20. Warrior

I woke up at the morning.

Because of your near death expirience you have obtained 25 vitality points.

Bear carcass was nowhere to be found.


There is only skin… and purple rock. It looks familiar. I tried to take it, but the moment I touch it, it is absorbed to my hand.

“Crap! What is this?”

But there was no pain or other feelings. There was no messages too.

I tried to stand, but quickly understood that better lie down. Wounds can open up.

Looks like beside my ribs my leg is broken too. I did not even notice it when fell from the tree. I was in state of shock.

That thing was too powerfull.

I believe, I alive only because of my luck. Well. I can’t verify this.

I must lie here until my bones grow together.

I bandaged myself.

I didn’t take a meal, because I was making an ambush. And the bear is evaporated. Also I can’t pull the bowstring because of broken ribs. Not really good story.

I took the bear’s fur and crawled to the nearest tree. I will sleep here. I am not in the forest anymore. There aren’t many wild dangerous animals here. And about food my motto will be
“Want to eat? Go asleep!”

I covered myself with fur and fell asleep.

Next time I woke up at the evening.

And I was fully recovered.

That thing was troublesome, but not even close to me.

Broken ribs regenerate in a day?
Not even a trace left of a deep wound on my neck?

I stood up.
Yup. Can go on.

I took fur and went in the direction of Castellum. Because I had enough sleep I walked at night and came to the city early in the morning.

I walked to the Guild, but it was closed. That’s why I went to tavern and order good breakfast.

“Uncle, is there anything interesting in this city at this time?”

“Besides warriors training, maybe only changimg of the guards near the gates.”

“Warriors training?”

“Yeah! Many good warriors train in the morning before the Guild opening. They don’t have that many opportunities to show off like other branches. Most of them works as
security of various merchants that nobody cares about. I heard for merchants its like a prestige position. And the better the warrior the more successful the merchant.”

“Understood. Can another branches train with warriors.”

“No. You can just look. Want to participate then join.”

“Hm… Ok! Thanks, uncle!”

“Good luck!”

I went to see the warriors.

I must say, they lame.

Elves just in another dimension. That bear can kill all the guys here without even a sweat. Even pack of wolves will give them hard fight.

Well most of here is “E” and “D” ranks. There some “C” and “B”. They are weaker than an average elf. And even one A-rank. Mr.Chief can beat ten of those at the same time.
Chief uses wind magic to speed up his moves though.

That decides! I will train here my “Warrior”.

When the Guild have opened I came to claim a reward for bear subjugation.

“Congratulations! You have reached C-rank!”

The reception girl was really happy for me.

“Also I want to register as a warrior.”

I heard a slight commotion in the room.

“Warrior? Yes! I will make it right away.”

“I also need examination.”

“Examination? Of course. Which rank?”



There was dead silence in the room.

“How much is it?”

“I am sorry can you repeat, please?”

“I want rank “A.”

“That.. would be 20 gold coins.”

“Here you are.”

Girl looked at those money, but didn’t want to take.

“Umm… You know? If you fail the exam. Money wouldn’t be returned.”

“Yes. I know.”

“To became an examined A-rank warrior you need to win A-rank warrior, you know? And the only availible right now is sir Garibaldi.”

“No, I didn’t know that, but it isn’t problem. I saw his training this morning. I am sure I will win.”

At this moment there was a roar of laugher.

“No. There is some mistake. Your oppenent will be Avon Garibaldi. He is the best close fighter of the Kingdom. He represents the Kingdom in Annual Arena Fights.”

“Then if I beat him will I represent the Kingdom?”

Second burst of laugher.

“Yes… Maybe… I don’t know… But are you sure?”

“Yes. This peoples are the witnesses.”

After the half an hour I saw that A-ranker from the morning.

“Is it you? The rich boy that want to waste his money?”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Yalle.”

“Avon Garibaldi.”

“What is the rules?”

“You can’t use any magic, have throwing weapons and items with skills. That guy will appraise you.”

After inspection we came at the big magic circle. Avon told me that in this circle no one can use magic.

I have a shield and a sword. Shield is for activation flaw search ability.

That guy isn’t making any mistakes. His stance is perfect.

“Your stance is perfect.”

“Your’s too.”

Really? Never thought about it. I believe, it’s because of masteries.

We are starting to move. Light strikes. He is serious despite his behaviour before. Lunge, thrust… There! He made a mistake when retreated after thrust. I have attacked, but he parried it. That mistake was made on purpose. Troublesome fellow. But not so troublesome as Chief.

I am stave off his hit, divert it lightly, pull away, but then burst forward, dive to the side of his sword, strike his shield with my sword and then strike his side with my shield.
He lost balance, but quickly restored.

He is all attention now. I am countrariwise relaxing. His mentality already fallen. Then again…Hit, strike, impact, jab… For the last twenty minutes he hasn’t made any mistake.
He is considerably stronger than me and slightly faster. But I can read mistakes and his tactics with the shield and the sword. Also I have incredible stamina thanks to my vitality.
I can go on like this for a whole day.

After an hour he began to make some mistakes. I already have a change to win few times.
I will wait… Don’t want to harm him. I will win by knocking out the sword.

After the second hour he failed when retreated and was left without the sword.

“Yalle win!”

When I looked around I noticed that there are quite some people gather.

“Congratulations! You have reached A-rank.”

“Yalle! Yalle!”

“You was so cool!”

“Will you participate at the arena?!”

Many people cheered for me.

I went to Avon.

“So… In what hour are you guys gathering in the morning?”


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