31. Races

Apparently, there is polygamy everywhere. Except for elves. All races tried hard to survive. Except for elves. Most of the races don’t have a lifespan of thousand years. Except for elves. So they choose polygamous marriage arrangement to have more chances to leave descendants. Except for elves…


My personal harem…

It’s so hard to choose.

In human society only noble men can have several wives. Class injustice and sexism. Good that I am A-rank and male. Forget to mention, all A-rank Guild members can be nominated to noble rank honorable chevalier. This is an agreement between countries and Guild. Countries can tie powerful guys to their land and Guild obtains another carrot. There is stick too. If you became a noble you must defend your country in a war.

I became A-rank and run from the country. Before I became a noble… Before I was officially announced as a participant of Kingdom…

My actions don’t look good from the side. But I don’t know it at that time. I just happen to learnt about this in the morning.

I went to ask a librarian about another book.

“Beasts’ marital behavior.”

Beasts have polygamy too. But their kind of it is different. They have something like group marriage. In the mating season females select their partners. It can be one or one hundred. Depends from her own abilities. The more partners the more chances to give brood.

They choose from their kind though. Something like sex tourism isn’t working.

Also, I didn’t find anything about dwarves. They have even more close society than elves.

But after reading so many books about races in this world, my “Analysis and synthesis” construct a coherent picture.


At the start there were only four dragons. This world was created because of them or they were created because of world creation. No one knows. Maybe even dragons don’t know that themselves.

After some time monsters appeared. Perhaps Great Dragons were bored and created it. Or possibly there are some Gods too. Who knows?

At some point of time from monsters were separated in two different kinds of beings. Demons and Fairies. Chaos and Nature.

Then some fairies stopped to use nature as their only one creed and started to use other magic systems. Those were first elves.

Similar to fairies some demons moved away from teachings of chaos. Analogically those were first dwarves.

Humans and beasts appeared afterwards. They have equal concentration of chaos and nature in their veins. And at last some human find a way to create a new race that violates the rules of universe. That human became first undead. He wants to create a new category that will be side by side with chaos and nature.


Undead would appear by natural means, if he succeeded. They can be created from humans and beasts only through special rituals for now. No one ever spotted an undead elves, dwarves, demons or fairies. In the elfin books I read about undead monsters even before Great Lich appearance though.

But monsters defy classification. They can use almost all types of magic. No wonder some of them can use death magic or necromancy.

Besides they don’t use chants. It’s like they consist from magic. Like magic flow in their veins. It’s like all their nature is magic itself. Perhaps it is the way it is.

The only other beings that can so freely manipulate with magic are dragons. With slight difference. Dragons use true or origin magic. That magic is absolute. It can’t be resisted or nullified. It broke all known barriers. At least so written in elfin books. No one ever has a chance to write a book or tell about fight with dragon. As if somebody can survive such a fight.

It was evening already when I had finished reading. I was mentally exhausted. I need to go to the Guild tomorrow. Better have a good sleep today. I said goodbye to librarian and went to the inn.


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