42. Time manipulation

My luck didn’t give a shit about me.

Yes. My first fight in the shootout competition is against that guy. How can I manage his time cheat?

But I feel something wrong with his cheat.

Scully, didn’t you tell me that you can’t leapt in my shadow that time? My analyzing abilities don’t work on this guy too. They didn’t work on Teddy-Bear and Scully.  So why can he fight against me with such an easy going attitude?


There isn’t any time to think about it. I was brought to the arena. It’s the same room as before.

The same introduction. The same… Too many same here. Let’s start.

Screen vanished. I run to the guy. Let’s test his stamina.

After three hours of pointless swings I gave up. Looks like he can somehow manipulate time to rest, because even with my vitality I didn’t manage to drive him into the corner (not like there are any corners in this round room).

He has few tricks from what I understood while I was fighting him.

He can see future. Why I think so? Because he sometimes started evading even before I started my attack.

He can froze time, but only short intervals. Because I saw his “leaps” few times. It’s close to teleportation.

He has some other tricks, which worked when he touches other people. Hopefully it doesn’t work on me. After he gripped my hand he was quite confused. Poker face isn’t his forte.

And finally I found the answer.

Yes! Of course.

It was so easy! How could I waste so much time?

I should raise some wisdom latter.

He can see his future. That’s his weakness.

That’s why I made three strikes on the floor. He was confused at first, but then understood it. Or maybe he “saw” it. Floor became friable in the place of my strikes. Destruction sword isn’t for show. And strike that place with my buckler. Of course my luck with me. Blast wave worked from the first try. Dust rose in the air. And lastly I made a wide slash.

I didn’t see him. He didn’t see my slash too. But I felt it. My sword ripped the flesh. When Dust sat there was only one person standing. Unfortunately I killed him.

“Yalle is the winner!!!”

I heard those words, but I wasn’t feeling joy. On the contrary I was sad. He was just like me. We were comrades. We both didn’t know who we are.

But I just can absorb it just like Scully and Teddy-Bear.

‘You have absorbed me already, my Lord.’

Wha? How? When?

‘In the past when we were fighting. I was already dead, but I just didn’t know about it. And that’s why I was absorbed.’

When I looked at his body it was rotting with incredible speed. After one minute even his bones crumbled.

What is it? Is it because of my sword?

‘No, my Lord! My former body is catching up to his time. I had been living thousands years since six months ago.’

Ok… That’s quite something. But… I can use some of your abilities, right?

‘Yes, my Lord. I can stop time for you. But you can’t move and feel at those times. It’s like closing in thoughts.’

It might be useful when there is some hard task.

Ok! From now on your name Chronny!

‘As you wish, my Lord!’

His body was nowhere to be found. There was only small violet stone. I touch it. It was absorbed. Like usual.

Time to go to waiting room.


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