32. Craftsman

Early in the morning I went to the Guild. I made my new affiliation there. I am F-rank craftsman now. Guild workers weren’t surprised by my sudden will to change jobs. Looks like many other learn craftsmanship to make maintenance of their weapons and equipment by themselves.

I went to the task board.

“Smith apprenticeship. Food and housing included. If managed to pass the exam in 3 month you can become E-rank.”

“Leather worker apprenticeship. Food and housing included. If managed to pass the exam in 3 month you can become E-rank.”

“Tailor apprenticeship. Food and housing included. If managed to pass the exam in 3 month you can become E-rank.”

“Carpenter apprenticeship. Food and housing included. If managed to pass the exam in 3 month you can become E-rank.”

“Stonemason apprenticeship. Food and housing included. If managed to pass the exam in 3 month you can become E-rank.”

And some other…

What is this crap? 3 months? Really?

I will have a worst reputation as a craftsman. I will try all of the works for one or two days. I need just two weeks at most to reach “craftsman-max”, so I don’t see any merit to grub for 3 months. If I want higher rank I just can buy examination.

I get “stonemason” request and went to reception.

“Hm? Stonemason? How unusual! Most of the people take smith or leather working.”

“I just don’t know what I want to learn, so I thought ‘why not try all?’ ”

“You should consider your reputation though.”

Hm? Déjà vu? Are all Guild receptionists the same?

I went by specified address. There was a big construction site. Beside me there were almost one hundred other guys. After some time came an old man. He told what each of us must do. My job is to spin concrete mixer. After few hours of spinning I didn’t obtain craftsmanship job, gave up and went home.

On the next day I went to the yesterday’s address, but sat at the tavern in front of construction site. I looked at the process of the stone cutting and packing. Then went to market and bought some instruments. After that I headed outside of the city, found some big stones and started to repeat process that I saw earlier.

Profession “Craftsman” 1%.

I have an idea.

On the next day I went to landlord’s office and bought small plot of land outside of the city. Fifty on fifty meters. I will build a house there.

I bought stones, breakage of slag from melting production, sand, some long metal rods and some metal sheets.

Hopefully, I have almost 5 cubic meters of free space in my bag. That’s why I don’t have problems with transportation.

Firstly, I laid the foundation for my house.

Then I kneaded the solution from water, sand and metallurgical wastes and began to lay my stones.

I worked for two days without sleep and finished all the walls. With my vitality I am able to work even more than that.

Profession “Craftsman” 47%.

Next are floor, ceiling and roof.

I went to the Guild and got carpenter apprenticeship.

After few hours there I run away. I went to the market and bought a lot of wood and instruments. Wood’s price is almost like metal sheets. I heard that it is expensive in Rigardas Arbaro, but this is just too extreme. I also bought clay tiles for the roof.

I headed to my new home. There a made roof girder from metal rods and sheets and covered it with tiles.

By the end of the work I got 54% of craftsman.

After that I was gradually doing floor and ceiling from wood.

On the next day I went to the market and bought glass for windows and some furniture.

I finished my four-room house in less than a week and managed to obtain

Profession “Craftsman” 66%.

There are bedroom, study room, kitchen and hallway in the house. Restroom and shower bath I made separately outside.

I also become acquainted with my neighbors. There is only one family because I located in the farthest side from the city. They are young couple with many kids.

Husband is only 23 y.o., but he has five kids already. The wife is even younger. He is working as a leather-worker, so I asked him to show me some tricks of his craft.

Then went to the market and bought some skins and instruments.

All next day I spend making some equipment. And guess what? It turned out of uncommon quality. I have a talent. Or cheat.

Profession “Craftsman” 82%.

Time to learn forging.

Guild. Smith apprenticeship. Two hours. Market. Materials and instruments.  Home.

Usual  story. But now I am making a little annex to the house for smithy. There will be furnace, anvil, tub, shelves for forms and flasks for sandy clay molding.

After finishing it I tested my new forge and…

You have reached maximum in “Craftsman” profession. You have obtained “Crafted objects and materials analysis.”

I also made an unusual sword…

Slashing sword
Unusual quality
<Increase probability of inflicting bleeding wound>
Excellent condition

On the next day I went to the Guild to get tailor apprenticeship quest.

“Not even worth trying.”

