33. Unexpected fight

I walked down the street after work. I got used already to the fact that I know the name and some information of all people around me. But suddenly I saw some man without any information about him.

In the elf library I read about monsters. There was information about one strange type of monsters. Skinwearers. They can kill their target and then use leftovers of victim’s body to disguise themselves. Elves and dwarves have good magic defense system in their cities. Beasts have a perfect sense of scent. But humans don’t have a thing against them. It is said that there are dozens of skinwearers in the human cities.

If this guy is one of them, I should get rid of it.

I followed him and took some gear from the bag. It might be useful.

He went to some dark back alley. It’s a perfect place for fight.

“Hey! Do you know a way to the library?”

It turned around and frowned.

“It looks to me that you aren’t searching for library.”


It’s strange. It is stated that skinwearer must live out at least one hundred years to become intelligent. And even like that its intelligence isn’t enough to learn language.

“What do you want?”

“Who are you? No. What are you?”

He showed angered expression and dived into the wall. Yes, just like that. In the wall.

“What a..?”

My danger perception earring gave a signal. I leaped two steps back and saw it. That guy’s hand with a knife extended from the wall. No. Not from the wall. From shadow. He can manipulate shadow. It might be bad. There are shadows everywhere here.

I heard his breathing behind. I turned around.

He was ten meters ahead.

“You are good. Are you some Guild’s dog who got a request for me?”

“It’s a long story. Aren’t those a dark magic?”

“Magic? Hahahaha! I can’t use magic. I don’t have any mana, you see.”

What? Then how..? He dived in the shadow again, but then shadow fluctuated and he reappeared.

“What? Why I can’t leap in your shadow?”

“As if I know.”

He gone out of sight. And his hand with a knife pierced my abdomen.


His hand dissolved in the air and once again pierced my back.


He is dangerous.

But not as dangerous as a teleport bear.

Just when he wanted to cut my neck, I let out claws from gauntlet and pierced his hand. Then I pulled out his body from shadow by the hand. He started crying, but I didn’t waste my time. I cut off his head with my slashing sword.

What was that? Who the hell was he? Using abilities without magic? It’s almost… like me?

Poison resistance 37%.

Crap! His knife was poisoned.

I pulled out all types of antidotes that I made when I was learning alchemy. Took most of them that don’t have influence on each other. And fell asleep right there.

Poison resistance 50%.

It was morning already. I looked around. That guy’s body was nowhere to be found. But instead there were a purple stone and a dark skull. I saw that stone earlier. In my dream before I woke up in the forest and after I killed that bear. I touched it and it absorbed to my skin. Just as I thought.

Then what is this skull? Just when I bent down to take it, the moment my shadow covered it, the skull faded.

What? What just happened?

‘I became one with your shadow.’

What a f..k? Who are you?

‘I was a human once. I am your shadow now.’

What do you want?

‘I want nothing. Your wishes are my wishes. Your safety is my safety. You are my master from now on.’

I don’t really need you.


Well… If you see something suspicious, tell me then.

‘At your will.’

“Status window.”

Strength 125 Professions(Hunter-Max, Warrior-Max,Mage-Max,Alchemist-Max,Thief)
Agility 105 Improved Masteries(Throwing-Max, Spear-Max, Mace-Max, Knife, One-Handed Sword-Max, Shield-Max, Hammer-Max, Axe-Max, Two-handed Sword-Max, Poleaxe-Max)
Vitality 175 Resistances
Charisma 70
Intelligence 115 Languages
Wisdom 120 Analysis and Synthesis
Luck 175 Status window
Level 29

I leveled up. I put all in charisma.

Quantity of your charisma points exceeded one hundred.
You’ve unlocked “Arts endowment.”

What is that? Why do I need it?

‘I don’t know, master.’

Somehow it’s really annoying to hear unfamiliar voice in my head. Can you don’t talk when I am not asking you?

‘Yes, master.’

I collected that guy’s entire gear.

Poisoning dagger
Unusual quality
<Poisons target during attack, contact with the skin is not required>
Good condition

Oh! So it can poison target even if it wasn’t wounded. Cool.

Other things don’t worth mentioning.

Poison resistance 52%.

Aww! Not again that annoying announcement.

Hey, Scull! Do you know a good place to rest?

‘Yes, master. It is near.’

We headed down the street and after few minutes came to … red light district.

… I wasn’t talking about that rest.

‘I am sorry, master.’

Well… Now that I am here…

Love art 1%.

Love art 4%.

I should go to Violet.



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