24. Hell night

On my way to casino I saw a familiar face. That’s quite a fate to meet her here.

“Good evening!”

Girl was shocked, but in a second returned her self-control.

“Good evening.”

“It is quite a fate to meet you here.”


Of course it was reception girl.

Carolina Sirent
21 y.o.
E-rank Merchant branch of the Guild

Strength 75
Agility 141
Vitality 92
Charisma 132
Intelligence 161
Wisdom 112
Danger 36

Hm.. She has a surname, but don’t have a noble status. Maybe she lost it. Strange.

And that danger level… She is more dangerous than Avon? Is there some bug?

“I was coming to the Guild to say goodbye and thank you for always helping me, but you wasn’t there. Are you on vacation? ”

“No… It is Guild quest.”

“Ohh!! You are quite a hardworker. But you better have a good rest from time to time. Don’t forget to enjoy your life too.”

“…Yeah… I will…”

“By the way I want to go to the casino. Want to come with me?”

“A? Casino? Is it a good time to spend your money like that?”

“Eh? Why?”

“E-e.. I heard the rumour that you want to participate at the auction.”

“O, really? Avon has a big mouth, a? But it is all good, because I will win.”

“No! The only one who can win in the casino is its owner.”

“People should take a risks sometimes.”

“But not before an important event.”

“Believe in me.”

“Oh my! Then can I offer a good place? My friend is working there.”

“Are you sure? Your friend can lost his job today, hehe!”

“That guy will be good no matter what.”

And like that we went to earn money… I mean, play in casino. At first Carolina tried to find her friend and asked guards, but looks like her friend wasn’t here today.

“Maybe we should come another day? My friend isn’t here today.”

“Don’t afraid I had spent all my money this week so I need to earn some.”

“A? All your money?”

“Yeah! I bought some nessesary stuff.”

“Oh my! Poor Orwen…”


“A? No.. Nobody… And how many left?”

“One gold coin.”

“You’re kidding me…”

“Ok! Let’s try roulette.”

“A? Why roulette? Aren’t there something with more odds to win?”

“All on “Zero”!”

“Ah! Are you nuts?”

“Carolina! With two of us we can do anything.”

“…You’re beyond redemption…”

It finished spinning and …

“Zero! Gentelman won!”

“I told you, Carolina!”

“Can.. not.. be..”

“Ok! All on zero again!”

“A-ah! No! What did you just do?”

“I won only 20 gold coins. That’s too few for auction and my materials.”


“Zero! Gentleman won again! Unbelievable!”

“Where is logic here!?”

“Ok it is 400 gold coins. I think that’s enough for today.”

“For today? You want to do this again?”

“Of course, auction will be soon.”

“Please spare me from this. Is there some trick you use? ”

“What? No. It’s luck! Luck!”

But when we came out from casino and turned for the corner. There was a three guys waiting for us. Actually, my hunter’s perception tells me that there are six. Three forward, two from behind and one on the roof.

Carolina took off her glove for some reason. Maybe some tricks from the Guild staff.

But I already make a move. Bowstring of the guy on the roof was cut by copper coin.
Two guys from behind got their knives knocked out by two more coins.
And feets of the three guys in the front was pierced by six more coins.

“You owe me 9 copper coins, guys! But I accept information as a payment too. Are you working on the casino?”

“No.. We just saw your winning…”

“Aw-w… What a lie! You should thank this miss over here that you left alive. Don’t want to look cruel in woman’s eyes.”

Carolina was shocked and put her glove back.

“Show me what you’ve got.”

I started to take burglars’ equipment.

“What are you doing? It’s a crime you know.”

“To take all from guys that wanted to take all from me? No, it isn’t.”

“No, I am sure it’s a crime.”

Professions “Thief” 1%.

Well, maybe she is right.

One on the roof already run.

“You shouldn’t interact with those people. I heard, their boss is dangerous.”

“Dangerous? That’s interesting. Why is he so dangerous?”

“He is in charge of black market in the Kingdom. You shouldn’t make an enemy out of him.”

“Black market. Is there something interesting I can buy there?”

“Hm? Well.. Weapons, forbidden circles for spells, poisons, even slaves.”


That word cause a fury in me.

“Yes. By Kingdom law humans can’t be a slaves, but demi-humans… Where are you going?”

“On the trail!”

“What trail?”

“Roof’s guy trail.”

“What? I don’t understand.”

“You should go home now. It will be dangerous.”

“Like hell I would!”

“Then put this on.”

I gave her the cloak.

Trace was near my house so I left money and thugs’ munition there.

We came to some storehouse.

“What now?”

“I will come and beat them.”

“You are just like Rob.”


“Friend of mine. As insane as you.”

