28. Last day in Praesidium

I woke up at the morning and went to spend my last day sightseeing. I will take evening ship, so there are many free time.

I went to the Guild. Not for quest. Just to see the building.

Guild’s buildings are the most beautiful structures with exception of government’s institutions. Guild really has considerable influence.

Praesidium’s Guild building has five floors. A big restaurant is located on the roof. One of the most expensive ones in the Kingdom. Only nobles and rich merchants can eat there. And some Guild high-rankers. Maybe I should try it?

I went to the Guild and then upstairs.

I was stopped at the entrance.

“I am sorry. Can I see your ID?”

“Yes, please!”

Looks like ID is some kind of filter to those who can’t pay.

“A-rank warrior and C-rank hunter. It’s a pleasure to meet such a talented young man.”

Do I look that young?

By the way I seem to look younger lately. Is it because of vitality?

“Thank you! I want a table for one person.”

“Of course! This way, please!”

There are few halls in this restaurant. That is for sifting. Nobles don’t eat with merchants and merchants don’t eat with Guild high-rankers.

I saw some familiar faces in noble’s hall.

Orwen Wild, Rod Burgomir, Gave Trotle and unfamiliar Robert Rockwell.

My “thief” tell me that they are S-ranks…

Orwen Wild
64 y.o.
Duke, Head Knight of the Kingdom *hidden*
S-rank Warrior branch *hidden*
E-rank Mage branch

Strength 145
Agility 148
Vitality 108
Charisma 122
Intelligence 131
Wisdom 124
Danger 39

Rod Burgomir
32 y.o.
Viscount *hidden*
“Bear Scull” *hidden*
S-rank Warrior branch *hidden*

Strength 142
Agility 103
Vitality 122
Charisma 81
Intelligence 82
Wisdom 83
Danger 31

Gave Trotle
19 y.o.
Baron *hidden*
“give trouble” *hidden*
S-rank Warrior branch *hidden*
F-rank Mage branch

Strength 129
Agility 135
Vitality 130
Charisma 117
Intelligence 119
Wisdom 117
Danger 37

Robert Rockwell
43 y.o.
Marquis *hidden*
“Money God” *hidden*
S-rank Merchant branch *hidden*

Strength 82
Agility 71
Vitality 62
Charisma 128
Intelligence 172
Wisdom 139
Danger 33

Hahahaha! There around ten S-ranks in Kingdom and I managed to meet 3 of them in one night. No, wait! Carolina with her stats should be S-rank too.

Um… Wait… That assassin told something about “money god”.

So I somehow crossed the road of that guy too. Casino or slaves? I don’t remember any other my grand acts.

“I saw Orwen Wild just yet. He helped me in one case. Can I order some of yours best wine for him?”

“Really? But our best wine is Mosat D’akri. Its price is fifty gold coins.”

“That’s good with me. Tell him that my name is Yalle.”

Waiter was slightly shocked, but kept his composure and showed me menu.

I choose some things with strange names from it. Waiter went to the kitchen.

Then after few minutes waiter came back.

“You was invited to the Mr.Wild’s table. Would you accept invitation?”

“Why not?”

I went to noble’s hall. Robert Rockwell and Gave Trotle have gone.

I greeted Orwen and Rod and sat at the table.

“Good morning!”

“Good morning! Where are your friends?”

“A-a… They have some urgent business, so they have gone just now.”

“I hope it isn’t another assassination order or slave purchase deal.”


“Well. Let’s forget about past insults. Mr.Wild, I wanted to ask you about beast folks. Are they ok?”

“Yes. All of them went home. I lend them my personal ship. They will be in Cauda in about two weeks. There was issue with those owl-like twins. They desperately wanted to meet you, but we didn’t know where we can find you. That’s why they left a package for you. It is in Castellum Guild now.”

“So they were twins… I thought that they look similar, but most of the beasts look similar to me.”

“You’re not used to beast people, but you know their language. Isn’t it strange Mr.Yalle?”

“I learned it not from native speakers. Is it really that strange?”

“Yes. To learn all those expressions without example. Never heard about such a thing. Or maybe you had a good teacher.”

“O-o-o! I had an incredible teacher.”

Miregalwen is my all. She didn’t teach me language though.

“Is that so? Then, there is no wonder you know beast language.”

Waiter brought my meal. It looks delicious.

“Enjoy your meal.”


“Also I want to say thanks for the wine!”

“You’re welcome! You helped me with beasts people matter, so it’s the least I can do for you. If you ever will have a problem, don’t hesitate to ask for my help.”

“Then, can I ask for a favor?”


“Can you beat that Riot boy in Arena Challenge?”

“Haha! I will see what I can do. I never meet him, so it will be a big disrespect to my opponent to say that I can beat him even without seeing him in action.”

“We have our faith in you.”


We were talking about some meaningless stuff later. And when I finished my meal (not bad by the way, but the taste of my first meal in this world was better), I bid farewell to two of them and went outside.

I spend my remaining time walking in the center of the city. I saw many architecture masterpieces. King Palace, Kingdom Court, Kingdom Chancellery, Military Academy, Trade God Temple and even some noble’s houses.  Of course they were not on the level of elf’s library, but some can rival Guild building.

At 6 p.m. I sat onboard and went to my cabin. I fell asleep right away.



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