19. The bear

From the next day I started hunting for a “E” rank tasks. There are only easy tasks like 10 rabbits for butcher or wild boar to some restaurant.

But the way of my hunting has changed.

Before I usually hunt with a bow. But lately I spot the target, approach it stealthily with cloak skill and kill it in close fight. Like this after a month when I reached “D” rank I have maxed masteries for hammer, knife, axe, poleaxe and two-handed sword.

Also I have 5 level ups.

I  obtain expirience for quest fulfillment.
I give up.
I don’t know how it works, but it does.

I put all in luck. And you know what? It was worth it. I don’t know about other bonuses, bur luck is cool.

I have 175 points of luck.
I found money on the street everyday.
I almost always win at gambling.
I found my prey in the forest very fast.
There were many guys that were envious of me and tried to beat me on the back alleys.
That’s why I have tons of new equipment now.
Not even one better than uncommon though.

I have so much money so I choose to examine myself for “C” rank.

There three trials. Each is selected at random. You must take three pieces of paper from a sack and read what is written there.

Mine are :
– bow trial “To hit 3 moving targets from 100 meters in ten seconds.”
– search trial “To find an animal on the trail after 5 minutes.”
– hunt trial “To hunt a bear.”

“Haha! Not your day, boy!”

Big uncle that takes my exam thought that I already lost. Actually not that many hunters can shoot even 3 targets from 100 meters. Not talking about time limit and motion. But it is easy task for me.

I finished in two seconds. Big uncle has a hard time closing his mouth.

Next one…

The gyena wolf was released from the cage near the forest. We are ticking the time and I must find it and shoot it. There aren’t easier task for me.

“5 minutes passed. Go!”

I lifted a bow and shoot. Wolf is done. That’s my farsightedness for you.

And about last.

There was a C-rank task that stated about big bear appear in villages near the forest.

Just in time.

Due to exclusion I took this task.

And that is about my luck.

I went to the village, spoke with villagers. Learnt the way to the place where they spotted the bear last time. I found traces.

And here began the devilry…

Traces just end up in the middle of the way, then I was wasting a lot of time to find it again just to lose in five minutes. What is this?

Fist day was spent meaninglessly.

On the second day I was informed about bear appearing near Castellum. I went to that place and searched for traces. Then yesterday story repeated. It’s like this bear can leap for hundreds of meters. Such a nonsence.
Then I took a map and approximately predict next location. I run there, found the biggest tree and made an ambush.

At the evening I saw my target. Strange…  I can’t analize it with my skill like other animals. Is that a monster? But just when I was about to shoot, it vanished. I can’t believe my eyes. Then I saw it few hundreds meters farther. It was searching something in the leaves.

It has teleported just now.

What a ..???

I pulled the bowstring. Now or never.

The arrow stuck in his neck. I pulled once again. It saw me.

Suddenly big 3 meters high body appear in front of me.


I dived under its paw when it attacked.

I fell from the tree.

Then stood up and felt precence behind.

I leaped and at the same time felt heavy blow to my left side.

A few ribs was broken.

At that second I drew my sword and cut off his paw.

The next second big jaw appear near my neck.

I somehow managed to shove an axe between my neck and its jaw.

It broke its teeth, but I got a deep cut from my axe too.

I wanted to leap away from him, but I understood that it wouldn’t work.

That’s why I jumped to it. Bear hesitated. Looks like he wanted to teleport, but because I leapt in its way, teleportation isn.t working. I didn’t lose my opportunity and pierced it with sword under its jaw through to its brain.

Then We fell. I was crushed by its weight.

“Status window.”

Strength 100  Professions(Hunter-Max, Warrior)
Agility 105 Improved Masteries(Throwing-Max, Spear-Max, Mace-Max, Knife-Max, One-Handed Sword-Max, Shield-Max, Hammer-Max, Axe-Max, Two-handed Sword-Max, Poleaxe-Max)
Vitality 90
Charisma 70
Intelligence 90
Wisdom 90
Luck 175 Status window
Level 22

I reached 22 level.

Six levels, huh?

Wolves were easier.

I allocated all to vitality.

There is no way I can survive this without vitality.

The quantity of your vitality points exceeded 100. You have obtained “Resistances.”

I lost a lot of blood.

I tried to get out from under the bear, but failed.

I fell asleep just like that.


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