Receptionist told me suddenly.

“Hm? Why?”

“If you didn’t manage to complete with others craftsman, then this quest is out of question. Actually this one is really popular, because the one who post it is Violet Megan also known as needlewoman.”

“Ah! That famous S-rank.”

“Yes. And there are dozens of wishful craftsmen, but no one managed to stay even for a week. Well… Most of the guys take this quest just to see her well-known beauty.”

“I even more intrigued now.”

“Haha! Figured. Good luck.”


I headed to the atelier.

There was a tall man near the entrance.

“Good morning. I am from the Guild. My name is Yalle.”

“Good morning! My name is Bernard. I am doorkeeper. You should go to the left here to the side street. Workshop is located there.”

My “warrior” tell me that his name isn’t Bernard though.

“Thanks. You have such unusual name.”

“To tell the truth my name isn’t actually Bernard, but miss calls me Bernard always, so I begun to use that name not to cause troubles for miss.”

“Oh! Really? Such a stubborn mistress you have there.”


“Is it appropriate to call your future employer stubborn even before your employment?”

There was a third voice behind me. When I turned around I was slightly shocked. If I’d never saw elves I would said that she is the most beautiful existence in this world.

Violet Megan
23 y.o.
S-rank Craftsman branch

Strength 72
Agility 103
Vitality 92
Charisma 170
Intelligence 141
Wisdom 136
Danger 36

That charisma…

“Oh! Miss! I am sorry! I never meant anything bad.”

Bernard has apologized already.

“Miss Megan. Rumors are true after all. Your beauty is fabulous. My name is Yalle. I am from the Guild, but you must have heard that already.”

“And that’s all? Such a boring reaction, Yalle. You didn’t even gasp for air or begin to sing a new song about my beauty. Maybe you like men, Yalle?”

There definitely were some elves men that I liked, but…

“No, I am sure I like woman more.”

“More? Did you just say “more”?”

“No, I am sure you just misheard it.”

“No, you definitely said “more”.”

“So… What will I do today?”

“Why are you trying to change the subject? Tell me about love between men!!!”


“That was really loud, miss Megan.”

Bernard gave me saving hand.

When Violet looked around she saw that all people on the street were supervising our conversation. She blushed and run to the atelier.

I went to the workshop.

Miss Megan tried to approach me one way or another. She wanted to ask something that I don’t really want to hear. That annoying love-between-man-fan has some peculiar hobbies.

Just to show her out I made up some story about my battle with chief and that I travel to became stronger and beat him up one day. She showed feverish expression to me and run somewhere.

I have two hours of peace. But then that annoying brat came back with some picture book where was drawn my and chief’s rival story… Not really. The scene of our battle was somewhat… How should I say it? Hm… Foremost, why is that we are fighting near the bed? At some point of time we fell to the bed… and fight continued…

This woman is no good. I must run away as fast as I can. I don’t need any tailor skill by such a high price.

Besides, I finally made it!

Mute shirt
Unusual quality
Can isolate its bearer from external sounds
Excellent condition

My wishes were transmitted to this thing?

“Hm? This is very good. Aren’t you F-rank?”

“Yea… You see…”


She casted certain spell.

“Impossible! Even I rarely do unusual gear from medium quality materials. How long have you been learning tailoring?”

I shouldn’t tell her the truth.

“For about few years already…”

“Then why are you here? Are you some spy? Do you want to find out my secrets? Wait a minute…”

She was watching my clothes.

“Why is that all your gear is rare items made by myself?”

“I… I am very big fan of yours.”

Minute of silence aka Mr.Chief.

Seriously, are you an elf?

“You even get my stolen cap. Where did you get it?”

I stole it too actually.

“I bought it on the black market in Praesidium.”

“Praesidium… Huh?.. Well this cap was of no use, so I don’t care. But why is that you gear so nonsensical. That cap was meant for merchants, your boots and pants for thief, your robe for warrior and those gloves for mage. Are you jack of all trades or something?”

“Something like that. Was this cap meant for merchants?”

“Yes… It’s convenient to know your buyers thoughts, but it was recognized as defective.”

“It’s working well with beasts though.”

“Really? Nice to hear that. So… What are you doing here?”

“Learning tailoring?”


“I’m here to see your legendary beauty?”


