11. Visiting elves

I live with elves. I even got my new name. They tried to find out my name. You know… When people point on themselves and said their name and then point on me and I must say mine. From the conversation before I remember Chief’s words “Yalle” that must be meaning something like “Who are you?” I think. So I said them “Yalle” meaning that I don’t know, but they considered that as my name. So like that I have my name. Not so bad I must say. Besides this is the first word I have heard.

From what I understand they treat me like somebody of unsound mind. They feed me, so I am not against such a misunderstanding.  Maybe they thought that I was wandering in the forest for too long. And my language that no one can understand is the result of my madness.

Looks like they don’t know such a language, despite their vast knowledge. What about vast knowledge you ask?.. That’s because they have library. A big nine-storey building. More than fifty meters high. With tons of books on each floor.

…And not even one familiar letter…

At first they was on the alert when I was coming there. But then librarian gave me a book that used to learn children reading. You know… with pictures and so on… I believe I was amusing to them. Big muscle man reading thin picture book.

I became somewhat sturdier. Because of feeding or because of raised strength. Or maybe because of both.

In my free time I train with mace and spear. That is also looks amusingly to elves. But lately not so amusingly when I became

You have reached maximum at Spear Mastery. You have obtained “Automatic Spear Technique Analysis.”


You have reached maximum at Mace Mastery. You have obtained “Automatic Mace Technique Analysis.”

Some elves now even train with me. Unfortunately, I can read movement of my opponents only if they use spear or mace. So lately I train with self-made wood sword and a wood shield. Hopefully it worked.

Sword mastery 60%.

Shield mastery 60%.

With such degree I almost like an average elf. When I’ll get 100 only Chief will have a chance to beat me. He is the the strongest warrior here by the way. And field commander. Not like they have a war with somebody. So it is like honorary office.

Sadly, but I can’t get level ups here. I need to kill opponent to get experience.

Like this I wasted my time for around two weeks. Four hours at the library with ABC-book and eight more at the training field with elves. Slowly from deprived man I became a mysterious human. Many times they tried to start conversation, but attempts were unsuccessful.

Until one day…

I was reading a book with librarian that taught me the sounds of letters. And at that moment…

For your purposefulness you will be awarded with 25 intelligence points.

Quantity of your intelligence points exceeded one hundred.

You’ve unlocked <Languages>.

Elf language 1%.

I jumped and cried.


Elf girl was terrified.

I quickly bowed and apologized (not in elf language of course).

She was dumbfounded, but I already returned to the book.

For the next week I gave up all training and was seating in the library for 15 hours successively. I was reading all elf history books I could take. Ms.Librarian was looking at me suspiciously at those times.

Well… About history… Elves history began 300 thousand years ago when was created Ins Aqua Nalore – the city where all elves live even now. In books are stated that it was created by hands of Wisdom God. Also stated that at those times there were many demons on this Continent. And to protect elves that Wisdom God consider as his children he divided an island from the continent. And put all of the demons there. Also he placed a Water Dragon nest between an Demon Island and Continent. Knowing playfulness of that dragon he knew that not even one ship that wants to cross there won’t be spared. Also, demons too stupid or stubborn to think of a detour. I somehow feel sorry for them…

Then elves live happily ever after… not. 250 thousand years ago started a war between elves and dwarfs that had been lasting for 50 thousand years.

Then because of appearing beast race and two cities of beasts war suddenly ended.

150 thousand years ago was created first human city Praesidium.

This and that…

Shortly, there are 3 human countries, one dwarf’s, one elf’s, one beast’s.

Also, there was one sage 20 thousand years ago that investigated the secrets of immortality and succeeded…

Not really, because he is lich now. But he created his own kingdom.

Undead Kingdom with capital at Necropolis. So… Plus one country there.

And don’t forget about Demon Country on the Demon Island.

I even have a map somewhere. I copied it when no one was watching.

My journey


Let’s postpone with the map, because

Elf language 100%.

Eh? What? Where is my bonus?

Maybe I have angered those gods that time near waterfall?

Well… It can’t be helped.

I went to Ms.Librarian and asked about books with dwarf language.

She stared at me with her mouth wide open.

“Oh! I forgot to tell you. I learnt elf language.”

And gave her my widest smile.

“…Books with dwarf language are on the second floor from the fifth to the seventh shelv..What?! Elf language in less than a month?!”

So like that she run off somewhere and I went to the second floor.

While I was searching for books, I was found by group of elves.

Mr.Chief was with them.

“Is it true that you know elf language?”

“A? Yea…”

“Then why wasn’t you speaking before?”

“I have learnt it just now.”



“Are you making fun of us?”

“No. Really. I can learn any language in about one week. You can check that in about a week. I will have finished with dwarves language by the end of next week.”

“And what if you dwarven spy?”

“Oh! You guys still on bad terms? Don’t mind. I plan to learn all languages that I can. Even the demon’s. Not many people know all of them, right? And besides dwarven
spy? What? They’d just attack you from the front. From what I have read those guys really stubborn.”

“But who are you? From where you come from?”

“I don’t know that myself. When I woke up I was in the forest. And I don’t remember anything from before.”

Minute of silent glances and …

“Put him in jail.”

“Oh! That’s just not fair. What was I doing wrong?”

“Give him all books that he want… except for magic theory.”

“Thanks, Chief!”


“Aaa… I mean you look like a boss so I always called you chief in my mind”

Minute of silent glances and…

“My name is Gliranor.”

“You already call me Yalle, so I think that a good name.”

Minute of silent glances again and…

“You better learnt those languages, Yalle.”

“I will.”

I think he just have problems when speaking with humans. That minute is like he is analyzing if I said a joke or not. 

Later Ms. Librarian (her name is Gledenel) told me that elves can tell when somebody is speaking lie to them with the help of mana vibrations. But I don’t have those vibrations.

Not only vibrations. I also don’t have mana…

I tried to ask books about this matter, but Gledenel apologized and told me that those books can be considered as magic theory too.

Magic impotence… In a world where almost all is made with magic. Not that bright of a future as I predicted. Ok. Let’s believe that my chea… skills better than magic.


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