21,5. Plot

In some room at the Praesidium city.

There is a table with eight seats. There are eight peoples present.

There is Orwen Wild at the head of the table. Old man with big white beard. His long strong hands and wide shoulders tell that he was a good warrior at his youth. He is the Chief Knight of the Kingdom and S-rank warrior at the Guild. In young age he even tried himself as mage, but managed to obtain only E-rank. But because of his mage experience he found his flawless combat style.

There is Carl Walter on the other side of the table. Slender intelligent looking man in his forties. He is the Head of the Castellum Guild and S-rank merchant. He is famous as a management genius. His forethought system of reward and punishment gives great motivation to his workers. He is the man who can see peoples’ lie on par with elves.

To the right from Carl there is Carolina Sirent, also known as reception girl. Yes. She is that girl that registered and worked many times with Yalle. She is S-rank thief. She has magnificent memory and great ability to notice details. She works under cover as Guild receptionist to keep under control all of the Guild participants. She is one of the reasons of Walter’s system effectiveness. She once started in the Guild as a merchant, but was unsuccessful. She is very popular with the male Guild members at Castellum. But can’t has any relationships because of her work.

There is Rob Burgomir to the right from Carolina. A bald man around thirty years old with very large build. He is known as “Bear Scull” S-rank warrior. The man who do then think. But there aren’t anyone better for the subjugation missions than him.

To the right from Rob there is Gave Trotle. A young good looking lad with blond hair and medium physique. His nickname is “give trouble”. He is the best light warrior in the country and irreplaceable man for the moral uplift in the squad. He once tried to do missions of the mage branch of the Guild, but quickly got bored. He didn’t even reach E-rank. And of course he is S-rank warrior.

In front of Gave there is Jack Ztelc.An average man with weak presence. Also known as “Stealth Jack” S-rank thief. He has the best assassination ability in the whole Guild. Lately he set a price for his killing service to 1000 gold coins. Many thought that he just don’t want to kill anymore.

There is Robert Rockwell to the right from Jack. Big fat man with many accessories around forty years old. He is famous as a “Money God”. His business sense made him richer than the King. And he is one of the few peoples of this world who is still using Jack’s abilities.

And the last person in this room, but no less dangerous, is Jenna Stolert. Beautiful woman in mid twenties with a cold blank look. Her nickname is “Water disaster”. She is S-rank mage. It is said that because of her and another stubborn mage the ten-thousand-years-old bridge between Castellum and Rigardas Arbaro was almost destroyed. She was living in Castellum at that time. From that time gate to Castellum for her is closed. Another mage that participate in a fight was too exiled from Rigardas Arbaro. Documents are silent about their relationships, but many people say that that was the most showy lovers quarrel.

Carl: “So? Why are called us? I and Carolina are really busy lately.”

Orwen: “So busy?”

Carl: “Yes. That troublesome bear who annihilated two villages, despite not been a monster. You know how many money I spent for silence to not cause panic. Also, that strange guy who beat Avon. We have more than hundred requests for him every day from merchants. But he just trains with warrior at morning and doesn’t come to the Guild for quests.”

Rob: “Hahaha! That’s some fellow. I already like him.”

Orwen: “Actually, because of that guy I called you all. What did you know about him, Carl?”

Carl: “Not many at all. I even gave a task to Carolina.”

Carolina: “Yeah! I watched him. He is the strangest target I had so far. I don’t know where he gets money, but he is loaded. Also his skills are just unbelievable. I saw his fight with Avon and I am sure he played cat and mouse. Also, he has C-rank hunter ID. Not just that. That bear earlier, it was killed by him. He has two unusual items. One is a cloak with hiding skill that I saw in Castellum earlier. But second is a bow with piercing ability.”

Robert: “Piercing? There wasn’t any on the market for the last 10 years. On the black market too.”

Carolina: “Also his bow skills are the best I ever saw. He can hit target from 300 meters.”

Orwen: “Sword and bow? Heh! Looks like elf.”

Carolina: “No. I checked. There isn’t any illusion magic on him. What’s more strange there aren’t any magic inside him too. Besides he fought with Avon in a magic nullification array.”

Gave: “But only two unusual items. Aren’t he loaded?”

Carolina: “He will be participate at the auction to buy some rare items.”

Orwen: “Oh! Yeah! Forgot to tell you all… He will be participate in the Annual Arena Challenge from Kingdom.”

All at once:”””A?”””

Rob: “What? Why not me?”

Orwen: “You are heavy warrior Rob, you don’t have a chance against that Riot boy. He is too fast for you.”

Rob: “Then why not Gave?”

Orwen: “Gave isn’t really that strong without strengthening magic. And his skill is lacking. Actually even I can’t beat Avon in close combat without magic. I am too old though. When I was young, I was …”

Carl: “Ok-ok! We understand… But to select unknown man as a representative. Aren’t you too careless. He can participate as a normal member.”

Orwen:”He has a chance, that’s all I care about. If he win I will promote him to S-rank and give my gauntlets.”

All at once:”””What?”””

Jenna: “It is a legendary item, you can’t just give it to right and left.”

Orwen: “I know. But I don’t have any children and Avon, my best apprentice, never was even close to victory. It will serve good to the right man.”

Carl: “Ok. I understood your point. But why had you called us?”

Orwen: “He has only 2 unusual items. I want you to help him get nice gear on the auction.”

Carl: “And what if he is another country’s spy.”

Robert: “Then I would make request to Jack and retrieve the item. Legendary item transfer to another country will break the balance.”

Carl: “That may be a cause for a new war.”

Orwen: “Let’s just believe in that guy for now. Ok! Dismissed!”


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