25. After the night

I woke up at the morning.

Poison resistance 25%.

Wasn’t I sleeping too long?

I get dressed and went outside to get breakfast. After the breakfast I went home to check my new belongings.

Poison resistance 26%.

Is there some poison left in me? I am obtaining good passive skill, so I think it’s good.

After long inspection I must admit. Luck is cheat.

1320 gold coins, 3 unusual items, 52 magic supression collars, 16 uncommon and , attention please, one rare cap.

Poison resistance 27%.

Arghghh! That announcement is annoying!

Apparently that bag that I found in the storehouse office is an unusual item that can store things inside it with spatial magic.

I even went to port to check its capacity with the help of the water.

Poison resistance 28%.

Nearly 10 cubic meters! And its weight always the same.

Poison resistance 29%.

When you want to take something from it you put your hand inside, think about object that you want to take and take out. There is also “Take all” command that made a mess in my room. It took me entire hour to clean the room after it.

Poison resistance 30%.

No comments.

All uncommon gear a took from guys near casino.

But unusual and rare were from the bag.

About cap. Telepathy and Mind reading.

About first. I can send short messages in the radius of ten meters.

About second. I can read some thoughts of the people in the radius of ten meters.

When I tested first it was fun to see surprised faces of the people when I send them something like “beware of the guy to the right” or “you should buy carrot too”.

But when I tested mind reading it was a mess. Mind flow and its extraction is just too random. I can’t even get a clue of what in people’s minds. Not useful.
Hovewer, for understanding someone from beast race is quite helpful.

About unusual items.

Previously mentioned Spatial bag.

Some wand with unknown power.
But it was with another items in the bag, so I believe, it is at least unusual.

And some really incredible thing. That’s the best cheat item I have my hands on.
This magnificent glasses can tell… listen carefully… if a person is a virgin.

Hahahaha! Hehehehe!

I made a little city tour with glasses on.

…What a sinful city.

Apparently, I am not a virgin too.

Poison resistance 31%.

I spotted an interesting shop.

“Appraisal? Hm..”

I went inside.

“Can you appraise this wand.”

“Hm… Yes, one silver coin, please.”

He cast some magic.

“It’s shock wand. If you inject it with mana, it can make a shock recharge from the tip. If quantity of mana will be enormous it even can create a lighting.”

So… All things in that safe were used to sell slaves. Cap for communication, wand for control, and glasses to check girls for customers and bag to hide all evidences. If I don’t run all night with it and don’t put so many magic supression collars from slaves in it I would not have noticed its true nature. It always seems empty.

“Also, can you appraise this?”

I show him the bear’s fur. In Castellum nobody wanted to buy it as monster fur. They told me that it was normal bear.

If that thing is normal bear, then I am Santa Claus. Wait… Who is Santa Claus? Strange…

“Yes. One silver coin, please… It’s just normal bear’s fur.”

There is no meaning for him to tell lie, right? Then why?

I put bear’s fur in the bag for now.

Poison resistance 32%.

…I went home.

Next week before auction I spend in the house experimenting and drawing magic circles.

I also hire F-rank mage to charge magic circles. They are earning 1 silver and 80 copper coins per day. That’s trice the F-rank hunter’s wage. You bet! To become a mage you must have more that some etalon amount of magic. And you must know how to control it. I pay 2 silver coins to lure him from ship magic engines work.

Even if I charge arrays with magic, I still don’t know how to activate it.

The auction will be tomorrow. Today I must sleep well.


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