“Then… I have a unique skill that no one in the world posses and I can learn very quickly. I want to study as many things as I can. I happen to get a quest to your workshop by chance.”


“I came here to steal your secrets?”


“Is this a “no” too?”


“Arg! Ok-ok! I don’t even know myself why I am here. I happen to come to Republic to participate in the Arena Challenge. But it’s too early so I thought ‘why not waste some time’?”

“What about gear?”

“I bought all on the Praesidium auction. And cap is mine too just by coincidence.”

“Are you a good fighter?”

“I beat last year’s Kingdom representative.”

She gave me a smile. Dammit! She is just too much.

“If you beat that boy in this gear, you can ask anything from me.”

“Really? Anything?”

“Yes. I always wanted to outdo that old geezer.”

“Did you mean Trawor Smith?”

“Yes. If you beat his participant in this crappy gear I will become best craftsman in the Republic.”

“Did you just call your gear crappy?”

“No, I am sure you just misheard it.”


I stood up and examined her figure.

“Why are you looking at me? Wa… Wait, I wasn’t talking about my body. I can give you money, gear or something else.”

“A? I bought all your gear in one auction. Don’t you think I am rich enough?”

“But marriage is…”

“Who speaks about marriage?”

She showed terrified expression.

“You want… without marriage… that is…disgraceful…”

Then she blushed, stood up and run away. I hope, she hasn’t awoken her new fetish.

Ok! Where is she hiding excellent materials? If I can do unusual gear from average fabric, then with excellent I have a chance to make a rare.

Excellent quality material

I found some termalama cloth remains. It must be a waste from previous work. With this much I can do nothing.

Wait a minute! I will make a sash.

After one hour my work was finished.

Precision sash of stretchiness
Rare quality
<Improve of coordination>
<Can be stretched twentyfold>
Excellent condition

Oh! I forgot that my thoughts during manufacturing correlate with item’s abilities. My intentions were to not waste even a millimeter of cloth and to not make a small size. It can’t be helped now.

At this time Violet came back. She was holding a picture book behind her. Her face was slightly reddish.

“I… I… I agree with your c… conditions.”

I gulped.

“But you must win. That man always tells that my creations are useless. If I can prove otherwise then my h-honor isn’t a big price.”

She is serious. There is no way I can use her now when she is so…

I took glasses from my bag and put them on. Then looked at Violet with those glasses and gave a sigh.

There is no way her first man will be a scum that won her body that way.

“I was joking earlier. I will be satisfied if you gave me some excellent materials for tailoring.”


Ah? Why does she sound so disappointed?

“Ah? Is something wrong?”

“Ah? No… Your jokes are too… much! And what’s with those glasses? Do you have a bad sight? And why are you changed your decision after looking at me? Could it be that…?”

Now that I think about it, it really looked strange.

Violet looked at me confusedly.

“Am I not attractive to you?”

She interpreted it in her own way. How can I came off with a whole skin now?

“A-a… No… You are very beautiful, but I have…”

“Enough! I understood!”

What were you understand?

“I will find as many excellent materials as you want, but only if you win.”

Her tone became businesslike. Somehow I angered her.

“Oh! Forgot to tell you. I don’t have a weapon.”

She frowned and looked at me.

“Our deal will not be valid if you will have some of that smith’s weapon.”

“Is there some other place with good weapons? No! Good metals would do too.”

“Hm? Do you have a good smith among your acquaintances? But the only ones who can make rare weapon are that old sod, craftsman from Empire and building freak. And building freak can make it only from wood.”

“Some wood spear would be good.”

“Do you want to fight his metal cutting sword with wooden spear? Are you a little bit off the top?”

“Metal cutting sword?”

“Yes. He has legendary sword from adamantium. It is his family relic. Even some mithril shield was crushed by it. It can cut common swords like butter.”

“I see. Then can you find some excellent wood or metal for me?”

“It is very troublesome. It isn’t my market, you know.”

“I need some metal for sword and some wood for shield.”

“Haven’t I told you already about his sword?”

“Believe me! I have some tricks.”

“… Ok. I’ll find some. Come here tomorrow.”

“Ok! Bye then.”

I went to the exit. When came out of the building I heard Violet’s voice with the help of my “hunter”.

“Hm? What is this waste? Termalama? Where did he get it?”

I better go faster.


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