30. Republic

The only Kingdom-Republic Custom is located on the one of the three Great Bridges.

Yes, this is the place where occurred the most showy lovers’ quarrel in history. This bridge withstood two S-ranked magicians’ fight. It is an achievement in itself.

It’s a big tied arch bridge. Its height is 30 meters and length is 120 meters. It was built on the two big mound supports and that’s why its height above water is almost 20 meters. This way almost any ship can swim under it. It was constructed as the other two Great Bridges almost ten thousand years ago by Rigardas Arbaro’s artisans. Rigardas Arbaro’s craftsman have unrivaled reputation on the field of construction after that.

Of course those who visited dwarves’ throne room in Thal’Dhur Maldir tell that humans are misguided in their vanity. But not that many beings were there except for dwarves. At the same time anybody can see Three Great Bridges, because human countries open for trade.

They deal between themselves. They deal with Cauda from Beast Kingdom. They even deal with Ins Aqua Nalore sometimes, when elves have metal deficit.

Also, some dwarves travel from Thal’Dhur Maldir through Big West River and South Sea to Forlasport to trade.

I came near Kingdom’s custom and showed my Guild id. It was checked by chanting identification spell.

Two guys behind the counter went inside  small room and started to discuss the result.


“Ah? That Yalle?”

“Maybe… I don’t know.”

“Can’t be.”

“Besides if he is A-rank, why he isn’t has a noble rank?”


“Should we call a captain?”

“Hm… No. I don’t want problems. If he isn’t good, then that’s a problem of Rebublic from now on.”

My “hunter” of course helps to eavesdrop as always. And what about noble rank?

“All is ok! You can go now. Good travel!”

“Thank you!”

I slowly passed 120 meters and repeated the procedure. Guard looked in my bag, but of course saw nothing. He would be shocked if somebody launched ”remove all” command.

“A-rank warrior? What business do you have in Republic?”

“Annual Arena Challenge.”

“But it’s too early for it.”

“I also have some business in Rigardas Arbaro.”

“What business? Crossing the boundary so early is really suspicious, so I hope for your understanding.”

“That’s not really a secret. I have an invitation letter to Trawor Smith. Here it is. Besides I want to learn craftsmanship. And there aren’t better place than Rigardas Arbaro.”

“Hm… I see. You can go now.”

Guard returned the letter to me. This letter is turned out usefull even if it won’t help me with that stubborn smith.

I bid farewell and went to the city.

Well… About city…

It’s beautiful. It’s magnificent. It’s … expensive!!!!

Night at the inn costs 10 silver. Similar inn in Castellum will cost me 3-4 coins and at Praesidium 7 at worst. When I had a little chat with poster girl in the inn she told me that at the Arena Challenge season prices are twice as that.

Not that I really care.

After dinner I went to my room and got a package from my bag. This package was left for me by those twin owl-like sisters. Now when I remember they were cuties. I should got their address in Beast Kingdom.

No! I have Miregalwen.

No! I don’t. Until I find immortality secret.

Never mind. What’s in the package?

Ohh!! It’s… Necklace with two feathers and a letter… Not that I expect anything.


Human tell name.

We gratitude.

Come Cauda library.

Meet again marriage two.

Aluala and Ulaulu.>

Don’t ask me… I don’t know that myself…

Well… I can interpret it as


Humans told your name to us.

We are very grateful.

You can find us in Cauda library.

At the time of our next meeting you can choose a bride from the two of us.

Aluala and Ulaulu.>

Or maybe I can choose both? I should read about beasts’ marriage laws.

Not a bad perspective I believe.

For now let’s sleep.


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