36. Capital of Republic

I arrived in the Cefurbo.

Rigardas Arbaro gave the sense of monumentality, but Cefurbo’s architecture intertwined with gracefulness. Its mansions and penthouses can boast with subtlety of their windows and cornices. The roofs of the whole city in connected in the one orange sea. Each house roof is a big sea wave. The edges of the carpet are lengthened and from afar it looks like there aren’t any roads in the city.

Unlike Rigardas Arbaro’s streets there are many pedestrians. There are also many street performers also. But at the same time there aren’t any beggars on the streets. And roads are far cleaner than in Rigardas Arbaro. No! Even cleaner than in Praesidium.

I definitely like this city. Without a doubt it was created by the Beauty Goddess. Aesthetics is the only word I can thought to describe this.

I wasn’t waste my time and went to the Guild. There I posted request in merchant branch about house renting. Some E-rank merchant went with me and we found lovely lodge in two hours. I paid for the rent and for the Guild request.

Then I fell on the sofa and lost in thoughts. I have a bit less than two month to prepare to the Arena.

But I am prepared already! What should I do these two months?

I have some thoughts about it though. Actually that’s why I didn’t take up Violet’s residence. Her reputation is very important.

But I can’t just fool around all two months.

Maybe I should sort out my abilities better? And that shadow guy… Wait a minute! I got drop from the bear too.

I took bear skin from the spatial bag. That dark skull was absorbed to my body. Bear skin can be absorbed too, possibly. But how?

That scull wasn’t absorbed to my body, but to my shadow. And that guy was able to manipulate shadow.

‘Not shadow, but darkness, Master.’


‘Yes, Master. I have other abilities, but they all can be considered darkness manipulation. Shadow step was the strongest from them. So I was using it more frequently.’

Can you use them now?

‘Only the simplest from them. Shadow travel, shadow talk and shadow vision.I can freely travel between shadows in my vision range. I can leapt to target’s shadow, talk to the target and only target will hear what I said. And I can see outside world from shadow.’

Oh! You are quite useful.

‘Thank you, Master.’

Who were you?

‘I can’t remember anything earlier than four month ago. I woke up outside of Rigardas Arbaro.’

Just like me.

‘But I have a lot of information about engineering.’

Engineering? That might be useful.

What were you doing these four months?

‘At first, I learned language. Then I became thief in the Guild. With my abilities I had become A-rank in mere two months. But then I had crossed the road of some big shot and he requested me. After that I was on the run. I believe it was Arc Gilb. He is called “ports ruler”. He is S-rank merchant. I sabotaged one of his supply deals on the black market.’

Sad story. I’ll revenge you. Maybe.

‘Thank you, Master. But I don’t have any ambitions now.’

So… What do you think about this bear skin? This bear had the ability of teleportation.

‘Teleportation? That is space manipulation most likely.’

And to absorb it I need…

‘Use space magic to create some space and absorb it there.’

I can’t use magic though.

Oh! I’ve a brilliant idea.

I took off my clothes, draped over me bear’s skin and dived in the spatial bag. Yes. Dived in the damned spatial bag!

Hopefully, I caught strap of the bag with my hand. Otherwise it would be most stupid captivity in history. I felt that situation might be dangerous and shouted “Remove all.”

I found myself in the messed up room and looked around. There wasn’t any bear skin. What now?

‘Master! You can use spatial storage now! I can communicate with this thing… but there is some problem.’

What problem?

‘Spatial storage is full already.’

A? Why is it full?

‘That thing said that there is food.’


‘He was preparing for hibernation. So he stored a lot of food there.’

What kind of food? Can I somehow see it?

Then information flow in my mind. Dead bodies… Birds, beasts, humans… hundreds of them…

“Stop it! I don’t want to see it anymore.”

Dreadful picture had gone from my head. Those bear… It killed so many humans…

What should I do? I can’t eject those bodies inside the Republic’s capital. It will cause havoc. Besides my bag is more than enough for now. It is only half full even with a ton of water additionally.

I will leave it for the time being.

Obtained title “Walking morgue.”

Just kidding.

Oy! Skully! I want to know more about your skills. What range do they have?

‘There isn’t any range. I can use any shadow on the planet. That takes some time to travel though.’

Can you find an elf girl in Ins Aqua Nalore?

‘That will take some time, but I can.’

Her name is Miregalwen. If you find her tell her that I miss her.

‘Yes, master. I am away for a while.’

And just like that my shadow went missing.

Literally. Shadow went missing.

What a … ?

I don’t have a shadow now. What if somebody noticed it? Oi! Skully, you better told me this beforehand. But nobody replied.

Now that I lost my annoying partner, what should I do?

Hey! Teddy-bear! We need to find a way to communicate. If I can talk with Skully, then there is a possibility that I can speak with you too.

Can you remove some tasty bird from the storage?

Suddenly, some big bird appeared in the center of the room.

Oh! So you can understand me, but can’t talk. Hm.. Is it something related to abilities before death?

But that would do. This is even better. Nobody will annoy me in my mind for a while.

For now let’s find capital’s red light district.


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