I found some stones, broke the door and went inside. Eleven guys.

I went outside.

“Maybe you’re right. There are too many of them.”

“You thought that now? Run!”

Carolina started running, but I threw two stones to the first guys that came out. They fell. I quickly take their swords. Let’s test my dual wielding skill.

I beat three thieves, then they changed tactics and started throwing a knives at me.
I tossed away one sword and took a knife that stuck in my hand.

Now with activated throwing analysis I can see all trajectories and parry all knives.
I beat off all knives above me. Then when they started to fell I tossed a second sword and started to catch a knives and throw them at thugs. 5 seconds and all of them on the floor with wounds in their hands and legs.

Behind me…

“Unbelievable! How?”

“Let’s go!”

I took a sword and came to the storage. Many strange smells from the farthest side. I went there. Nothing. Smells come from the wall and big box around 2 meters high. There was a lock on the box. I broke it and opened the box. Clear. I broke the back wall of the box. There was a passage downstairs.

“How did you find it?”


“No. Serious. How?”


We descended.

Two guards. One has A-rank. But he is no match for Avon. I beat them.

There were dozens of cages with beasts. Also there were magic nullification arrays under the cages.

Many cute cat-ear, dog-ear, bird-like, lizard-like girls. And many males (I didn’t watch them).

” Me release you! *serious face* ”

In beast language your expression is very important. You may be misunderstood with wrong expression of your face.

“A? Do you know beast language?”


I have broken all locks on cages in 5 minutes.

“Carolina, where do you think we should bring them?”

“A-ah? What? How should I know?”

“Who is the most powerful in this city besides the King?”

“S-rank Orwen Wild… but why are you asking? ”

“We are going to meet him.”

“Pwhahahahaa! Marvelous! Let’s go!”

I was surprised by her laugher, but Carolina pay no heed to me. After half an hour we were in the front of the Wild’s mansion. Guards near the gate were shocked to see more than one hundred beasts.

But when I told them the story, they agreed to ask their master to help me.
Orwen Wild have an image of defender of justice.

Orwen send a butler to accommodate all of the guests in his mansion.

Then suddenly some owl-like girl came near me.

“Sister safe do all *anxiety* ”

“Where *serious* ”

“Take today no know *anxiety* ”

“Smell *serious* ”

“… *surprise* ”

“Smell *serious* ”

“She present *serious* ”

She showed me some trinket made from strings. I smelled it. It will be hard.

“Carolina, I must go. I leave everything here to you.”

“Ha? No way! I go with you.”

“Then don’t get lost!”

I run to the storehouse again. There was office room on the second floor near the entrance of the building. I came in. That smell… She was here. I searched the room.

The only thing that was interesting is the safe. I opened it with the help of my improved hunter hearing.

“What? Lock picking without magic?”

There was a big bag and some documents. Race, price, owner. That’s all I need.

Then I heard some click and two round items with burning strings fell to the right from the safe.

Apparently it has some protective device.

I don’t know why, but this is dangerous.

I took a chair, threw it at the window, embraced Carolina and jumped outside.

“Ah!! What are you?..”

At that moment there was an explosion. I felt that many pieces pierced my back.
In the air I make a rotation and Carolina fell on me.

“What was that? There wasn’t any magic!”

“Hey! What are you doing?!”

There was a big guy, really big guy. He rushed forward when saw us. Damn! Give me a minute!

Rob Burgomir.
32 y.o.

Strength 143
Agility 103
Vitality 122
Charisma 81
Intelligence 82
Wisdom 83
Danger 31

But nothing else. He doesn’t look like thief though.

Carolina wanted to say something, but I casted bag and documents to her.

“Look after this!”

“No! Wait! This guy…”

I made side step from strike. Rob broke stone wall behind me like a paper.

I made two incisions on his belt and jumped 3 meter away.

He started to chase me, but his pants fell, he floundered and fell.

I leaped onto his back, put a sword to his nape and asked

“So? Rob? Do you know anything about owl-looking girl?”

“Who? N-no.”


“With the honor of a warrior, I am telling the truth.”

I looked at Carolina. I swear, I never saw more shocked face in my life.

Not that I remember anything…

“Something wrong, Carolina?”

“Something definitely wrong with you. But can you release him? He is my acquaintance.”

“A? Really? Oh! Sorry, Rob.”

“No. All is ok.”

Rob sent a questioning look to Carolina, but she just shrugged and asked me

“How do you want to find her?”

“This documents.”

I looked for owl-like race and found.

“Owner – Gave Trotle.”

Carolina burst from laugher. Rob frowned.


I asked.

“Ahaha! No.. Just.. funny name..”

These guys are hiding something from me. But I don’t have time for that.

“I need to find his address.”

