10. Awakening

I woke up in the bed. It was bed. No.. It was BED!!!!!! With sheets and pillows. And it was white and clean. And I was clean. And my leg was in a good condition. Slightly itching, but not red and swollen.

I looked around. There was a very beautiful girl. She was sleeping with a book. Looks like she fell asleep when looking after myself.

She has pointed ears. She is elf. It’s somewhat strange, because I know it’s normal, but at the same time something terribly wrong with my feelings. It’s like this is reality and faitytale at the same time.

Elves is a powerful race that live in the Great Forest. No one know way to them except those who alredy was in their city. The picture from the window tells me that I am one of those who can visit elves city from now on.

I changed my attention to elf girl. Her ears were so amusing.

So I touched them.

Of course that was a mistake.


Girl raised a cry and run away from the room. After few minutes three male elves came to the room.

They surely have charisma more than 200…  Are all elves such good looking?  I mean, I am not a gay, but I am starting to waver.

“Ya lle?”

That was the first words that I heard. I was so happy, that I started crying and shouting.

“Yalle! Yalle! Wahahahahaaa! Yalle!”

Elves was dumbfounded.

“#$#$####$ #$# $#$$#$#$#$#$ #$$##$$$#?”

“I don’t understand”

“&%&%&%%&%& &%&&%&%&%%%&% %&%&%%&% %&&%&%%&&%?”

“Is this another language? It sounds somewhat different.”

“*@**@**@@@ @**@*@@*@ @*@*@*@*@ @@*@@*@@*@@?”

“Nope, guys, you missed.”

“эъээъээъэъэъэъэъъэъ э ъ ъэъ ээъэъ эъээъъэ ъээ ъэ ээээ?”

“No, it isn’t.”

Then one of them (will call him chief) frowned and said something. Elves alerted and put their hands on their weapons.

Somehow I don’t like this development.

The chief said something again and one of the elves left the room. After a few minutes a woman that I saw before I passed out near waterfall came to the room.

“It’s you! From there! Near waterfall! You saved me!”

I jumped out of the bed, but Chief put a blade of his sword on my neck and I sat down.

My savior said something and mood in the room became more light. Chief started talking.

After his speech they looked at me as if they pity me.

Oy! Chief! Don’t piss me of!
What did you tell them?

Chief came to me, put his hand at my forehead and I started to fall asleep.

I wanted to say something, but quickly lost all my strength.


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