15. Crossing the boundary

Elves told me that humans always patrol the area near the border. Besides humans have built big towers throughtout boundary. Those towers help watching the forest and can keep guards inside in case of monster outbreak.

About monster outbreak…

There was big disaster nearly 100 thousand years ago that nearly destroyed Human Kingdom. Many monsters from the Great Forest attacked humans. At those times humans lived only between the north coast line and first half of East Big River. Because of monster accident many humans run to east coast.

There was a guy that took management during immigration. Lately he became The First Emperor. And like that Human Empire and city Urbe was created.

The only city that withstood the attack was Praesidium. And from that time it considered an imperishable citadel.

That’s from humans point of view. Elven documents states that because of uncontrolled deforestation many animals lost their home. The cause was Kingdom’s growth.

The being that live in the Eternal Forest (it was written like that.. really) noticed this situation. It gave a command to destroy humans. So that was actually not a monster outbreak, but a fairy’s outbreak.

Chroniclers don’t care.

Well… You know the story about monsters and demons. Fairies like that too. Those who posses intelligence are fairies. Those who don’t are monsters.

Demons use chaos magic and worship Chaos god. Fairies use nature magic and worship Nature god. Monsters don’t care about gods and can use all types of magic.

And what is that being no one elf knew. They said that that being once won the fight with one of Great Dragons, the most powerfull beings from the start of time. It lives in Eternal Forest that is located in the center of Continent between two twists of East Big River. Not even elves that are half-fairies go there.

I don’t know what that being is, but I don’t want to meet it.
I haven’t raised any flag, have I?

Just when I wanted to cross the boundary…

“Hey! You!”

Damned. One of the patrols spot me. I have a big sack of furs with me. There are more than one hundred skins there. I don’t need to pay any fee, do I? I don’t have any money on me.
I don’t even know how they looks like.


“Where are you get that bow?”

“Arm… It’s from Rigardas Arbaro.”

Rigardas Arbaro is a craftsman city, so there should be guys who can manage to do similar bow.

“I told you that you can’t buy such good bow here.”

Looks like two guards have argued because of my bow.

All ok!!! I have crossed a boundary. Without any troubles.

There is a road to Castellum that go south near the river. Villagers mostly travel to Catellum by ship. It takes around four hours to reach by river and around six by foot.

Castellum was created after the disaster. Its purpose was to be a supply point and first defense line in case of second outbreak. But after towers construction it lost it purpose and became big hunter’s village. Hunters even created their own guild.

Hunters guild eventually started to do work that can be considered as commerce and security. Its name lost prefix “hunters” and became just Guild.

Guild is international organization with the authority that can rival any country now.

Security, procuring, commerce, supply, delivery, goods estimation and even undercover operation. Guild can do all.

Most of the people are part of the Guild.

There are ranks that can differentiate the difficulty and suitableness of tasks.

There are 7 ranks of complexity:

“F” – easy tasks, that don’t include fighting or hunting. For example, plants collecting, one day helper, loader at the docs and so on.

“E” – some unimportant deliveries, hunting easy prey (my “Hunter analysis” tells me that danger of that prey below 5).

“D” – the same, but danger of prey around 10. And also normal security.

“C” – I don’t know danger of prey, but bear is standard. Also, serious objects security and delivery of important goods. If you have reached C-rank you can be considered successful man. You always have a job and money. That is the goal of most villagers.

“B”, “A”, “S” – Normal hunter can’t reach those. People awarded with those ranks when they fought with criminal organizations, foreigh spies, monsters. During wars many mercenaries can reach those ranks on the battlefields. During peaceful times there aren’t more than 10 guys of “S” rank in the country.

Besides Guild have various branches. Warriors, merchants, hunters, thieves, alchemists, mages etc.

Ranks in different branches are their own. Meaning that if you have reached “S” rank as warrior, you will start in thief branch as “F” nevertheless.

Tasks of different branches can contradict each other. But it is often found in big organizations.

For now I want to access the Guild and reach C-rank in hunter’s branch to raise my experience.


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