14. Hunting

I run through the forest on the wings of triumph. I will obtain immortality. I just need to raise my vitality.


After two days I understand that not all that easy.

I killed 20 wolves, 40 running birds, dozens of squirells. And didn’t raise even a level. I can destroy this ecosystem with such levelup.

Before for eigth wolves I raised four levels. And now twenty don’t give me even one!

Is there some trick? Maybe I need to hunt another prey.

One more day…

4 foxes, 2 hares, one wild boar and one level.

What will strenght give me?

I allocate 10 points.

Quantity of your strenght points reached one hundred.
You’ve unlocked <Professions>.

Professions… Hmm…


Nothing. Looks like it is passive.

I had lunch, then rest on the tree and went forward to my goal.

I saw a weasel, shoot it and …

Profession “Hunter” 1%.

As always…

From experiment with “Hunter” I understand that it is raising my perception and attentiveness. I can find a traces of animal, hear them from far away and even smell their scent.

And after two weeks when I almost reach Kingdom boundary I got max.

You have reached maximum in “Hunter” profession. You have obtained “Beast analysis.”

This ability allows me to see characteristics of any animal that I can spot.

For example,

Hyena wolf
Pack leader
4 years
Danger 8

If danger is lesser than my level I don’t get experience.

Since boar I don’t have a chance to raise my level.

“Bears!!!!!!! Where are you?!!!!!!”

Of course no one answered.

I successfully made it to the border.


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