26. Auction

On the next day I bought all. No… Really, I bought all. Even some money left.

Four rare items, 17 unusual ones, 4 infrequent magic and 6 non-magic books.

In total 1170 gold coins.

About unusual gear:

Anti-Mind magic Headband – all clear I think;

Fire-magic-resistant handband – effect is around 20%, so I need 5 handbands to completely be safe;

Water-magic-resistant handband – the same;

Earth-magic-resistant shirt – effect is around 25%;

Air-magic-resistant jacket – effect is around 25%;

Speed pants – can increase running speed, this pants just nullifies air resistance;

Agility leggings – raise my agility; considering my feelings, it’s around 10 points;

Danger perception earring – that’s a cool thins and the most expensive from unusual gear (60 gold coins!); it can tell you when you in danger (I don’t know why and how?);

Handsomeness mantle – lift charisma (around 10 points);

Strenght collar – raise strenght (around 10 points);

Speed shoes – increase of running speed, they have springy effect;

Wisdom cap – increase wisdom (around 10 points);

Leap boots – I can jumps up to 3 meters with this;

Motion memory gloves – the second most cool item(not really expensive though); I can make something with them, then pull them off and they will make those motions without me, you just need to tell them commands;

Claw gauntlets – this is normal gauntlets that can grow a big half a meter claw in a moment with the command;

Smell-hiding robe – hide smell, all clear;

Gravitation Sabatons – I can walk on the walls in this.

Also, rare gear:

Robe (Agility,Regeneration) – rase my agility and regeneration speed;

Gloves (Spellname Indicator,Magic Array Index) – it writes on the palm of the glove the names of all launched spells in radius of one hundred meters, also can remember and recreate all magic arrays that was written with this glove;

Pants (Agility,Speed) – increase agility and running speed by fastening muscle contraction;

Shoes (Mute,Magic Trap Perception) – when walking doesn’t create a step sounds, also can tell if there a magic trap in radius of ten meters.

What with this auction? Not even one weapon.

How I will participate in Arena? I still have three months though. My luck will manage somehow.

For now I need to raise my alchemic, mage and thief profession.

How should I raise thief? I don’t want to steal. Maybe do some undercover operation?

I will leave it for later.

“Good evening!”

Carl Walter
43 y.o.

Strength 70
Agility 105
Vitality 80
Charisma 134
Intelligence 145
Wisdom 143
Danger 34

Nothing else besides that again.

This slender man gave off aura of intelligence.

“Good evening.”

“You’ve got quite a purchase today.”

“Yes. I just happen to have money, so I thought why not buy all.”

“Hahaha! Carefree, aren’t you? My name is Carl Walter. I am the head of the Castellum Guild and S-rank merchant.”

S-rank… hm… maybe all guys yesterday without description were S-rank? Nah! There is no way.

“Yalle. Just Yalle. Do you often participate in this auction?”

“Yes. It is part of my work.”

“Is it often like this? I mean, not even one weapon. ”

“No… this auction is special… in many ways.”


“Yes. You see, all the lots bought by one person.”

“Hahaha! Yeah! That is strange.”

His expression changed to serious one.

“But yesterday I got bad news from our partners in Empire. Looks like they made a new tollage for unusual and rare items. And the only craftsman in Empire who can make rare gear Ok Lock just don’t see any merit to sell things here for now. Also the only weapon maker from Republic Trawor Smith don’t want to sell his equipment to Kingdom. He is stubborn person and consider that it’s a waste to sell gear to country that not even once won in Arena for the last 20 years. Apparently almost all Riot’s gear is Smith’s creation.”


“It’s a last champion. He wins four consecutive years. And before the champion was his father,who died four years ago at the time of undead outbreak near Sekva. Not only father, all Riot’s family was killed in that disaster and Riot has his face marred and wear a mask from that time.”

“Sad story.”

“But you shouldn’t pity him, you need to beat him.”

“A? Are all already know that I will participate?”

“It isn’t announced officially yet. But most influential people know. But let’s return to the point. I want to give you an invitation to Smith’s workshop in Rigardas Arbaro. Maybe if you will talk with him personally, he would change his mind. Here, take it.”

