34. Experiments

I came to the Violet’s workshop in the afternoon. She was waiting for me.

‘Master, you have a very beautiful girlfriend.’

She is not my girlfriend though.


“Hi! I found some materials for you. It was hard, you know. So, how do you…? Hm?”

She approached closer to me.

‘You should kiss her, master. She is waiting.’

Oy! What had I told about speaking without permission?

‘I am sorry, master.’


“Is that a hickey?”

“A? No. It must be mosquito bite.”

“And you smell of woman perfume…”

“Really? Haha… Well…”

‘She is jealous. So she is really master’s girlfriend.’

A-ah! You both are so annoying.

“I am trying so hard to obtain some materials while you are playing with women! Hey! Have some shame! “

‘Master, cheating with such a beautiful girlfriend is foolishly.’

She isn’t my… And you brought me there!

“And why is it that you look so different today?”

Uh?! Maybe because I raised my charisma?

“I have a good rest at home.”

“…I can imagine…”

Somehow she looks downhearted.

‘You are heartless, master.’

How can I remove you from my shadow?

“So… Show me materials.”

“Here they are.”

“How much?”

“Don’t mind it. I already have some profit from your yesterday’s mute shirt. Some famous writer bought it. It will help him to don’t be distracted.”

“Oh, really?”

Must be my luck.

“I plan to leave Rigardas Arbaro in a few days. I will come to bid farewell then.”

“Really? Our meeting was short… You are very strange, Yalle, you know? Most men want to spend more time with me. Maybe you really like men.”

‘Master, is that true?!!’

“No! I definitely like women more.”

We laughed.

‘More? Master, did you just say “more”? Master, remove me, please, from your shadow before I saw something bad.’

Haha! You’re my slave now.

‘No!!! Please, spare me!’

After I said goodbye to Violet I went home.

I lighted the furnace and prepared metal work pieces. This is chromium nickel steel alloy.

Chromium improves steel’s hardness and durability. Nickel is durability and plasticity. And both of them make from normal steel stainless. It is a good combination for my purposes.

I melted steel in the furnace. After that added ligature. Then perfused prepared earlier form. Like that I obtained the sword of the right size. It is heat treatment now. I heat it and put in the water. This steel isn’t for cold-hardening so you won’t see metal hammering. It is perfect as it is.

I thought about durability through all production cycle. My thoughts affect abilities of the items. I believe in that, at least.

So! Here we are.

Indestructible shortsword of destruction
Rare quality
<Cannot be broken, maintenance isn’t required>
<Contact accelerates the destruction of matter>
Excellent condition


I thought about durability and Riot’s sword. How his sword can cut through bad quality swords like butter. I must be really careful with my thought process when I create something. Or I can create something like apocalypses’ sword.

I tried to strike a stone with this short sword and it crumbled. Stone, of course. I tried to hit some metal rod that left from home construction. On the third strike it rusted in the place where I hit.

I made a monster. I put a sword and started preparation for shield. I will make a shield from wood. Now that I know that I can make indestructible gear, its material doesn’t matter. Even if it wouldn’t indestructible, I’ll manage. Because I have some tactics.

You see, that guy is fast from what I heard. And he has very dangerous sword. If you want to fight him you must be or faster, or with good defense. Because of his sword heavy armor is meaningless. And there aren’t many guys who can be faster than him.

My gear is clothes. I have sword analysis and flaw search. So with his speed I will manage somehow. But his sword…

That’s why I thought something.

He is young and inexperienced. If I’ll use some unexpected tricks, he can get caught. For example, use my sword for defense and my shield for attack. Or expose myself for strikes just to strike back. I have unreasonable regeneration after all.

After two hours of cuts, inscriptions, incisions and slashes I made this masterpiece.

Blast buckler of reconstruction
Rare quality
<Can be reconstructed after destruction at will of the bearer>
<Has the probability to create a blast wave when hit>
Excellent condition


Oh! Crap! My sword destroyed the table! Dammit!

I need to create indestructible scabbard.

I hit my small shield with sword and buckler fell to pieces.


Wow!!! It’s so cool! All pieces returned to the frame and made a shield again.

I started my experiments with buckler.

After some time I can tell three things. First, buckler can be reconstructed only after destruction. Second, the probability of blast wave is around 20%. Third, I can wait as much time as I want to reconstruct it after destruction.

After that I had to do a scabbard.

Restoration scabbard
Unusual quality
<Automatically restored after set time interval>
Excellent condition

After some experiment I can tell that “set interval” equals one minute. Hopefully, my cursed sword cannot destroy this scabbard in one minute.

Hm… If I threw it, how much time it will need to destroy the world?

Stupid questions only came up when you want to sleep. I better get some rest for now. I left sword in scabbard and put it on the shield. Just in case.


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