38. More arts

I tried hard.

I tried hard like never before.

My first days in the forest like a joke now.

I didn’t sleep for three days and made breaks only to take a bath.

You have reached maximum in the love arts. You can please any being now.

Being? Sounds strange… But who cares!!! I am a LOVE GOD!!!!! Wuhahahahaha!

I need to find a sample to test it. Because, you know, girls in brothels are interested party. Of course it’s for purity of the experiment.

I tried to pick up some girls on the street. Hopefully, I have super glasses (*evil laugh*). But result was unexpected…

Acting arts 1%.

Oh! I forgot about it.

After I tested my ‘love arts – max’, girl was on cloud nine. She was talking about love, elopement, her husband…

Oops! That sounds bad.

We had a long talk.

Acting arts 3%.

But in the end I managed to convince her that I am not the best choice of the partner.

After she went home, Skully came back.

‘Master, I gave your words. And Miss Miregalwen replied that she is waiting for your meeting.’

Was she asking something?

‘No, Master.’

Somehow, I thought that there wasn’t any meaning to send him… Well whatever… At least I tested Skully’s abilities.

No, really! What is with that reply? She could at least ask about my business here. Or am I immortal already? Or do I eat well?

Maybe she has found some pretty elf already?

Long-distance relationship is a pain.

‘Master, Miss Miregalwen believes in you. So you should take things on the chin.’

I send Scully with another message and continued my training.

Once when I was drawing a neighbor mansion…

Art of architecture 1%.

Oh! Right! There is that art too. But don’t really think it will be useful. But I still continue to draw some houses. There were drawings of my future palace, Guild building in my capital and many more structures.

What? Anyone have the right to dream!

Once I run out of paper when written down my story. But I felt sudden urge to draw. But it was already night, so stationary shop was of course closed. That’s why I went on the street and painted some random walls. Hopefully, because of my hunter profession I can see well at night.

On the next day my painting made an agiotage. It even was fenced off. That’s why I painted some more walls outside before I reached

You have reached maximum in the art of painting. You can use any painting style now.

Wow! World changed for me after those words. I started to notice some small details that I have never pay attention before. Texture, depth of the color, play of the light…

Also after I have written my story thus far I read it. And because I have already better writing ability it looked like horror to me. So I have rewritten it. But then I reread it again… After second review I decided to not read it ever again. But then

You have reached maximum in the art of literature. You can use any literature style now.

Param-pam-pam! I am some kind of poet-genius that can speak with rhymes now. Not only that! I know around twenty synonyms for most words.

Also I have rewritten my story again…

Also, I became genuine playboy. I even got myself a troublesome rival. But let’s recite in order.

I was training my acting skills as usual. But then I saw some other guy, who was picking up girls too.

Feb Rarion
26 y.o.
The head of the public department of the Ministry of Republic *hidden*
S-rank Thief branch *hidden*
D-rank Merchant branch
“Mr.Love” *hidden*

Strength 102
Agility 109
Vitality 101
Charisma 167
Intelligence 104
Wisdom 106
Danger 34

We looked at each other. His expression showed condescension, even a pity, as if I don’t have a chance against him. This guy annoyed me from the start. On the next day I wear handsomeness mantle and wisdom cap. Why handsomeness mantle is easy to guess. And wisdom cap is for acceleration of thought process. You must think fast if you want to win a girl.

And our challenge began…

I was on losing end until

You have reached maximum in the acting arts. Any living being will believe in your acting now.

And after that… I remained on the losing end… Charisma isn’t something that can be outplayed so easily.

Also my neighbors were angry at me because of my singing, but lately they even ask me to sing more.

You have reached maximum in the singing arts. You can generate any voice now.


I laughed with the voice of the little child.

“Ok! Time to sew.”

And made a remark with rough bass.

This might be useful.

Also I embroidered my entire gear, all curtains in the house, even my sofa before I obtain maximum.

You have reached maximum in the applied arts. You can use any applied arts style now.

I can embroider, knit, sew, weave, do art burning, curving, moulding and who knows what else.

Also I made a project of a whole city and

You have reached maximum in the art of architecture. You can use any architecture style now.

If I ever thought up to create a country, I will have sketches for it.

I also obtained

You have reached maximum in the art of choreography. You can use any dance style now.


You have reached maximum in the art of sculpture. You can use any sculpture style now.



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