“Thanks! And I wanted to ask. Do many people can make unnusual and rare gear.”

“Hm… Rare equipment can make only four people in the world. Those four considered S-rank craftsman. Actually they rarely made rare, most of their equipment unusual. Also some good A-rank craftsmen make some unusual items from time to time. I am talking about human world. Elves and dwarves can do rare monition too.”

“Who made my rare gear?”

“Violet Megan. Her nickname is needlewoman. She is one of three S-rank craftsmen from Rigardas Arbaro. She is incredibly beautiful woman. I saw her only once five years ago, but I still under impression.”

No. I am sure Miregalwen is better.

“Who is third?”

“Arm Willkins. Many call him “building freak.” He deals not only with construction though. He is famous for his wood works.”

“Then who made legendary gear?”

“S-rank craftmen can make it, but chance is very low and they need raw materials from really powerfull monster. Or with incredible purity. Last piece of legendary class was made 60 years ago from from Death Knight that was crushed by Republic’s army. That sword was given to the Riot family who contributed in subjugation of the monster the most. And now it in hands of young Riot.”

“Quite a family…”

“Yes. Their family serve to defend Sekva for many generations. Their customs are very strict. Even girls in that family are raised as males. The sister of young Riot, that was killed in disaster four years ago even had participated in Arena. Old Riot wasn’t giving her a good gear though. He prioritised his sons more.”

“This is sad.”

“Do you think so? Women rarely participate in Arena Challence that forbid magic. There two more Challenge every year. Mage challenge and magic warrior challenge. They have more chances there.”

“I came from a rural area and don’t know about those challenges. Can you tell me about them?”

“Really? Yes! Of course! There are Trhee Great Competitions between human countries. Great Arena Challenge that forbid using magic.It is held in Cefurbo. Great Scene Contest that forbid close fighting. It is held in Urbe. And Great Stage Games that allow all types of fighting. It carried out here in Praesidium. There are four months between competitions. Sadly but our country have been losing since three years ago.”

“Three years ago?”

“Yes. The last winner is Gave Trotle. He won in Great Stage Games.”

I coughed.

“Hm? Something wrong?”

“A? No. Go on, please.”

“Two years ago appeared Phil Calter. He is the most prominent magic warrior for the last one hundred years. So nobody really have a chance against him in magic warrior competition. Besides Riots family win in Great Arena Challenge for a twenty years successively.”

“What about mages?”

“You mean Great Scene Contest? No. For the last two hundreds years Empire didn’t lost even once. It held to see who from Empire’s mages is stronger. You see, their magic technology and education 20 years forward from ours. Republic can make some resistance with their new equipment from S-rank craftsmen, but Kingdom don’t even has a chance. Besides…”


“There is a boy in Empire. He is only seventeen, but he already have a title of Imperial Archmage and S-rank mage. He is the genius that learnt Holy Magic Codex in six years. He learnt light magic by eight and healing magic by ten. I even afraid to imagine his abilities now. I believe he can rival the Great Lich.”

Great Lich is the king of Undead country who lived for 20 thousands years. I doubt somebody can rival him with such expirience.


“Really? And I thought we have a chance to end this disgraceful tax.”


“Yes. Nonaggression pact with Undead Kingdom. It states that every country must send one thousand dead bodies to the beach near Necropolis. Republic sends only 500 though, because their south cities get attacked by undeads often.”

“A? Aren’t there non-aggression pact?”

“He send the message that he can’t control all of the undead because of their nature to devour life. Rebublic isn’t against it, because they have many rare materials from undeads. Actually I am fine as long as he control himself.”

“Fearsome fellow.”

“Not really. He once was a human. He was a researcher from Empire. Something from human still left in him. he even write in non-aggression pact that in case of second monster outbreak he will come to help.”

I make a reminder to visit this guy.

“It would be interesting to visit him.”

“Haha! Even if you sure you can beat the swarms of undead on the way to the Necropolis.”

I delete the reminder.

“Sadly, but I must go.”

“Thanks for invitation.”

“You’re welcome. Show them Kingdom’s might.”

“I will.”

I went home and next two weeks spend in acquiring mage-max and alchemist-max.


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