29. Last day in Castellum

I arrived at Castellum in the 7 a.m. and went to the Guild.

“Hi, Carolina! I heard that you have my package.”

And of course Carolina is

Carolina Sirent
21 y.o.
Vicountess *hidden*
“Reception Girl” *hidden*
S-rank Thief branch *hidden*
E-rank Merchant branch

Strength 78
Agility 141
Vitality 92
Charisma 132
Intelligence 161
Wisdom 112
Danger 36

“Hello! Where did you hear that?”

“Orwen told me. I met him by chance on my last day in Praesidium.”

I answer to frowned Carolina.

“Also, Carolina, I have one question. Do you take side jobs?”

“Considering what kind of a job.”

“I want to find a person.”

“It’s difficult for low-ranked merchant like me to…”

“Oh!! Wait-wait… (I leaned over the counter and whispered) This job isn’t for receptionist Carolina, it’s for thief Carolina Sirent.”

And gave a wink.  Carolina showed terrified expression.

“How did you..? Even my surname…”

“So? How about a good job?”

Carolina bent closer to me.

“I will do anything, but you must keep your mouth shut.”

I lost my composure with those words. She was so lovely at that moment, that I almost kiss her.

“… A-aaa… Hm… You shouldn’t tell such a words to a man, you know. I even hesitated for a bit.”

She showed surprise on her face, but then moved away in one moment. Her cheeks turned red.

“I didn’t mean something like that.”

Unfortunately, you didn’t.

“Yes, I know… But let’s return to topic. I want to find a woman.”

“A woman?”

Am I imagined or she said that with sadness in her voice?

“Yes. Her name is Cristina. She looks…very similar to you.”

Carolina’s expression became serious in one moment.

“Why do you want to find her?”

“You see… She is a thief… Not Guild’s, real one. She stole some things from me. Anything of value, but they was presents from my good friends.”

She became somewhat stiff.

“And why do you think I fit for this work?”

I don’t know to post this work in the Guild and there isn’t any other S-rank thief among my acquaintances.

“I believe, you’re the best to deal with it.”

Carolina frowned.

“…And what about Cristina?”

“I don’t have any grudge against her. I interested only in my stuff.”

Carolina seems relieved.

“What items she had stolen?”

“Uncommon sword and bag.”

“Ok. I will find my sister.”

Huh? What? Sister?

Now that I think about they are very similar. I could even tell that Carolina is older Cristina. Well. I was drunk at that moment.

“Leave it to you. I plan to spend 1 month in Rigardas Arbaro and after that go to Cefurbo. What about reward?”

“No, it will be free service.”

“That is not good. Hm… How about this?”

I gave her my cloak. With my “thief” profession I can hide my presence as well, so I don’t really need it.

“What? No. It is my family affair. I couldn’t take it.”

I saw a hesitation in her eyes. I am sure she knows cloak’s abilities.

“Then it is a present for helping me back in Praesidium. Just take it.”


Haha!  There was a light in her eyes, although her expression was serious.

“I should go. Let’s go to casino again someday!”

“Please, no!”

We laughed.

“Farewell, Carolina.”

“Farewell, Yalle!”

At that moment I noticed grim atmosphere around us. All guys were looking at me with envy. Carolina is very popular.

I went to custom house. Today I will cross the boundary to Republic.


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