12. Genius

One month ago I was dropped in jail.

Not only elven I have learned dwarven, beast’s, human’s and even demon’s languages.

And not even one bonus … Well.. I can speak and read at the same time when I learned only reading, so it is bonus in itself.

And not even one word of those languages even sligthly close to my original language.

After I had learned dwarven, they allowed me to train in my cage.

You have reached maximum at One Handed Sword Mastery. You have obtained “Automatic Sword Tecnique Analysis.”

You have reached maximum at Shield Mastery. You have obtained “Automatic Defensive Flaws Search.”

With sword all clear. But Defensive Flaws Search is too convenient.

When my oponent is moving I can see all weak points in his posture, all wrong steps, all errors in weight distribution. Too cheat. Nerf please.

Today I have nothing to do, so I am making a My-Original-Language to Elven vocabulary.
Elven has too many vords. It is really impossible to learn it in mere one week. Not even in a year. More like a decade.

With another four it is easier.

Dwarven, for example, is simplified elven. Without sex diffirentiation. “He/she” there is “it”. And without many unnesesary (from my point of view) pathos crap.

Beast’s, in its turn, is the simplest of all of them. I believe, it’s possible to learn it in a week even without cheat. It has about one thousand words at most. And without any binding grammar.

Human language is used in all three countries with slight differences. You can call it dialects. My language skill doesn’t differentiate between them.

And lastly demon language is a meaningless drivel. Seriously… Normal person can’t learn it without cheat. A heap of unrelated words make a sentence. And this sentence can be made with thousands of different combinations considering situation, other party, time of the day and even quantity of mana in the air.

I heard that the only elf that know it, spent 300 years to learn it and even went to Demon Island twice. When I said that it was learnt to Ms.Libr.. I mean, to Gledenel, she has laughed. But then seeing my serious face she has called the woman that had saved me near waterfall.

When she came we became acquainted. Her name is Miregalwen. And she is the oldest elf with nearly ten thosand years of lifespan. And the only one that knows demon language.

We had a short conversation with its help and I can say that I know it better. Trully cheat.

I told her about my ability to comprehend languages. But only that.

I was silent about other skills.

And told about my own original language. I have asked her if are there any more language or countries. But she said that those are all that exist.

Also, she told me about how she find me. Looks like I came to barrier that defend elf city from strangers. It was that place near waterfall. And started shouting something.
Miregalven that was there at that time thought that their barrier revealed. She wanted to ask stranger (me) about his motives (don’t have any), but he lost consciousness. She then brought me to the city despite the dissatisfaction of elders.

105 Luck points is not for show.

You know the rest.

She ordered to free me from the jail and asked about my future plans. I quickly spit all out.

“Searching of my origin, traveling the world, learning all new.”

She stared at me in disbelief.

“Do you read a book of Wisdom God?”

“What? N-no…”

“Your words early is the slogan of the book.”

“Really?.. Then we have some in common.”

“So… Where will you go first?”

“Better to start with humans, I believe. But before that, can you teach me the archery?”


“Yeah! I mean… Who know archery better than elves?”

“Hm.. Understand. I will teach you.”

Oh! No.. I didn’t mean that you must teach me. Anybody would do. The oldest and most respected elf will waste her time to teach me. When I even don’t need a lessons in the first place with my cheats.

Well… Maybe the speed would increase with good teacher.

After a week…

No, speed doesn’t increase with good teacher. And I must say with such a good teacher it even decrease.

I almost half of the time was staring at Miregalwen in her hunter attire. She is quite cute in her mage robe. But her body in open suit of leather and fur is too attractive.

“Miregalwen. Do you have a husband?”

“Are you really wanted to learn archery?”

“No… I mean… Yes! It’s just to have a better bond between teacher and apprentice. Communication is important, you know.”

She started a minute of silent glances aka Mr.Chief.

You can’t get me with those.

“I had a husband. He died 3 thousand years ago. Normally elves live only one thousand years like my husband and my children, but rarely some have the blessing of the gods other than Wisdom God. I have a blessing of Life God. I can regenerate very quickly and have a bigger lifespan. Also, I am helping you because I think you have a blessing of Knowledge God. I believe that’s why you can learn so many things so fast.”

I say nothing about blessings, but…

“So… You didn’t have a man in three thousand years?”


“You know… You are like a virgin now after so much time.”


“Have you ever thought to start from scratch?”

“Maybe I should find another teacher for you?”

“Aaa-ah! Sorry! I will be silent!”

Other masteries take me only one week to master. Or around 100 hours. Hour more, hour less. It must be because of concentration.

Also, that annoying Throwing Analysis turn on automatically the moment I take an arrow.

So now, after 100 hour of learning archery I have only

Bow mastery 32%.

Truly incredible teacher.

“Miregalwen, can you show me the right stance?”

Miregalwen with serious face tried to fix my posture. While I enjoy the feelings of her closeness and her touches. Then our eyes met.



“I’ll go find a better teacher for you.”

“No! Please! I already calm and ready to listen.”

We returned to the lesson, but I saw a slight smile on her face.

I will raise charisma next time.
Charisma and nothing else.
Charisma is all I need.

It get me two more weeks to get a messages.

You have reached maximum at Bow Mastery. You have obtained “Farsightedness.”

Too many information from throwing mastery is still annoy me, but I am paying attention to only important things now. And now I can always hit target with the size of a wolf in radius of 500 meters.
Yeah. Wolf.
Those guys really piss me off last time.

From elves I have learned that there aren’t only wolves that dangerous in the forest.
There are even bears, so I was quite lucky to not meet any.

“Your blessing is unfair. Only after a month you can shoot on par with our best bowmen.”

“No. It’s a teacher who is good.”

“I can’t even see a half of the targets without magic that you have hit.”

“It is not about skill. It is all about motivation.”

Minute of silence Mr.Chief™

“Thank you.”

“No. I must thank you. You waste your precious time to teach me.”

“Precious time…”

I saw slight sadness in her eyes. She is really lonely. Even more lonely that I am from that time near waterfall.

“Miregalwen! Let’s go with me!”

“What? Why?”

“Because I like you! I want to travel with you. I want you to be happy. I don’t want to see your sad eyes.”

She was surprised at first, but then sadness returned on her face.

“You are mere human. Just one hundred years at most. And I again will be lonely. Humans and elves don’t love each other.”

“Ha! Miregalwen! You will see! I’ll find a way to become long-lived. I even will be more long-lived than you. No! I will become immortal. And when you will dying I will sitting near your pillow and will remembering this day. Just wait. Oh! And I don’t want to become a lich so don’t worry about that.”

She has laughed.

“Then I will wait for you here.”

“I promise! I will return for you!”

I gave her my best smile.

It would be better if I have more charisma though.

She replied with a smile and I believe that her charisma points reached million in that moment.


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