stayed close to his side for too long.

Another horizontal slash, but this time in another direction and slightly lower than before. I can’t evade it. I didn’t think of anything better than to block it with buckler. There is blast wave upon contact and his sword flew more than ten meters away.

Haha! My luck is always with me. I run to pick up sword. There is no way he can run faster than me in that scrap. But Vulc understood it and activate his shield again. Claymore has flown in my way. I made a somersault in the air leaped over the sword. His sword had glued to his shield.

We looked at each other.

At that moment I understood.

I understood all feelings of the people who watched us.

Two jerks with only shields will fight to the death. One of them is too sturdy to lose. And another is too fast to lose.

“Wuhahahahahaha! Oh my!”


We laughed. Then we looked at each other again. And rushed…

I don’t care if you have that impregnable defense. I will beat you till I break my shield and then I’ll reconstruct it and will beat again.

We clashed.

Buckler strike. Blast wave. Leg strike. Buckler strike again.

He blocked with shield. Withstood blast wave. Made shield bash.

I got poisoned by the skill of my dagger. I don’t care. With my poison resistance and vitality I can be poisoned for eternity and feel normal.

He hit me with chain gauntlet. I replied with buckler and made a low kick to his ankle.

He didn’t even notice my kick and made another shield bash.

I took it with my torso and hit his head with buckler. His whole body became blue for a second, withstood blast wave and returned to normal.

I believe it was that super defense skill.

We have been fighting for three hours.

Close-handed fight mastery 4%.

This can be continued for eternity. Besides Vulc steals my life force from time to time with the help of his shield and sword. Not that I really care.

At that moment I found new weapon. I took off my sash and made a knot. Then threw it over Vulc. He tried to step to the side, but the radius of the lasso at some point became more that three meters. When the rope… I mean sash hit the ground I pulled the ro… I mean sash. I bind Vulc’s legs. He fell. I dragged him to the wall. There I made another knot and threw it to the magic recording device. I gave the command to the sash to tighten. It returned to its normal size.

Vulc is hanging upside down. I can’t see his face, but I can feel his anger even through his impregnable armor.

Hopefully there weren’t any rules about these devices. They are very useful.

“Yalle is the winner!”

Hopefully it falls under definition “until one side can’t continue.” Or it would be too troublesome to beat him as a punching bag with his armor.

I returned to the room.

Next is the final.


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