22. Departing

Ship leaves at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day. It comes to Praesidium at the evening and at the morning considerably. I choose 6 p.m. Night on the ship. Isn’t it romantic?

Well.. For now let’s find some places to make memories of Castellum and waste some time.

At first I went to library. There wasn’t any interesting books at all. Only fictions about knight and heroic tales.

Then I went to the only books store in Castellum. There I asked about some magic tutorials. But it looks like there any in Castellum at all. Book store owner even told me that all mages come from Praesidium. He has beginner alchemic reference though.

I bought it and went to the Guild.

There was another reception girl, not usual one. I felt somewhat sad. I wanted to thank her for her helping and bid farewell.

It can’t be helped. I said goodbye to all my acquaintances and went to nearest tavern with some of the free warrior guys.

There was a window near my table and I noticed one guy with thief class coming to the Guild. But when he exited he became merchant.

“Guys! Is there a way for thieves to hide their affiliation?”

“Yes! Every time when they went on a mission they change their ID in the Guild.”

So it is like that. Looks like I can’t see hidden ID. My ability isn’t really omnipotent.

After the lunch I went to some silent place near the outskirts and started reading my new book. There is something familiar. That plant that I collected on my first mission is used in production of lesser healing potions.

I read book to the end. And acquired 3 new recipes beside healing potions. Mana potion, stamina potion and healing ointment for wound lubrication among them.

I don’t really need any of it.

I stood up and went to the port.

This river trip consists of two parts. First is swim with the flow to the east. Then at the point where river merge with source it go on against the current to the north. To sail against the flow it uses magic engines that was bought from Empire. All F-rank mages and many E-rank work to charge those engines.

There is also a highway between Praesidium and Castellum, but it is used only by poor people and badly maintained. There are many thieves as well. Not Guild’s, real thieves.

I boarded on a ship and went to my room. Ticket with room cost one hundred times more expensive than just boarding ticket without place. Those guys just stay on the deck all night.

I don’t see any meaning to save with my luck, so I choose expensive one for 1 gold coin.

I sold all my equipment beside bow and cloak before. I leave that bear’s fur as well.

In the next two weeks I need to earn at least 200 gold coins. In the worst case I would sell my cloak. Avon told me that I can have 10 gold coins for it.

Prices on the market in average are:

Common – 1-10 silver.

Uncommon – 1 gold coin.

Unusual – 10 gold coins (there are dozens of them at the auction).

Rare – 100 gold coins (there are 2-3 pieces every year  at the auction).

Legendary – 1000 gold coins (rarely somebody sell them actually).

Cristina sold my bow for 1 gold coin. Maybe she thought it was uncommon quality?

Well, F-rank hunter even with uncommon quality gear considered quite successful.

Maybe I’ll see her in Praesidium.

I remember her smell. I slowly fell asleep with the thoughts about Cristina.


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