43. Shameful stampede

I fed up with this waiting room. My patience is solid, but I even had thoughts to break these walls with my destruction sword.

Too much time between fights. Too few deeds to do here.

“AAAAAAAAArg!! I am bored!!!!!!!”

Door opened.

“Participant Yalle! Do you want something?”

“Ah? What? I can request something?”

“Of course. Between fights participants have a right to order something. But it shouldn’t violate Arena Challenge rules.”

“… Why didn’t I hear it earlier?”

“It’s common sense. Most of the partakers just train, so rarely somebody orders something. Besides you don’t need to eat and sleep in this room. These magic circles are maintained by dozens of mages. They cleanse and regenerate your body.”

“Yeah. That much I understood. Then… Can I order appliances for painting?”

“Yes. I will bring them in ten minutes.”

Why do I feel so stupid?

Scully, who is my next opponent?

‘It is Nesoypod Neptune. He is A-rank warrior from Republic. He works in the Cefurbo, but even in the Rigardas Arbaro I have heard about him. He is famous as the best bounty hunter in the Guild.’

What is his specialty?

‘I haven’t seen his fights before.’

That’s bad. But I’ll manage somehow.

Arena worker brought easel, canvases and paints.

Paper would be enough, but this is even better. At first I will draw my rivals from before.

After few hours I ended up drawing some commix about my Arena Challenge adventures.

Arena servant came in the middle of my fight with Chronny. I was warned about next fight.

After an hour I came to the fighting room. Another person was a middle aged man with trident and leather armor. After the usual ritual magic screen vanished.

Oh, crap! This is bad.

Underwater trident of waterthrowing
Rare quality
<Allows to breathe underwater for the bearer>
<Can launch water>
Good condition

But that isn’t all. Behind his back

Shocking net
Unusual quality
<Can discharge weak lighting magic after throwing>
Good condition

I don’t care about that underwater part, but water and lighting isn’t a good combination for me.

Another his gear is random unusual items. Speed, strength, agility, vitality… Not worth to mention.

But he didn’t allow me to calmly think of something. Big round waterball around one meter in diameter is heading my way with considerable speed.

I leapt to the side and rolled on the ground. He started running my way. I took knife and threw it, but it was parried with trident.

Fine by me. He had poisoned already. For now I need to withstand longer than this guy. He will fell in fifteen minutes.

Trident and net. For maximum efficiency he must be on the medium distance from me. So…

I came closer to him, but he shoots waterballs to maintain distance.

Hopefully he can shoot only with period of two seconds.

Fifteen meters, ten meters, five… He launched a waterball on the floor. What a shrewd person.

I stopped. There is no way my boots isolate electricity.

His leather gear is better in that way.

Then he started to shoot his waterballs randomly on the floor around me. After few minutes I retreated to the wall. All around me is wet.

Oi! Is this fair?

Now then I think about it this fight looks so stupid from the side.

Not so many people so educated to know about electric conductivity. Actually, I don’t even know why I aware of it myself.

But I have cornered. He is pointing the end of trident my way. I am taking off my sash. He launched waterball. I am swinging belt and throwing it to the ceiling. He took a net behind his back and threw it. Sash hooked around recording magic devise and I leap in the air holding sash as if it is some kind of rope. Sash is becoming shorter. Net has fallen on the ground. I am hearing some cracking sounds.

Neptune is looking at me as if saying “You’re joking, right?”

But at that moment he staggered. He showed surprise. But quickly understood and run to the net.

Crap! I don’t have any more plans.

I jumped to the ground. Neptune is running my way. I took my sword. I hope I am sturdy enough to not be paralyzed with that net.

He launched waterball. I took it head on.

Water resistance 1%.

I am wet from head to toe. Neptune showed smile and threw the net.

Now or never. I made a vertical slash. Net was cut in half.

But it was not enough.

I felt strong pain. My vision became white.

Lighting resistance 1%.

Hahaha! Where was it earlier? Dammit. I can’t fell here. Hopefully my leg muscles were contracted by the shock. But this is painful! AArg! A-a-a-a!

“A-a-a-a-a-a-a-aaa!!! AAArgrgrgg!”

And at the next moment Neptune fell.

“Yalle is the winner!”

Ok-ok! I am winner, but took this crap from me faster. Hurry, dammit!

After this fight I finished my “Arena adventure” commix so far. Wait for continuation.


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