16. Guild

I have reached Castellum in the afternoon.

First my goal was leather shop. I sold all skins and got 2 silver and 15 copper coins.

“Normally people sold such an amount through Guild.”

“I am still not part of the guild. I want to join today. Is there some entrance fee?”

“Considering what rank you want. For F-rank it’s free. For others you must pay for the examination.”

“How much?”

“I don’t know. I raised my ranks myself. I don’t know anybody who paid.”

“What you need to raise a rank.”

“For “E” it is fifty successful “F” tasks. Each penalty is minus ten tasks. For “D” it’s one hundred “E” tasks. Penalty is twenty. For “C” it’s two hundred “D” tasks.”

“And higher?”

“I don’t know. I only “D”, you see… Oh! And one “D” task equals two “E” or four “F”. ”

“Considering this, you must annihilate all forest to reach only “B” hunter rank.”

“Hahaha! You’re right. Well. Sometimes there are strong monsters that come from the forest. If you manage to win one of those. You will be awarded with higher rank faster.”

“How often that happens.”

“Not even once for last fifty years.”

“Hahaha! Yeah! I won’t hope for it.”

“You have quite the ambitions. Not many hunters want to reach B-rank. Maybe you should choose warriors branch?”

“It’s not that I want to reach it. I am just curious. Ok! Later!”

“Good luck!”

Yeah! Luck is a nice attribute. I should raise it more.

I went to the guild. It was a big three-storey building that have an odor of a bureaucracy trap. I went to the reception under the gazes of various onlookers.

“I want to join the Guild.”

“Which branch?”


Most of the men in the room lost their interest in me right away.

“Do you want to examine yourself of higher ranks?”

“How much is it cost?”

“E-rank is five silver coins. D-rank is 20 silver coins. C-rank is one gold coin. Higher ranks in hunter guild don’t have examination.”

Too expensive! And I even can fail the examination.

“I’ll go with free F-rank.”

After this all remaining interested guys lost all concern about me.

“Thank you. Your name?”



How should I know?




“Give your hand, please!”

I gave my hand and she with the help of the wand injected something. Now my reverse side of the palm have some rectangular drawing with “F” and a bow inscribled on it.

“This is your Guild ID. You can get tasks only F-rank for now. When you will have reached another rank picture will change automatically. Wall with the tasks to the right.”

I came to the wall with glued advertisements and started to search for F-rank tasks.

“Luzula Multiflora plant collecting. 10 copper coins bouquet.”

Not that bad.

“City garbage collector.60 copper coins per day.”

Definitely not.

“Loader at the docs. 60 copper coins per day.”

No, thanks.

“Search of the lost kitten. 3 copper coins.”

Are you mocking me?

Let’s go with plants collecting.

“I’ll do this.”


She injected magic in my hand.

“But can you show me how it looks?”

Some guys have laughed. Girl was confused at first, but then changed to her usual appearance.

“There is no penalty for the first ten tasks, but you should consider your reputation. For this quest you have a week. You must bring at least one bouquet. Here. This is Luzula Multiflora.”

“Sorry. Thanks for the help.”

I examine the plant. I saw it in the forest, but never on the plains. Quite the problem. I can waste one day to go there. It can’t be helped.

I went to find the inn and looks like one day in the cheapest one cost 40 copper coins and 20 more coins two meals.

Guys that works as the garbage collectors and loaders can’t even save up money.

Something alerted me.

I returned to the Guild and looked at the skins orders.

Good luck my ass, old geezer!
Five times cheaper than at the Guild!
I could get al least 10 silver coins for those furs!

It can’t be helped now. I went to my inn to get a meal and rest.

Tomorrow will begin my story of the Guild hunter.


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