13. Parting

On the next day I was ready to start my journey. My first goal is a Castellum city near the border of the Great forest.

Actually Miregalwen offered to travel on a ship to Praesidium, but I wanted to raise my level while hunting.

Also from what I read elves are considered as a wise and a solitary race that rarely came in contact with humans. I will be treated as some big shot.

But I want to travel imperceptibly. So I will continue my forest journey from where I left it.

Ms.Librarian and Mr.Chief came to say goodbye together with Miregalwen. They even brought the parting gifts. Gliranor brought a good sword. Gledenel brought me a travel bag that can stretches to the sizes of a bear. I don’t think I will hunt a bear, but it still cool present. And Miregalwen gave me a bow. That isn’t normal bow. It is unusual item that has extra skill added.

This bow has “Improved piercing power.”

About items.
There are 6 classes of items :

  • Common

It is a normal gear made from bad quality materials. Often broke or tore.

  • Uncommon

It is a gear that has good quality and made from good quality materials.

  • Unusual

It is a gear that besides good quality have one extra skill. It is made from excelent materials or from monsters that live more than one hundred years or demons that reached first stage of evolution.

  • Rare

The same, but two extra skills. It is said that once a sage made it from excelent materials, but the method was lost. Also, made from monsters that live more than one thousand years or demons that reached second stage of evolution.

  • Legendary

The same, but three extra skills. Made from monsters that live more than ten thousand years or demons that reached third stage of evolution.

  • Mythical

Four skills. And only three items is known to the world. All three is owned by humans. Cart of the Trade God can be found in Human Kingdom (where I am actually travelling right now). Armor of the Knowledge God is in the Human Empire. And Beauty God’s Mantle is in Human Republic. Information of their skills is unavailable to public.

Also, about demons and monsters.

Almost the same, but demons possess intelligence(can’t really say that goblins possess it from what I read, but they considered as a demons).

Monster get their evolution in fixed times 100, 1000 and 10 000 years considerably. They become stronger after evolution.

But demons, because of their intelligence can achieve the stage of evolution faster. I believe it has something with their experience.

And in one books I had found a light hints that items can be made from humans, elves etc. And those technique were used by demons before.

So… Let’s return to waterfall.

I took the presents.
Shook the hand of Mr.Chief.

“You better train hard , Chief, or next time I will win.”

“It’s Gliranor.”

Hugged Ms.Librarian.

“Don’t sleep in the library.”

“Waa.. Don’t tell this to anybody.”

And at the moment when Miregalwen tried to embrace me I leaned and kissed her.


Chief put hand on his sword with serious face. Librarian gave a cry.

Miregalwen was looking at me with shocked face, but then smiled and returned my kiss.

“I will come, Miregalwen.”

“I will wait!”


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