23. Home training

I arrived to the Praesidium.

My first stop is alchemic shop. I bought equipment for experimentation and all books I found interesting. It was quite pricey. Almost 10 gold coins for equipment and 12 for books.

Then rented a house. Leave all my things there except for cloak and went to search for magic books shop.

I found some in the center of the city.

“Good morning.”

Clerk was surprised. He hasn’t noticed when I came because of the cloak.

“Good morning. Can help you?”

“Yes. I want to buy a magic books.”

“Something specific?”

“Yes. Magic for people who have low mana capacity.”

“Hm.. Enchantments and magic circles can fit your request. Also, books about last King. He had low mana, but used rare class equipment with mana pool and specific spell abilities. Those items construct a spell itself and used for it mana stored in them.”

“Meaning you can’t construct a spell with low mana even if you will have outside mana pool?”

“Yes. But not quite. The amount needed for activation is really low. King was the exception; he was the first documented man in history with such low amount of mana.”

“Show me books, please.”

I bought all books that he showed to me. Another 17 gold coins. Books are quite expensive.

I returned to my new house. For the next three days I did nothing, but read. Then I started to make experiments in my alchemic laboratory.

Profession “Alchemist” 1%.

Oh! I forget about it.

I thought about it and tried to draw a magic circle.

Profession “Mage” 1%.

Heh! I can be mage even without mana. I can’t activate magic circle without mana though.
Not to mention about charging it with power.

I can charge it with the help of other mages and then activate it with the help of some tool with mana pool. Magic array can be charged without activation for a long time. This time depends from material of parchment. From parchment also depends power of the spell and its affinity. You can’t make a circle for curse magic on a parchment from the skin of the holy animal, for example. No, you can, but it is counterproductive. Affinities of parchment can help to make magic circle’s spell stronger.

For now I can use only the method that last King was used. Even with his wealth he has only few on those rare items and each of then had only one spell.

But the quantity of all elemental spells that humans know is more than three hundreds.
Elves and dwarves know even more.

I must find a better way.

After a week I got

Profession “Alchemist” 42%.

Profession “Mage” 39%.

And no more money.

Parchments, ink, ingredients for potions and pills, consumable goods… All of that is too expensive.

Let’s find some casino.

There was a big smile on my face.

Time to test my luck.


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