39. Preparation

By the time when I finished my art training one week left to the beginning of the Arena Challenge.

I maximized almost all my known abilities. I can’t maximize my poison resistance though. It reached 75% and didn’t go up no matter how much I drink… I mean train poison resistance. But even now with such level of poison resistance and vitality I can’t really get drunk… I mean get poisoned.

All this time I was corresponding with Miregalwen. Looks like nothing changed there. Elves really are carefree fellows. Closed in their society for a thousand years they think about nothing, but their self-development.

She was surprised by the event on my end. She told me that such impetuous change of events is so much like me. She stated that she is envious of my life’s pace.

Not like I don’t understand her, but live for ten thousand years is quite enviably itself. We always wanted that not ours…

Scully has came back just yet, so I choose to not send him until the end of Arena Challenge. He might have some information about participants. He was a thief before.

Teddy-bear listens to all my orders. I had freed some space in my spatial storage by eating some good delicacies. That bear had hunted a lot of good game.

I found out all rules of the Arena Challenge.

  • You can’t use magic.
  • You can take with you only 10 gear pieces.
  • Spatial storages are forbidden.
  • Fight is proceeding until one of the sides can’t continue.
  • You can’t get any supporting pills, potions etc.
  • Equipment can’t be changed to the end of the Arena Challenge even if it was destroyed.
  • After you start your fights you can’t go out of arena facility.
  • You also can’t see other participants’ fights.
  • You will be given a room where you will spend your week of fighting (if you lose you will be freed sooner of course).
  • Furthermore you can’t meet anyone till the end of the week.

There are sixty four participants this year. They are divided on the groups of four and each of the challengers carry out three fights in his group. Then two guys with best results went to the 16th-finals. Then five battles and you’re the winner!

You can withdraw before the fight (all guys in group fights withdraw from the battles with Riot, because his sword spoils expensive equipment).

Next I choose my gear for arena. Among it are almost all my rare items {
Cap (Telepathy, Mind Reading),
Robe (Agility, Regeneration),
Pants (Agility, Speed),
Shoes (Mute, Magic Trap Perception),
Sash (Improved coordination, Stretchiness),
Shortsword (Indestructible, destruction of matter upon contact),
Shield (reconstruction, blast wave)},
Danger perception earring,
Restoration scabbard and
Poisoning dagger.

Of course I will not get rare Gloves (Spellname Indicator, Magic Array Index), because of their inanity in non-magic fight.

Too bad that I can’t get Slashing sword, Strength collar or Claw gauntlet. They seems useful to me. But it can’t be helped.

Mind operations cap
Rare quality
<Can optionally read thoughts of living beings in radius of ten meters>
<Can send simple messages to living beings in the radius of ten meters>
Good condition

Why I need this? Of course it is for diversions. Distracted opponent is easier prey.

Light robe of the regeneration
Rare quality
<Increase bearer’s agility>
<Increase bearer’s regeneration>
Good condition

All clear.

Light pants of speed
Rare quality
<Increase bearer’s agility>
<Fastens legs’ muscle contraction>
Good quality

That second ability has some potential. I need to test it.

Silent shoes of attentiveness
Rare quality
<Don’t emit any sounds>
<Can percept magic traps in the radius of ten meters>
Good condition

Ah? You tell me they useless in the arena fights? Hehe! Mute step has its own advantages.

Precision sash of stretchiness
Rare quality
<Improve of coordination>
<Can be stretched twentyfold>
Excellent condition

Why this? I don’t know… But coordination might help somehow… I don’t know… But I have a feeling that it will be useful.

Shortsword, scabbard and shield are familiar to you.

Danger perception earring saved my life once, so I will never take it off.

And poisoning dagger is good thing against long fight with that Riot boy. I just need to poison him and wait till he gave up. I just have to hold out that time.

Tomorrow Violet will arrive at the Cefurbo. We have some subjects to discus considering her sponsorship.

I also got a letter from Avon. He stated that he and his teacher will come in the next few days.

Maybe some of those S-class guys will come too.

I better to clean up my room. As it is now it can be said that this is the studio of diverse arts. I can’t invite anyone here now.

I put all my masterpieces to spatial bag… Picture didn’t become better. I better hire a maid.

With such a thought I went to sleep.


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