09. Wound

Three days have passed. I have a good and bad news.

Good ones…

I made considerably nice clothes. I look like some druid warrior from some old computer game. Hm… What I am even talking about? Computer game?

I can’t remember what is that. And my better intelligence isn’t helping.


Now I have sturdy pants and jacket from wolf skin.

I was tanning them for a day. I made a big pit in the ground, swamped it with milled leaves, flowers and grass and filled with hot water. Milling plants is troublesome work actually. Then I put all hides in water and begun to squeeze. After four hour when I can’t feel my hands I left skin in the water and climbed on a tree to sleep.

At that night I have strange dream.
I was in strange box.
Near me was a woman.
She was laughing.
I hold some round thing.
That box was moving very fast.
Then I saw a blinding light and…

Woke up. Big drops of sweat streaming down my forehead.

Oh!!! I forgot!!!

About bad news…

The wound from the wolf bite swelled. It was really red and terrible looking.

I got some milled plants from yesterday and bandaged it with the wound. That must somewhat help.

I must level up and raise my vitality. That was the goal for today.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any prey on that day.

And another too…

On the third day I was walking with the help of crutches. I have gangrene. I must cut off me leg to safe my life, but there is no way I will survive such operation. I will die from shock or loss of blood. And even if I outlive this, how will I survive later?

So for now I am just walking with hope to find some strong opponent and kill it, then level up and… you know already.

That’s the only way I can be saved.

I am already feeling dizzy. I came to small waterfall. Its height is around three meters. I fell, crawled to the water and drank some. Then rolled around and looked at the sky.

At that moment I truly felt lonely…

“Maybe charisma not that bad of a choise.”

I could tame some wolves or squirrels.

I burst out laughing.


Then shouted.

“RGAAAAaAAAAAAArAAAAAAA!!!! I don’t know who you are, guys!!! But I will live!!! You hear me?!! I don’t know why you give me this power!!! And I even don’t care about it!!! But I will live!!! With the help of this power or without it!!!!”

I was delirious.

And before I lost consciousness I saw the most beautiful woman walking to me. She was saying something to me. But I can’t reply. My eyes had closed.


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