37. Time killing

After the “rest” I was walking without destination. Streets, alleys, trails… All in this city well maintained. I stopped near some street musician. He was playing some cheerful melody. I put some silver coins in the hat.

I have an idea. Those “arts” should be learned too. There was a music shop nearby. I bought some random instrument in it. Some kind of guitar.

On my way home I dropped by stationary shop to buy some things. Among those were pens, pencils, paints, brushes and a lot of paper.

After I came back home I drew some picture.

Art of painting 1%.

Then I wrote some notes.

Art of literature 1%.

Tried to play some music…

Art of music 1%.

Sang a song…

Singing arts 1%.

Pranced some kind of dance…

Art of choreography 1%.

Embroidered my shirt…

Applied arts 1%.

Made some nicks on the wall…

Art of sculpture 1%.

I have some activities for now.

Let’s start with music.

I have been practicing guitar for a three days before went outside to make a show. I was nervous at first, but after several performances get used to it.

I have quite a lot of fans at the time when

You reached maximum in the art of music. You know how to play any music instrument now.

Oh! Cool…

Wait a minute…

I picked my belongings and went to the red light district…


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