27. Before the travel

You have reached maximum in “Alchemist” profession. You have obtained “Material analysis.”

With this I can see names of different plants, raw materials, powders that used for alchemic transformation.
Not only that, I also can see name, quality, date of creation of prepared potions, pills, ointments and balsams.

You have reached maximum in “Mage” profession. You have obtained “Mana flow analysis.”

This helps me to sense mana flow in the humans around, see their affinities, see attributes of spells when they used it.
Besides with my rare glove that can tell the name of the spell, this ability became priceless.

I also managed to raise my “thief” to 93%. I just followed for the random person at night. I need considerably less sleep at night with my vitality.

If only I have something against burnout.

Also like this I have clashed few times with guys in slums. Because of that I raised 3 levels.
I added all to wisdom.

Quantity of your wisdom points exceeded one hundred. You’ve unlocked <Analysis and synthesis>.

My thought process became considerably better.

Also bonus skill help me to create new alchemic recipes or magic circles on the base of old ones or with the help of information obtained from books.

“Status window.”

Strength 125 Professions(Hunter-Max, Warrior-Max,Mage-Max,Alchemist-Max,Thief)
Agility 105 Improved Masteries(Throwing-Max, Spear-Max, Mace-Max, Knife, One-Handed Sword-Max, Shield-Max, Hammer-Max, Axe-Max, Two-handed Sword-Max, Poleaxe-Max)
Vitality 175 Resistances(Poison-Max)
Charisma 70
Intelligence 115 Languages(Elven,Dwarven,Beast,Human,Demon)
Wisdom 120 Analysis and Synthesis
Luck 175 Status window
Level 22

Everything is clear here.

Tomorrow will be the end day of my rent. I will travel to the Castellum. And then from there across the bridge via the custom house to the Rigardas Arbaro.

To the city of craftsmen.

Three of four S-rank craftsmen live there. And I have a chance to meet one of them.

From history books I read that that city at first was just a little fort. It was build for observation of Eternal Forest after the Monster/Fairy outbreak. And approximately 50 thousands years ago, when Republic was created, it(Republic) claimed Rigardas Arbaro as its territory. After some time big iron vein was found nearby.

This place has good location. Big ores deposit, access to great amount of water, considerably safe location, a lot of trees. No wonder this fort became a big city very quickly. There aren’t any trees anymore. They were cut down during city construction. There are many trees across the river though. But it is suicide to cut there. They buy some wood from Kingdom. But mostly they use metals to replace it in construction. They even use metals in making house furniture.

Revolution ideas of Rigardas Arbaro made this city the center of human production. The only city that can rival with it is Thal’Dhur Maldir. But dwarves don’t have free access to world’s market. The only city that have a trade relations with Thal”Dhur Maldir is Beast Kingdom capital Unguis. But they don’t even have a road for transportation goods.
Actually dwarves just sell their entire commodity on Grand Festival once a year.

At the same time Rigardas Arbaro’s products have access to most cities via East River and further through the sea.

Most of the weapons, furniture and ornamentation manufactured here. In later years even clothes made here.

Time to go on the last night hunt.

Later this night

You have reached maximum in “Thief” profession. You have obtained “Opponent hidden attributes analysis.”


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