17. Quests

On the next day Iwoke up early in the morning and went to the forest.

Six hours there, two for the collecting and six more aback. I have collected full sack.

With Hunter-Max I can notice specific plant from two hundred meters.

It was too late to go to the guild so I went to my inn and went asleep.

On the next day when I brought my plants to the Guild I made a furore.
I overdid it.
Previous record was 12 bouquets in a day.
I brought 43…
And the day before yesterday I even asked how it looks.
“I can deduct 4 F-rank tasks to your ID with this. This is your reward.”

And you know what? I got level up!

I allocate 10 points to Luck. I don’t know why! Don’t ask me! People make mistakes.

I got my reward and went to the wall. All the same, but without plant collecting.
Did I destroy demand?

Not good.

I don’t want to collect garbage or carry heavy things.

“I’ll go with this.”

Girl once again showed surprised face.

“You should consider your reputation though. This task is placed on the wall, because of the child’s hysterics. So to settle down a child we put such a request with a laughable award. Well… You won’t have any penalty this time, but …”

“No. I will find it.”

Girl has frowned.

“It is impossible to find a lost pet in Castellum. Not my problem though… This is the child’s address.”

“Thank you.”

Despite laughing of guys I went to search for the place that was stated in the paper.

I found it.

Parents of the child were unhappy that somebody have responded. Child has already calmed down. But the girl herself was rejoiced. The master of the pet was 8 years old daughter of the merchant. The kitten was lost 2 days ago. I asked her to show me where kitten was sleeping.
I examined the bed and sniffed the smell. Yes. I can find it.

I went outside. Hopefully, there wasn’t any rain last few days. Up the street, right the corner, past some debris… Here! In this pile of boxes.

I start to disassemble the boxes and found it.

1 month
Danger 1

He was weakened, but alive.

Looks like he was pressed by the fallen box.

I brought it to the girl. Parents have looked at me with open mouthes. They fed it with milk.
Kitten will be fine.

I got the proof and went to the Guild.


Now that I think about that was a mistake to brought proof after half an hour after taking an impossible request. Girl was terrified.


Even guys in the room calmed down and looked at the scene silently.

“I am just walking on the trail.”

I got my fifth task approved and went to kill time in the city.

I examined some shop, but goods that I have from elves can’t even be compared to those.  But I need more masteries, so I bought an axe. It is only common quality, but it’s cost is 2 silver coins. I need something for the second hand. I looked around and spot a hummer. 2 silver more.


I have only one silver and 86 copper coins.
3 days worth living.
I can always work as a loader at docs.


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