18. Starting anew

I am currently working as the loader at the docs. I need to work for a ten hours for approve.
They pay me 6 copper coins in a hour. It’s like two kittens. I better searched kittens…

In the Guild I even got a nickname.

“Kitten savior.”

Nice name actually.

Every morning at 7 I go to the Guild. There I ask about quests. Girl tell me that there aren’t any new. And I once again go to the docs. At first I thought that it would be good training.
But I can’t raise any stats by training.

Only with pity of Gods, my persistence or something else.

Second week and no changes so far.

Until one day.

For your purposefulness you will be awarded with 25 strength points.

Looks like I can get bonus points by making similar stuff.

Agility – for running (not really, but it was amusing to Gods, so I get it).

Intelligence – for studying.

Strength – for heavy carrying.

Luck – for… What? Fate twists?

So what else I have?

Charisma – be tidy or talk with people?
Must be it.

Vitality – monitor the health.
Who knows?

Wisdom – thinking, solving riddles?
Need to try it.

After I get my bonus points work became easy for me. I gradually come closer to “E” rank.
And after 45 days I finely obtained new mark on my hand.

I still have 1 silver and 80 copper coins from plant extermination, so I choose to celebrate.
I went to a good tavern, that was recommended by guys at the docs. At the place I ordered good dinner and some alcohol.

Then some people join me and we start a spree.

Late at night some girl was drinking with me when tavern owner said that tavern is closing. Girl’s name was Cristina. And she offered to continue out celebration in her room.

I agreed.

We came out from tavern.

I caught her and turned to the back alley.

“Sorry, Cristina! I can’t endure anymore.”

I embraced her and kissed her on the neck.

“Wa-a! Wait! Not here!.. Listen to me! Dammit!”

I got hold of her buttocks. Then my hands went upwards.

I started to undress her shirt.

Then she pricked me with some needle.

Sad story…

You can guess just from that. I was drank. There is no way girl will invite a guy with such low charisma to her room. But I have low wisdom and was too drank to understand it. Also I don’t have Warrior-Max and Thief-Max to read her status.

I woke up on the street absolutely naked without money (I spent them all myself actually), without equipment and without my dignity. No.. Well.. Some dignity left…

Elves presents… Miregalwen’s unusual bow…

I will pay you, Cristina!

I found some tatters in the garbage and covered myself. Then I picked up the trail.

Cristina has some good fragrance though. After 15 minutes I came to some strange building. Near the entrance there are two strong-looking guys. She had gone there.

I picked up two heavy stones and threw them in those guys’ chins.

They lost consciousness right away.

Profession “Warrior” 1%.

Sorry, don’t have time for that.

I pulled them to the back alley and get their weapon. Two knives and two swords. Their cloth was too big for me, but I took it away despite that. They have some money with them. I took without looking.

I came to the building entrance. Went inside. I have a stone in my left hand and a sword in right. I saw two more guards in the corridor. One was defeated instantly with a hit of the stone. And another lasted three seconds against my skill. I had to kill him though, because he wanted to shout.

I raised my level.

I raised my luck stat just to be certain.

There are three rooms in the corridor. I went to the right.

Three people, only one fighter. I beat the fighter and put my index finger to my lips.

They understood.

Then  room on the left.

Nobody, but here is my bow. I took it.

I went to the last room.

“Who are you?”

A person who looks like a boss tried to stand up from his chair, but was nailed by the knife.
The knife hit between left hand and body.

“Next knife would be between your eyes.”

The man swallowed.

“You are from thief branch, right? Has somebody ordered me? I will pay more, I will pay for penalty. How many you want?”

“You have mistaken. Cristina stole something from me and I want it back. Where is she?”

“That bow… So it’s your bow. She has left already.”

“Where is my other stuff?”

“She sold only this.”

“There was sword and bag.”

“Yes. She had those with her. Must be she left it for herself. She is a thief, not an assassin, so bow is of no use for her.”


“How much you’re willing to pay me for inconvenience?”

“Twenty sirver coins…”

I pictured discontent.

“Ok! Ok! One gold coin! I don’t have any more with me. I just bought your bow for 1 gold coin.”

So it is worth 1 gold coin.

“Is there some good weapons here?”

“Y-yes! Here!”

He pointed on the cupboard. There was many weapons. But most was of no use to me.

“I’ll get this two-handed sword and this poleax. Where is my gold coin?”

“Y-yes! H-here.”

“Also where I can find Cristina?”

“She told me that she will leave city today. She went to board a ship.”

I hide weapons in rag cloth.

Took from the chair a cloak to cover myself…

“A-aa! That cloak..”


“… It is dear to me as memory.”

There is no way I will believe it.

“Don’t worry. I will return it.”

There is no way he will believe it.

I went outside. It’s understandable why he was so worried about this cloak. It is unusual item. It has an ability to hide presence. Despite my unusual appearance and big package nobody pay any attention to me. It is best equipment for the undercover operations.

My luck is not so bad. I should raise it more.

I went to the port, but ship has departed already.

Sorry, Mr.Chief. Sorry, Ms.Librarian. Your presents were lost.

I went to the inn. In the room I examined my new equipment.

Too big clothes, two bad quality swords (knives I forgot), big two-handed good quality sword, good quality poleaxe, unusual bow and unusual cloak.

I counted my money. One gold coin, 6 silver coins, 20 copper coins.

Better than before.

Thanks, Cristina!


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