21. Training with warriors

I have been training with warriors since that day. I have become something like a teacher for them. With the help of flaw search I can tell what weaknesses specific guys have.

They even wanted to pay me. I did not take the money. I have enought. My fortune equals that of a lower ranked noble now.

And about this “warrior” profession. It helps me to quickly adapt to oppenent’s technique. With it I can understand how my enemy will act after few atacks. So even without shield I can manage to find a way to beat my rival.

I also accept all challenges from warriors who wants to beat a guy who beat the strongest in the Kingdom. They think that I used some trick to win. There is no way Adamantine Avon can lose in close fight to Kitten Savior. It even sounds strange.

Of course I always accept it with condition. Something like to buy food for orphanage’s children or to donate to homeless near the church.Or else there will be to many of them. 

Then I am stretching the fight and pointing oponent’s flaws.They thought that I am mocking them, but I just want to obtain “Warrioor”-Max faster. 

First 3 days for example I was fighting for 14 hours in a day. There was even queue at first.

But lately the number decreased. And another annoying thing happened. When appeared the rumour that I really strong enought to be on par with Avon, those guys came in sight.


I was invited to work as security to every big shot in Castellum. Even some nobles tried to hire me.

I was so tired to refuse them. I even hire a F-rank clerk at merchant branch of the Guild to represent me. His job was to reject them.

At some point of time some merchant even lured away my clerk. I was forced to hire another one.

Then one day like a bolt from the blue…

“You will participate in the Annual Arena Chalenge as a pepresentative of Kingdom.”

Avon looked serious.

“You had represented Kingdom for ten years. One more don’t change anything.”

“That’s right. I had represented 10 times. And not even once won. One more don’t change anything. But you can change it.”

Crap… I don’t mean it that way.

“But I heard that there you can use any equipment beside the Mythical class. I have only two unusual pieces. Aren’t you with your legendary sword better choice?”

Avon have a heirloom sword that passed down for a many generations. It is a legendary class item. I heard that you can sold it for a thousand or even more gold coins. His other gear aren’t bad also.

“In two weeks there will an auction in the Praesidium where you can buy a good equipment. Unlikely there will be legendary, but some rare often appears.”

“Hom much will it cost?”

“Good rare piece with two usefull abilities can cost up to 200 gold coins. I heard that you are wealthy. But if you haven’t enought noney all warrior branch will help you. You helped many guys to become better. I believe, many warriors will wish to help you.”

I have only 80 gold coins. But I have luck, so I will manage somehow.

“No. I have the money… Ok! I will participate!”

“You will win!”

“Who knows?”

“No! You absolutely will! I also always wanted to ask you where are you learned fighting? There aren’t any teaher in Kingdom beside my master who is so good. And I have asked my master. He told me that he never tought you.”

“Can you swear not to tell anybody?”

“Yes! With the honor of warrior in me!”

“I learnt it with elves.”

Not like elves tought me though, but who cares.

“Elves… Huh… So it’s like that… No wonder.”

Elves considered the strongest race. Not because of strenght or abilities, but because of their wisdom and technique. They worship Wisdom God after all.

Average dwarf is considerably stronger than elf and often has the same agility, because of their height. But dwarfs rarely use magic in combat.

Well.. There are many nuances with affinities and equipment.

For example, elves have affinity with air and water magics. But dwarfs with earth and fire.

It is easier to use air magic in the fight, because it is everywhere. Also everyones bodies consist from water. That fact too can be used to hinder opponent with water magic.

But dwarfs affinity with magic almost meaningless. Even if you create a fire with magic in a fight it would take considerably more mana than with pure manipulation of matter. Earth magic has some tricks though.

Besides there are equipment. Light elven cloth don’t hinder magic, when heavy dwarven armour creates big interference and volatilization of magic power in the moment of the spell construction.

The only ones who can rival elves in combat are beasts.They are strong, fast and have affinities with nature and summoning magic. But they can’t acts as organised strength in massive battles. Most of the beasts have low inteligence and moral.

I call them beasts, but they’re actually demi-humans. I want to visit them someday. 

“Let’s go train, Avon.”


That day I finally obtained my

You have reached maximum in “Warrior” profession. You have obtained “Opponent analysis.”

It is said “opponent”, but this thing see all humans as an opponents.

Shortly, I obtained cheat again.

Avon Garibaldi

Adamantine Avon
31 y.o.
Noble, baron
A- rank Warrior branch Guild

Strength 130
Agility 130
Vitality 100
Charisma 85
Intelligence 82
Wisdom 81
Danger 30

I can’t see people’s luck for some reason. And that danger thing is similar to my level, I believe.

Tomorrow I will go to Praesidium.


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