24,5. Plot 2

Some room in Praesidium city…

Carl : “Am I miss something? Where is Jenna?”

Carl never saw such a gloomy faces of Gave, Jack and Robert. Faces of Carolina, Orwen and Rod were glad on the other side.

Carolina: “Jenna went to meet her love.”

Carl: “What? If she will meet Ox Terior they can destroy a whole city.”

Carolina: “He isn’t in the Kingdom, so who cares?”

Carl: “But Republic can see it as a plot to cause a panic.”

Orwen: “Then it will be the first war that started beacause of love and not because of money, legendary items or influence.”

Carl: “Aren’t you careless? *sigh*… But let’s return to reason of our meeting. Carolina, why are you called us?”

Carolina: “It’s about the meeting before. He wouldn’t have any problems even without our help.”

Gave: “I am sure he will beat that Riot guy even naked.”

Rod: “When he beat you yesterday without any gear I thought I die from laugher.”

Carolina: “Said the guy who lost in 3 seconds.”

Rod:”Shut up, woman! He used tricks to beat me!”

Carl: “What? Is he really that strong?”

Jack: “Yeah. I failed.”

There was a minute of silence in the room. All people in the room were astonished.

Carolina: “A? When I missed this?”

Carl: “Even best killer failed… it’s your first time, right?”

Jack: “Yes. And I don’t want to meet him again no matter what.”

Carl: “What happened?”

Robert: “What happened? Ohh! I will tell you what happened! He destroyed my black market in the evening, took all my slaves, and then at night visited all my clients to threaten them and took goods from them too. Nobody wants to work with me anymore.”

Gave: “Well.. Black market is illegal, so it is your problem.”

Robert: “Said my regular customer.”

Carolina: “You forgot about jackpot in casino.”

Robert: “What? So it was his doing too?”

Carolina: “Yes! He won quite a fortune. Then he beat casino stalkers before I managed to show my Guild id. After that saved those beasts, brought them to Orwen mansion, talked with some owl-like girl and went again to Robert’s storage.”

Carl: “Wait. Does he know beast language?”

Carolina: “Looks like it. Then after we searched office, he saved me from some trap and we meet Rod.”

Robert: “Even non-magical trap… Who is that guy?”

Rod: “When I heard that A-rank acquiantance of mine was beaten, I went to check. Then I saw an explosion and two people. One was a man and held Carolina very tightly. So I thought he threatened her. But when I tried to stop him, he beat me.”

Carolina: “Do then think. Haha! It’s so like you.”

Rod: “Ow! Shut up! Better to beat enemy right away and then ask questions. With this strategy I haven’t failed even once. Until yesterday…  Then we went to Gave’s mansion. There he beat Gave and took his slaves.”

Carl: “How could it be? Gave is the best magic fighter in the Guild.”

Gave: “I didn’t use my best spells, but I didn’t play too. He is very strong.”

Carl: “His actions seems very suspicious… Carolina, has he any information about us?”

Carolina: “He don’t know that we are S-ranks, but somehow he knows Rod’s name.”

Carl: “Rod is famous. He must be heard his name.”

Carolina: “Heard his name, but not rank?”

Carl: “Yes, indeed strange.”

Jack: “He knew my name too, also he managed to sense me before the attack, poisoned me with my dart despite my invisible shirt, presence hiding leggings and unsound boots. And lastly my best poison didn’t even kill him after half an hour. And I didn’t see him taking any antidote.”

Carl: “Just who is he?”

Carolina: “I don’t know who is he, but last night was fun.”


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