“Oh! I know his address.”

Carolina told me with wide smile.

“Why are you so happy?”

“I wonder.”

We came to mansion of that guy.

“What are you going to do this time?”

She definitely exhilarated by this situation.

“I will call him, I think.”

I called the guards. They wanted to drive me away, but when they saw the figure of Rob, they changed their mind.

Trotle came himself. He gave a puzzled look when saw Carolina and Rob.

Gave Trotle
19 y.o.

Strength 129
Agility 135
Vitality 130
Charisma 117
Intelligence 119
Wisdom 117
Danger 37

And nothing else again. But  wow! He is more dangerous than Carolina.

“What’re you want?”

“I came here to take away an owl-like beast girl that you’ve bought.”

Gave looked at Rob and Carolina.


But they are just smiling.

“If  you don’t want to return her I will beat you and took her away nonetheless.”

Gave looked at Rob and Carolina.

“Really?.. Hm… Ok. if you win I will give her to you.”

We took our weapons, stood one against other. Then Gave casted few spells on himself. Must be strengthening. And we started. Dammit! He is fast and strong. Not as fast as Chief, but stronger. I don’t have a time to think about tactics and I don’t have a shield with me to activate flaws search. I can even lose. Hopefully “warrior” is  helping somehow.

The only things I am better than him is sword skill, luck and vitality.
That would do.

When he made a thrust I strike the sword with my open palm. Sword pierced through it.

Carolina shouted something.

Gave was shocked.

I threw my sword up.

Gave’s glance followed my sword.

At this moment I made a jump to Gave and strike his chin with my fist.

Gave lost consciousness.

Close-handed fight mastery 1%.


“Even without magic.”

Carolina and Rob were astonished.

“Ok. Let’s find a girl.”

Carolina wanted to bandage me, but I leave my hand as it is. We went to the mansion.

Rob brought Gave’s body too.

Butler quickly brought the girl… girls.

Looks like Gave really like them. There were 16 of them. Some even didn’t want to leave.

He treats them nicely. I left those who was not wishing to leave and went to Orwen’s mansion. I checked documents on the way.

There were at least 40 more slaves in this city. This will be sleepless night. With Carolina and Rob I searched all night. Many were willing to return the slaves the moment they saw Rob.

Is he some celebrity?
We returned all slaves.

Then I talked with Orwen.
Not a bad old man.
He promised me that he will deliver beasts to Cauda.
Cauda is the Beasts Kingdom port city.

It was already morning.
Rob fell asleep at the meeting room.
We leave him as it is.

Then I and Carolina went to eat something in the tavern. There I saw a beautiful woman near the window. She was reading the letter. She had a sad expression on her face.

Jenna Stolert
26 y.o.

Strength 91
Agility 107
Vitality 111
Charisma 132
Intelligence 138
Wisdom 133
Danger 36

And nothing else again.

I don’t know why, but I just remember Miregalwen.

When Carolina saw that woman she was surprised.

I talked to her.

“You know, your beloved over there on the other side of the world is siting in tavern too and thinking about you. Thinking about the day you two will met.”

I don’t know why I said that. Maybe I projected my feelings to Miregalwen on this woman.
But she asked anxiously:

“Do.. Do you really think so?”

“Of course! There aren’t any more precious in this world than love.”

“But what if we had a big quarrel?”

“Past has no meaning for love, only present. You should be with your beloved not in the past and not in the future, but at this moment.”

I haven’t any sleep, so I don’t know what I am talking about.

“You’re right! I will go to him! Right now.”

She stood up and run off.

Carolina made a face palm gesture.

“Aarg! What have you done?”

“Who knows? Let’s eat.”

After the breakfast we said goodbye to each other.

I was walking some back alley when I smelled some strange scent. There is a man here. But I can’t see him. I also can hear his heart beating.

“And who you might be?”

“I am your death!”

He threw at me some dart. It stuck in my leg.

Poison resistance 1%.

“Greetings from Money God.”

He started walking away. But I can feel his presence. I took his dart and shoot at him.


“You know if I kill my death I can become immortal.”

He has a gear that make him invisible. And hide presence. But if I focus… There…

Jack Ztelc.
39 y.o.

Strength 111
Agility 152
Vitality 95
Charisma 95
Intelligence 121
Wisdom 119
Danger 35

And nothing else…

Hm.. Carolina is more dangerous though.

“Jack! Are you took antidote for your poison?”


He took some bottle and drank.

“Even if I took. So what? You will die in ten minutes anyway.”

He run off.

That bottle’s scent. Yes. I know all ingredients. I run off to alchemic shop.

There I bought all necessary parts for recipe. Because of my vitality I have more than half an hour.

I made a antidote, drank it and fell asleep.


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