44. Deathray

I feel somehow bad that I cut Neptune’s net. I should send him my shock wand after the end of this challenge. I don’t have any way to use it after all.

Scully, who is next?

‘Los Gelios. He is A-rank thief from the Guild. I worked with him once. But he wasn’t strong. Nor he had some assassination abilities. When I managed to find room where was his last fight, the fight was already over. Another person has big burned wound in his chest. I am actually quite confused, Master. That person shouldn’t go so far in this challenge. He is using some trick.’

Big burned wound? Very scary sounding.

I was trying to think of some methods against various unexpected tricks when Arena worker came.

“Participant Yalle! Your fight will be after an hour. Your opponent will be los Gelios.”

“Understood. Thanks.”

After an hour we were walking some corridor, when Chronny unexpectedly cried in my head.

‘My Lord. I have sensed some time waves. Looks like I send them from the future. I can decode then. Wait a minute… You will be killed, my Lord. This message is messy, but it states something about left eye.’

Oyoyoyoy! What is with these messages from the future? I never heard about any time post offices.

‘It looks like I can use two more abilities, my Lord. Time wave sending and time wave decoding. I couldn’t sense them before. Maybe I comprehend them when you’ve died.’

Ah? Can’t you somehow comprehend your abilities without me dying? And what should I do now?

‘I don’t know, my Lord. Maybe you should consider withdrawal?’

As if. Some minor death in the future can’t stop me. Well… It can stop me. But not now, because it will be in the future. Or not? Is this prophesy valid?

‘Yes, my Lord. But future can be changed.’

Nice to hear that.

Scully, go leap in that guy shadow. When the fight started you should distract that guy.

‘Yes, Master.’

Unfortunately, I can’t divert his attention or read some of his thoughts with my cap, because of starting distance. At the start of the round it is approximately fifty meters, when the cap can only cover ten.

There was something about left eye. I should make something with that too.

I came to the fighting room. That guy… Gelios, right? He is average man less than thirty years. Shabby clothes, robe and staff. It’s easier to think of him as a mage than a thief. And that staff feels quite dangerous.

Ok. I am ready.

After some time magic screen vanished.

Danger perception, flash of red light, strong pain on the left side of my face. I don’t even have chance to evade.

No. Nobody can evade from it.

Because it is an attack with the speed of the light.

You can only block it.

For example, with the destruction sword.

But even when I cover my left eye with it, some part of my face was burned by the ray. That is very painful.

“Status window.”

Strength 125 Professions(Hunter-Max, Warrior-Max,Mage-Max,Alchemist-Max,Thief-Max)
Agility 105 Improved Masteries(Throwing-Max, Spear-Max, Mace-Max, Knife-Max, One-Handed Sword-Max, Shield-Max, Hammer-Max, Axe-Max, Two-handed Sword-Max, Poleaxe-Max)
Vitality 175 Resistances(Poison)
Charisma 110-27 Arts endowment(Music-Max,Painting-Max,Love arts-Max,Aplied arts-Max,Literature-Max,Singing-Max,Choreography-Max,Sculpting-Max,Architecture-Max,Acting arts-Max)
Intelligence 115 Languages(elf,dwarf,beast,human,demon)
Wisdom 120 Analysis and Synthesis
Luck 175 Status window
Level 31

Ah!!! My charisma!

Wait a minute. When have I raised two level? Chronny maybe?

Ok. Time to analyze.

Sizzling staff
Unusual quality
<can produce powerful sizzling ray of light once a day>
Good condition

Another gear? Well. Nothing else matters.

Oh! Once a day? Huh?

Just you wait, you piece of shit. I will show you, what will happen to somebody who lowers my already not-so-high charisma.

“I lost”

But this guy just gave up.

What? Wait! I want to kill you at least once!

Cunning bastard.

This fight has ended just like that.

Are only my fights look so stupidly? I mean from the start of the tournament all battles except with Rod were… How should I say this? Extravagant maybe. What I must say? I expected more… well, fighting.

I hope next will be better.


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