35. Love arts

What was I doing during my last days in Rigardas Arbaro?

You can guess.

Love arts 40%.

‘Master, we have never visited this place.’

Really? We should go then. But I must go to Cefurbo before long. Hm… Then I just order all free girls at once. With my vitality this isn’t a problem.

I was mired in hedonism this few days.

After the brothel I went to Violet’s workshop.

‘Master, in such a state you shouldn’t go to your girlfriend.’

She isn’t my gir… But you’re right.

After public bath I once again went to atelier.

“Hello, Violet!”

“Hello, brothel destroyer!”

Ah? Do I have sound hallucinations?

“Brothel… who?”

“Oh! You didn’t hear about it. There are some interesting rumors. Apparently some guy was loafing around all days in red light district and was spending all his money on girls. But that not really the matter. The problem is that during his visits brothels were closing for the whole day. Many people even thoughts that he is some kind of new republic auditor that examine the brothels. Most people call him brothel destroyer. But, you know, some girls that work there and buy clothes from my shop tell me that they call him Gluttonous Yalle.”

Who might it be?

“Oh! That’s quite a rare name.”

“Really, I thought so too.”



She is laughing, but her eyes are cold as a winter night.

‘Master, you should kneel before her, maybe she’ll forgive you.’

No! It’s already too late. I am doomed. But you still can be saved. Run away.



“I am sorry?”

“Looks like my reputation will be destroyed regardless of your win or loss.”

“But nobody knows me, right?”

“Hopefully, it is. But you should leave sooner.”

“I actually came to bid farewell.”

“Really? Have you finished your matter with weapons?”

I took them from the bag.

“Yes. They are here!”

Violet frowned. But her pretty face hasn’t lost even a bit of loveliness.


She was shocked.

“How? Who did this? It’s impossible to do rare items in mere three days.”

It is possible in mere three hours.

“That’s a secret.”

Then we talked for a whole hour about some matters regarding her sponsorship, my reward etc. Then she gave me her address in Cefurbo and we said goodbye.

I went back home, took all my instruments and materials. Then went to my neighbor and gave him all documents on this land. I already paid all fees so he wouldn’t have problems in the near future.

I went to the port. I bought ticket and boarded a ship.

Goodbye, Rigardas Arbaro!


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